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Picture +653 Picture +576
From Greg's point of view, every day is an awesome day and peo… +530 **notfanny rolled image ** golden roll +504
What a ******* slut! Couldn't she have just dumpe… +483 Sorry Russia but that is one of the coolest vandalism I've eve… +449
When I was in highschool a 17 year old kid beat up my 15 year … +411 You got nothing better to do with your life, buddy? +401
The new planet of the apes is coming along wonderfully. +394 You could at least give canyou the credit OP. +348
The entire internet is deleting posts on her? Damn, how ma… +335 You beat the **** out of your own brother? +323
We all know Bosco. RIP, you magnificent bear. +319 Five guys already did. +295
That would explain why it keeps getting cancelled. +290 Picture +283
When you hit a certain speed, you break the white-barrier and … +278 Picture +276
black guys have to finish before the cops get there +275 if you join a church wi-fi are you receiving the signal of god? +271
Interesting .. Now 'drug dealers' are doing more about our sc… +271 most of his net worth has probably already been spent on tatto… +269
Picture +267 Picture +266
Math XL was without a doubt one of the worst math online progr… +261 Picture +261
This bitch is nearly -300 thumb this bitch up +255 hfw +254
Picture +252 Arstotzka mentioned, swell with border pass paperwork +249
Picture +247 **dragginbref rolled image ** Being someone of a very serio… +244
cool +231 2007 was 7 years ago +229
**nimba rolled image ** obviously +227 apes with guns? Bad idea, they even gave it to the monkey. +226
Picture +217 False. Hideyoshi is a Hideyoshi. +207
Somebody gotta tank +201 2015... +200
So its for nobody? I have no strong feelings fo… +195 How can you not recognize Simpsons? It's one of the most famou… +194
Its better than than taxpayers paying millions a year to fund … +194 Picture +191
You should share the source so the rest of us can avoid it. +190 It's funny because Michael Jackson is pepsi +188
a real guerilla soldier +188 More like cuteism, amirite. +187
Serves them right for filming vertically. +186 Picture +185
i wish i was an extrovert +184 That's a dick move. +182
Picture +181 Picture +180
Picture +177 Picture +175
Maybe it was a mac. +173 Picture +170
Picture +170 For the love of Based God, watch this video. Kota… +170
Didn't that show end with them all dying in the ice age? +170 That ending was aces. +168
A noose. +167 Pretty good book. +167
These are those moments where you realize the show was really … +163 welp +160
You set forth on this journey without knowing what you were ge… +159 Uchihalover made a new account it seems +159
Kid deserved it. When I was 19, some 17 year old girl… +156 I believe the word is jizz. +156
Obviously ******* crime is down. You removed laws… +156 Nothing about TBBT pissed me off more than the time they claim… +154
it's a shame it's not consensual +153 u fukin wot m8 +153
A welcoming message for burgers and fries +153 If it's not the music it's got to be something else, but what … +149
its good seeing a sasuke sama post once in a while! +146 Teacher goes through all the questions later, realises only on… +141
Oh, like you've never had Taco Bell. +140 Picture +139

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