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It's called Charisma. It keeps us from hating each other like… +635 jack key chain +582
Literally every word of that was included in the announcement … +549 Picture +397
Now we know +382 Picture +324
**montagehd rolled image ** What i'd do to her +313 #basedmom +307
you got one thing right, he was poor +303 Dear rest of the world, At least we're not you. … +299
i can just imagine him trying to carry it and going EEEEEeeeeee +296 I agree with you, but the white things you called bones are ch… +294
When u nutted but she still sucking or after u … +291 **dnallor rolls 44** nope +288
**martinfreeman rolled image ** why he was shot +283 Picture +276
Of course dumb asses in Ferguson use racial discrimination cas… +266 Sold, but only if he makes this face every time I ejaculate. +263
I luv u +258 ive waited about 2 years to use this +250
It would seem black friday is every day in Ferguson. +249 Not right now man. We get that it's your whole niche in our co… +249
Picture +247 Happens to me all the time. +229
thats its way of trying to be cool +224 im a faget +222
wait 4 it +222 **anonymous rolled image ** i'm just here to balance ou… +209
He is wielding a Gladius. A Roman sword. +204 Picture +203
Guess ******* come in white, too, now. +202 >Have sex with Nic Cage >Nic Cage is now omnipresent… +199
the diaper is incase he takes a kangerpoo +194 Picture +188
I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish. +184 That is the most ******** thing I have ever read son +181
The heart of the cards never lied to me yet. +180 >sees one outdated meme >"omg that is soooooooo… +179
Picture +177 Picture +174
Whellcum ta Mizzurrah, boy. Sorry, I don't really know h… +173 What is Epic Beard Time, Mini Ice Cube, and the highschool dru… +171
dumb bitch stepper forward all smug as hell. man **** … +170 good point - but black people aren't necessarily ******… +170
**bartdude rolled image ** of course the condoms are fr… +166 That's the whole reason we still care? The reason anyone … +163
Picture +163 **kingoftheinterwebs... rolls 11** last time this was posted… +160
Wow. They must have watched this movie like 300 times +159 put down the megaphone every once and a while, and just listen +156
Picture +154 This is not Ferguson? +152
**auntiejemima rolled image ** What I look like now +151 Sorry to be a buzz kill, but I must science. This picture is f… +151
Picture +151 "As they say in Missouri, I ain't going back to Missouri!" +149
What made peanutbitter so great is that he didn't want his &qu… +146 ***** , you're one beta ************ . +146
The word slut is now meant for a woman who doesn't keep her va… +144 Got me when he said " I'm gonna fap to that, but that doe… +144
awww, its a standing poodle +144 I'm not funny , I'm german. +143
Because the Posse Comitatus Act prevents military operation a… +141 **joemamaa rolls 33** +141
We had a trial recently where police officers wore a camera at… +140 Guys this isn't a prank, no one hurt anyone then pointed at a … +139
Picture +139 this is the reason i don't like books +137
how is that weird in any way? making friends based on similari… +137 when I see this picture I automatically assume that she's bein… +135
I want to stab everyone using the word bae +132 I wouldn't blame them if they 'accidentally' make … +132
Picture +130 you dont get penis? +130
**** you its real +130 Oh you parody Beibergotswag by posting photos of that one fagg… +129
its SWIGGITY SWOOTY YOU AUTISTIC **** +128 "Hey dude what resolution is your phone?" &… +128
#basedmom's fw She's the leader feminism deserves +128 stop while you're ahead bro +128

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