this is reason, not "fedora" how'd you like… +710 Picture +654
I played this game once, every time my government ran into sev… +610 anonexplains +571
I thought orange was the new black. +501 "I sleep in the attic and like it warm." "C… +466
I knew I'd get to use this. +420 Plot armor +346
I'm a Christian, and I now know the reasoning behind Atheism. … +345 Damn, accidentally posted the second section of the comic twic… +344
Wow, I honestly thought no one would see... +329 **sharkpunch used "*roll picture*"** **sharkpunch rolled i… +323
I almost tried it before I realized what I was about to do +320 getting tired of your **** stephen +303
The email of this account already exists. +296 You have no idea how psychological abuse works. +276
bro.. too many words +271 believe it or not i actually saved an amateur pot grower in my… +270
I made a thing for this, enjoy. +265 sex sells, but so does mcdonalds doesn't mean its not … +258
And again we need to explain how the economy is not a zero sum… +241 Picture +235
ha, this is good +233 Me right now. +224
''finally something to match my soul'' +221 They said it couldn't be done. They said I couldn't party whil… +210
Now that is just adorable +210 I was waiting for it to spin... +207
i have a split uvula, so it forever looks like i have a ballsa… +206 Picture +203
Yeah **** the man! +193 Name them first +191
"lol nice fedora" comments on **** like… +190 Picture +187
Not to be a downer, but I've come to FJ casually for a few yea… +185 Picture +185
The teacher held them so long he turned black +184 if we didn't breed then you wouldn't exist, you are the aberra… +175
'don't look at her tits. don't look at her tits.' +173 Picture +170
... +166 lovely technique +165
it's glorious +165 Picture +163
I made this. +162 Picture +161
they caught him. he had a good run tho +160 ADMIN I LOVE YOU, PLEASE PLAY MY SONG +158
Fixed it for you Joshlol +155 Same guy? +154
On one hand, she's exploiting stupid people, which I very much… +153 Picture +153
jjrod's face when. +153 ok, story time >be me >be dreaming >… +151
this comic was good trip from start to end! +150 I have kept my brothers phone activated for that reason... … +147
Make 4th reich as Germany. Removed every single non-white pers… +146 I feel it +145
Picture +144 The void, you say? +144
but they made eye contact, they have to fight +142 "Forgot to login" +141
An attempt was made. +137 Come on and slam, and do the jellyfish jam! +136
Picture +134 Must be in the same egg group, like Wailord and Skitty. +133
We are trying to humor here. +130 >european plugs >european beer nice try eurofag +126
You know Can you imagine being the only one on the bus at … +126 Sadly that doesn't apply tp their logic. Their logic is claimi… +125
Picture +125 the girls... +124
She got iced +123 The Plot of every FPS ever.gif +122
Picture +121 Well i can tell now that the funny junk community enjoys the c… +121
I jerked off a few hours ago, and suddenly FJ is filled with b… +121 That's kinda scary. +120

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