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> Kill man with phone > Call 911 with shotgun … +530 use your ******* leg +485
crossovers seldom do +441 nature you scery +401
Picture +399 -Nice artstyle -Good plot -Tits -Made me blow air … +395
uchihalover we've been expecting you +333 Picture +317
I thought that the nonstick bottle was the first one and was t… +314 Picture +313
Easy to use. Goddamn borderline impossible to miss. Do… +312 look at the funny +303
here I screened it for him +297 Picture +293
the average person *says they have sex 89 times a year +283 Picture +283
No pointy shark teeth and mentioning of penises. Who… +283 paintskills off the charts +279
this has less lag than real life +277 Picture +271
tryharder/10 +270 >Meme's done right +270
Close enough. +269 No......... Shot placement is crucial +263
>is jewish >doesn't know why men get circumcised … +256 Reminds of this scene from Tenacious D I might get b… +254
he got me +254 Picture +247
You should also probably get a new corpse. +246 It's like Drake is the CEO now +246
chrome specifically says- does not protect from people standin… +233 Holy **** , I was all like "That's obviously … +231
more like U.R. Jelly +229 which is the worlds 3rd most spoken language, likely why it wa… +228
as a former wrestler i can tell you about these situations tha… +226 Picture +222
Picture +219 >has a girlfriend >has millions of followers >… +213
Picture +206 can somebody post the original? +205
Picture +201 That's a shotgun +196
at first i thought i was going to rage, but by the end of it..… +191 Fast and furious airstrip +190
Picture +189 only relevant thing i have +186
Nonsense. If there's one thing being surrounded by engineers a… +184 Picture +181
Your comment +181 found this on google +179
Suddenly +172 *roll torture method* +171
Picture +168 Picture +162
Picture +160 So what you're telling me is not only are their … +159
That is some hentai plot type **** right there. +155 All these drinks but you're still thirsty +154
das gay +153 because narcissists are stupid +151
killing bitches with style +150 **** you, we keep the bloodline pure +150
can you ******* not +149 Picture +146
you can also use this +144 Picture +143
Picture +143 I would immediately ask her to marry me. +142
Picture +141 "I'll give you something to cry about, you little … +139
Because he banged Katy Perry and everyone else is jealous as … +138 I understand if you don't feel like being flirted with … +136
Well at least I'm not average +135 legal on the front, 12 in the back, good combo. +133
Picture +131 Picture +128
Except the plot of X-Men assumes every single human being is a… +127 beetle's face when scorpion +125
Master of paint. +125 Don't worry, I have a solution +125

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