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his fw +567 Picture +490
twenty minutes to north im in a forest twenty minutes to s… +464 I've always wanted to post this. +448
Picture +409 Give me $20. +366
0/10 story have nothing to do with the lusty argonian maid. boo +366 cause asking nicely isn't a thing or anything ya know +332
But the question is: Did he ask for this? +299 How dare you call me transphobic, you misogynistic cishet rapi… +296
or how popular someone is by the number of 'bless you's after … +285 He is speaking to the criminal that he just stuck to the wall … +278
I have a peanut allergy so eating a snickers woud be giving up… +274 Picture +263
Yarn is spun by old folks reminiscing about the way things use… +259 That moment when the Czech Republic had bigger ball than Sony … +253
Picture +245 Picture +230
Picture +227 THX was loud yes, but for me it was this +221
Check your white privilege. This is a gift a black kid would n… +215 I don't care how creepy this sounds, but whenever that happene… +212
Picture +208 Twenty minutes east and I'm in the sea. Twenty minutes wes… +207
HFW +204 What slanderous attacks hast thou thrown against my good name,… +195
Picture +192 my gif broke in gimp +187
That would be ******* genius, actually. Aerospace… +186 tfw u bust a nut on supermans face +183
I can't enjoy this because of its blatant misuse of the Insani… +179 I don't know what's wrong with my eyes but at first glance it … +179
Picture +174 **miia used "*roll picture*"** **miia rolled image ** and… +174
Here in 'straya if you ride for 20 minutes away from the city … +170 It's Excalabin. Whoever can wrench it from its hole will becom… +169
He doesn't know how to close the game, bro. +168 In his defense, Donkey Kong 64 is a ******* amaz… +168
for people you don't like +168 **crimsonhunter used "*roll 6, 10-10*"** **crimsonhunter ro… +166
Picture +165 yea, skin color +165
Czech Republic +157 ******** . Name one country that allows f… +156
NOW it all makes sense +155 Picture +151
if buying that **** will make her happier than yo… +151 Cool story tho 7.8/10 +150
you dicks +148 i have like 100 tickets and nowhere to go - air steam user +146
I love these black people and money hypotheticals +142 Its rated PG for Piece of Garbage. +142
Picture +141 I downloaded this, thinking "perfect, I can add it to my … +140
**moonmeander used "*roll picture*"** **moonmeander rolled … +140 Picture +139
>Live in Canada >Could bike in any direction for a w… +138 I'm getting real tired of the korra posts. +138
That class sounds like a bunch of ******* humorle… +138 What? it's a ******* first person shooter, you ar… +137
Picture +137 >anonymous mask as picture 10 year old alert. +137
nopostonsundays.jpg +136 **anonymous used "*roll picture*"** **anonymous rolled image ** +135
Because they're trying to advertise a fragrance using visual c… +135 Picture +131
Lets be real. You'd date the first bitch that doesn't run away… +128 Varrick + Zhuli > KorraSalami +128
Picture +127 That's because Reese's doesn't play around. They know you came… +127
the devastating effects of skooma +126 Communism would never work in practice, it relies too heavil… +126
that then grants you legal benifits +122 mfw ive seem all these comments this past week +121
How much of a **** can you not give to be able to… +119 Picture +118
Transphobic? Have you SEEN my porn folder? +118 "name something that gets passed around" yo… +118
twenty minutes north and I'm in crippling debt. twenty min… +116 Fixed that for you. +114

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