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Do you want Charlie sheen's? Because that's how you get charli… +1102 But we did win. +1099
did....did he get a refund? +766 Picture +706
I have no idea why, but when i was younger, I thought Pearl wa… +556 ....and off it +494
Protip: get the same effect without attracting ants by replaci… +488 Looks like my desk under a blacklight. +456
fixed +409 >Likes her boyfriend more than pizza Bitch, what a… +405
Punctured lung Several cracked rips Exposed skull … +402 But we are idiots. +401
"If I were a boy, I'd be loved by everyone no matter what… +386 IT"S NOT PINK, ITS LIGHTISH RED! +376
We didn't do jack. We won a battle that didn't exist. +375 yeah the 4th ones in hd +369
Is no one mentioning the fact that this guy uses dial soap on … +354 That razor one though.... oh sweet Jesus +335
The first Kid is a danish province that I believe wants indepe… +309 Picture +279
More edges than Crocoite +264 Picture +246
>Judging men on their appearance I'm feeling prett… +242 Times got easier for some raiders, and he apparently is doing … +242
unless one guy ****** 50 bitches +237 Here's one i made a while back. +235
Nice try Batman, but you can't hide from me. +234 i doubt it, he left the plane before it arrived at its destiny… +228
I think this plot was plagiarized +223 Picture +222
it does, they're just not going to tell you that. per… +218 I can relate to this movie, not the super powers part or being… +210
First time anyone has posted in my channel in over a year hooray +206 Picture +206
Picture +203 Here we see the natural breeding grounds of the rubix cube +202
My view during reentry +199 over here +193
Do you not just ******* wipe? That's disgusti… +190 Picture +189
My favorite +188 I mean, the salmon was dead and It's his job to take away the … +185
"Damn it... He's back. I'll have to do think another plan" +182 Picture +180
Ants in december? +176 >Roommate is female >Uses faggy peppermint body wash… +176
I never even tried to think of a reasonable reason for Pearl i… +173 Picture +171
Very funny OP.. very funny.. +164 k +161
That's not a CoD hitmarker you doofus. +161 "he left the plane before it arrived at its destiny " +159
Sort of related I guess +159 mfw spores +157
why? +155 Ants in december? probably. +155
Masahiro Sakurai's original name was yellow squinty faggot. … +154 If you'd were a boy... >you'd have to suck it up if you… +153
Hah yeah I can totally relate, for sure... **** … +152 Picture +151
awwwwww yeeeeeeeah +150 Watermelonium +149
MFW January 1st. +149 When you login after the day is over and see you got top comme… +147
When I was a kid, I was always worried that if I stood near a … +144 "I demand you stop selling burgers!" "What?… +141
Picture +139 "Cant stand the sight of a strong nord woman?" +139
Picture +136 Picture +136
Picture +135 At least she's not a teacher anymore. +135
i tried to click it... +133 Thompson was called a traitor, but because he reported what wa… +132
Picture +131 Astronauts are some of the most ballseist people on earth. +130
Genghis who? +128 made me blow a snot 10/10 +126
"incoming transmission from batman!" "FFFFF… +126 I heard somewhere that the voice actor for Gordon Freeman died… +124

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