I agree +617 i would read the hell out of a book like that +527
mfw seeing bitches getting literally rekt +497 This is a dangerous grey area guys. She's blackmailing them in… +449
>self proclaimed sarcastic cynic So you're 13 and fat +441 Malaysia Airlines is doing the exact same thing, but it's not … +411
no, I'm first +411 Bed and Breakfast +399
or maybe 18? or nineteen?! +399 A car crash is a perfect time for a selfie. It's not everyday … +357
Sounds like an excellent premise for a Studio Ghibli film. +344 >Burning books Yet another thing why people call them f… +322
Picture +309 Anatomy of anime talkin bout the fan service kind that r… +302
"Should I call Emergency Services?" "W… +282 what do you mean "you people"?! +282
I feel like claims of Misogeny are becoming like the male use … +270 I showed this to my brother and he literally raped me. +267
Are you ok? Do you need water or something? like sit d… +258 Trying. way. too. hard. +249
next week on"kids react" .. +244 "I have a lot of bitches because... pretty much i'm filth… +241
Yeah, and they were originally going to give it to Egypt, but … +237 Do what you must. I have already won. +235
Hey, this is relevant! +235 Picture +230
Oh it does work that way. +228 And welcome to another episode of "Things that never happ… +226
That's actually some cool deep thinking. +225 Maybe because you post the same ******* picture e… +224
Owl's fw building the nest +223 "lmao cya later" More like "thanks for havi… +220
>Says mfw >Pic has three faces >Anon has thre… +218 She's getting more useful each episode. +206
Naaaaah +205 did you know that 'jajaja' is actually peruvian for 'im going … +203
Picture +202 i've had an idea for a while and wanted to bounce it off of ya… +200
Picture +200 Now other Hawks know you're cool +194
if spiderman is not real then why do i have a ******* … +192 As long as they're cleaned first, stripped of all thrings that… +190
make any joke you want this guy is a ****** badass. +188 Daughter, you have an important task +185
you asked for it +180 high elves from japan +177
I'm just going to leave this here **** … +173 >Put on headset >Hardcore black gay gang bang &g… +168
telling giant deers to get lost +165 **kaw rolled user phanact ** hey stop beating your meat. +164
Picture +163 That was terrible. +163
Picture +162 ******* pig thinks he can harass women like this.… +159
You either die fighting kebab, or live long enough to see your… +158 Picture +154
Picture +152 >calculators That's like saying "We don't nee… +149
Gotta love Aaron Paul +148 joshlol getting some action? I find that hard to believe +145
Ok, Ok, you asked for it so no rape charges! +145 Picture +144
Most of them just look like boobs to me now. +142 It's a misconception of the bdsm community and its … +139
Picture +139 Picture +135
doesn't matter how hard you try you will never make OC like this +134 We're gonna need something more appealing than the contents of… +132
My neutral face apparently looks very murdery. +131 This Scottish batman? +129
Please don't psychologically break sonicschall. +128 The children will have a existential crisis. +127
How dare you +127 Picture +127
"New York City has developed a special way to get rid of … +126 Picture +125
I heard a story about a hockey player who ******* … +125 I can feel the 2010 +124
this would be funny if I was 12 +123 559559555559559555... 555559595559559555... 55955955… +122

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