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You knew this was coming. +1067 i didn't order this +544
He speaks in greentext +497 If you couldn't see what he drew. +443
If it's any consolation I fart like a trooper. +438 Well he has a point. +387
I'm sorry, I had to create this +387 **Ulmer rolled user joshlol ** +353
Picture +313 Jeez, that was cool as fuck. Why can't they do that for the mo… +303
>Morgan Freeman will die in your lifetime +300 Picture +292
this might be useful for trolling +287 Picture +284
Was the guy with the .50 shooting at the tires or something? A… +269 the comics kinda exaggerate it. He isn't a strong character, i… +252
Picture +245 Cancer doesn't give me a boner, you fool. +233
GRR GROWL ROAR GROWL. +230 What about the things? Do you love the things too? +230
It's a Rum Martinez. Rum, vermouth, bitters, a sweet maraschin… +224 That little shit trying to jump in front of her.. go… +224
So THAT'S where this is from... +217 Picture +216
first green thumb ive given in weeks. funny guy! +216 Go to NSFW. +210
Picture +207 no i think that's loki +204
Picture +200 no ban pls +193
The reason the US did so well during WW2 is primarily because … +191 I have a penis like that +190
what a time to be alive +189 I would legit support a fund to make this guy immortal if for … +185
Picture +184 Like I said on Treasure Planet, you just can't trust people. +178
That's a pretty fucking complicated bong +178 Is that Ryan Reynolds doing his voice? Honestly I think that's… +172
Dude's stylin' as fuq +172 mfw my name's Tom and he says hi at the end. +170
Simply awesome. +169 If she keeps eating like that she's gonna have a face full of sauce. +167
remember when all youtube videos were red thumbed? +167 Idk what that guy with the .50 cal was shooting at, because th… +164
Last of us is overrated, the game was already a movie already … +162 Picture +159
reminds me of this +159 Now Final Fantasy is made by a large team of people who don't … +157
holy shit actual humor on fj +154 not if I kill myself first +152
Wonder Woman slept with Batman +152 i don't know if its too late but add but stain it and weather … +151
Picture +149 Picture +148
This took me a lot longer than I'd care to admit. +147 I know people like anime and stuff but, is this really that fu… +144
>disappointing box-office results +143 Picture +143
The pug showed up 3 times... The Illuminati has 3 corners.… +141 Took me a few minutes to realize "le ounces of milk"… +141
Picture +141 Because female selfesteem is so rock solid right ? +139
Addy, no matter how fat you get, we'll allways love you. … +139 Liquid nitrogen expands quickly from liquid to gas. The bottle… +138
I like dick as much as the next faggot but it's always bothere… +137 Picture +136
Picture +133 Lets not forget democracy. +133
animators fw +133 Picture +132
Poor guys, he doesn't know how it is. +132 romannce mastah +128
**freepotatoe rolled image ** my rape face +126 I GUESS SHE WAS LEFT GOB-SMACKED. +125
"Dad... I'm honored...", he says, tears sparkling in… +125 Oh, for fuck's sake, Wermacht soldier =/= Nazi. Nazi'… +121
Staying alive +119 >my content +118
I think the Germans think they could have. +118 Picture +117

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