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Picture +560 Picture +553
And this, children, is why you should never study. +410 **mrsnowballs rolled image ** what they were really watching +384
holy **** so many thumbs, thanks guys I worked re… +380 but somehow you have unlimited money and knowledge... +324
OH, so now the anon is gonna preach to us. +317 American Dad is better than Family Guy +305
How is this a conffesion? +281 no people. let's be smart and bring it off. +272
Picture +263 The only combat vehicle to ever challenge a Challenger 2 was a… +259
I'll explain it for you You're a **** +259 It's the same genre, fantasy. So yeah, it is. +258
every tiem +253 Picture +246
Picture +238 What do you call a 900-pound woman with a yeast infection? … +238
I would've found it funny if you would've disabled comments as… +234 Did you let him slip his usb into your port? And did he safely… +227
>"Guys I want a Zombie apocalypse, I'll be rambo survi… +216 Heil! +209
I guess you could say he was pretty blunt about it. … +208 The only thing that ever killed Hitler was Hitler. So... +206
my wifi +205 oh god i love this +202
Everytime I see this comic I keep wondering why the first thin… +197 He is George RR Martin, Author of the A Song of Ice and Fire s… +196
Picture +188 had to +188
**anonymous rolled user commanderbunbun ** furry's face wh… +184 Well this was surprisingly normal +182
I am a grown warrior. I pay my taxes and abide the law … +181 **mountaindewkie rolled image ** thiefs fw +178
Also when growing potatoes, don't throw away the leaves, the h… +176 Picture +175
Picture +173 I.....I think she's trying to tell me something. +168
i know that setting +167 YES I WANT IT !!!! I WANT IT !!!! +163
The guy who wrote backwards is such a ******* fed… +162 So, where do you drown a hipster? never end wi… +157
There are no words in any language ever created in any civiliz… +154 u WoT m8? I actually do not know what WoT is +152
stress. the more you know +151 He kicked him so hard his hair line receded. +147
**ninjagirlx rolled user abstractpink ** +144 Picture +140
"It's not affecting me right now, it's not my problem.&qu… +139 Remember back when Family Guy was subtle? Yeah, Pepperridge fa… +138
Picture +135 oddik ,daed gnikcuf er‘uoY .ti ni nword lliw uoy dna uoy rev… +134
Picture +132 pls explain. Are fat, bearded fisherman not welcome in US weddings? +129
**vigdos rolls 27** +126 >Geiger counters only designed to go up to 3.6 >3.6 … +125
**mrsnowballs rolls 3** +125 I'll go it alone from here. +125
here is a wasted version since everyone ******* l… +123 Picture +123
well now he's definitely not someone to **** with +121 It's ass looks like a hamburger +120
Considering that vaccines dont cause autism, yes. That is the … +119 >"Wait. I know you." in-conversation, not passing… +119
how is it being 12? +119 sorry for peasant paint skills +119
I love the bit at the end where he lifts him over the top like… +116 I want to tongue punch your fart box until you can't recite th… +112
inb4 someone cheeky shows up and says the exact opposite +109 we've been eating the same carrots for years now +108
no, **** them +108 Is it just me or did Lady Gaga start the weird **** … +107
I like this thread. This is a nice thread. +105 Picture +105
Don't be a ***** +104 Picture +104
Picture +104 Did you ever wonder what Fallout Power-faction you agree with … +102
**therealprime rolled image ** mfw i liquify a child +102 God I hope I got the timing right whats gon… +101

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