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**hornyllama rolled image ** +542 I can finally run depression quest! +520
Picture +461 Why would he marry some kids? Isn't that illegal? +417
That's about 750 dollars out of my price range +376 Seriously, someone needs to contact admin to hook this guy up … +363
That's not a good place for a living room. +353 ''Countries in Europe really like each other'' Yeah sure +350
sounded like it was hurting him to to speak English +335 You need to get them checked if they morph +332
I gave a relatively vague description of a hentai I only saw o… +329 I hope he's taking her to an asylum, where she belongs. +325
i've dueled NoHandsKen in WoW. I would like to think i'm prett… +323 "biebergotswag" "straight" +318
"You see Ivan, when speek the English like me, the Americ… +313 Supertard is love, Supertard is life. +304
Unrealistic, he would have been shot already. +292 Last time I let you in my house, creep. +266
lel +262 i should troll by siding with zoe, but what she did was too di… +258
Really why make fun of a kid that's just making faces? Ev… +256 Boy, you really told them. +252
i just hope nobody trolls him hardcore. he doesn't de… +252 Wait.... does he... speak? I thought he only communicated by m… +248
He's doing something I am quite respectful of, and that's stan… +246 So anybody else's balls just shrink back into their body from … +244
She and her boyfriend had a legal agreement that if one of the… +239 Literally the first thing you see when you go to /b/. +232
Why is she ******* her dad? +222 Links or GTFO +221
10/10 Still pretty disgusting that a sibling would po… +220 TSF Monogatari +219
**serballer rolls 77** +216 Picture +214
Cops come later. TFW +214 And here's her roommate. +214
Picture +209 I saw this one hentai that was about this girl so heavily addi… +207
Some of you are aroused, bring it on +203 Picture +195
Since Jesus is the son of Mary.... +193 Picture +189
TFW you will never be molested by disco milf +186 Yeah I totally did that on purpose +182
Picture +179 Bears are natural and perfectly safe for you, I crack one open… +175
**zdawg rolled image ** I logged in just to thumb and fave +175 It seems to be some Dark/Demon's Souls reference So I… +171
ok MSNBC +171 Picture +170
Picture +168 Picture +166
here you go +162 Ha +160
"I have no evidence, but I must tweet." +158 I just laughed that there was ******* blood +158
Guess who's getting a promotion.... not me. +156 Picture +155
Well at least she didn't get naked Good job +153 Picture +151
Picture +151 lol nope +150
Picture +150 why are there two of each gif? +149
bro get the next one up fast im dying to read more +146 Picture +145
up up down down left right left right B A.....Orgasm achieved! +144 Picture +144
Oh my... +144 I am from Europe and I can confirm that Eurovision is indeed, … +141
Picture +136 How do I get good ratings on my new indie developed game? +136
fukin fell for it +135 "when I was a kid" That's pretty much the p… +133
Mfw slo-mo tail whip to grind. +132 He's also bald, evil, a coward and an extreme racist my … +131
Picture +130 As with any greentext story about tards +129
I bet you hear that a lot *bada-boom tish!* (Sorry bu… +127 Picture +127

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