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#580 - killerme (04/29/2011) [-]

can u see that i cant
and i posted it
#577 - terrijadee (04/24/2011) [-]
tits please
#578 to #636 - Les (04/24/2011) [-]
#570 - commenterjunk (04/22/2011) [-]
why dont you post porn anymore
#571 to #617 - Les (04/22/2011) [-]
#573 to #618 - commenterjunk (04/22/2011) [-]
are you really a man?

because your profile says you are
#574 to #620 - Les (04/22/2011) [-]
yeah, i am.
#575 to #621 - commenterjunk (04/22/2011) [-]
who's the girl in ur avatar then?

i always thought it was you
#576 to #622 - Les (04/22/2011) [-]
i have no idea. just some girl that i found on 4chan
#572 to #618 - commenterjunk (04/22/2011) [-]
oh sorry my settings where set not to see it
#568 - realwhitelightning (04/19/2011) [-]
ello......long time no see..?
#566 - sabu (04/19/2011) [-]
#567 to #612 - Les (04/19/2011) [-]
#563 - devilsson (04/19/2011) [-]
give me boobs
#561 - Fiction (04/18/2011) [-]
-Log on to Funnyjunk
-Mass PM from Les
-Invite to thumb party
-Is finally invited to a party
-Goes to page
-Les has disabled comments
-Forever Alone

Pic unrelated
#550 - Les (04/17/2011) [-]
The following GIFs will never, EVER be related to anything.  
The following GIFs will never, EVER be related to anything.

#545 - thesaw (04/16/2011) [-]
Comment Picture
#546 to #590 - Les (04/16/2011) [-]
okay! :)
okay! :)
#544 - Unimaksu (04/15/2011) [-]
sorry about that, i was clearing out people that haven't been on in a long time and accidentally clicked you
#538 - edzeppelin (04/15/2011) [-]
Have a name on her?

#539 to #583 - Les (04/15/2011) [-]
post it on tinypic and send me the url
#540 to #584 - edzeppelin (04/15/2011) [-]
It's the one where the chick reaches into her shirt and pulls out her tits. She's ****** hawt.
#533 - mikemagicelf (04/13/2011) [-]
srry dude i did not see ur gender i ment the girl in the pic lol srry for the confusion lol
#534 to #578 - Les (04/13/2011) [-]
no probs
#530 - pnevets (04/13/2011) [-]
Do you go to class on shields and brawley?
#532 to #575 - Les (04/13/2011) [-]
Nope. Why do you ask?
#535 to #577 - pnevets (04/14/2011) [-]
You look like someone I saw there. I'll post pics later.
#536 to #580 - Les (04/14/2011) [-]
that's not me in the pic.
#537 to #581 - pnevets (04/15/2011) [-]
lol I just read the other comments and found that out. imma still try to find pictures and show.
#529 - mikemagicelf (04/13/2011) [-]
y not ever post anything of ur self i am sure i am not the only one that wants to see ur body
#587 to #574 - gandalfthered (04/30/2011) [-]
#531 to #574 - Les (04/13/2011) [-]
erm, i'm a guy
#593 to #576 - Kelech (05/01/2011) [-]
either an epic win or reading fail
#520 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
...my bad. i guess i should explain. it was the government. we were on the north and south korean border when suddenly we got a call. it was a deep voice, to deep to be a mans. probably a woman trying to disguise herself as a man trying to disguise himself as a woman using a deep voice to disguise herself as a man. the caller told us we would all die if the plans weren't followed through exactly. so we were transferred back to the states. we broke into several houses, taking out all those who knew too much. finally, we were about 3 houses away from completing our mission. Big Tito decided he wanted some tamales from the vendor up the road. but we couldnt. it would break from the mission plan.
#521 to #565 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
so...i said i had a way. we had our identities changed. we went so far as to even graze our fingers with sharp knives every day to remove any trace of a fingerprint on anything. we needed a safe place to go. so i broke into your house when you were at school/work/sleeping one day and killed everyone inside, stole all the money, took all the valuables, stuffed the bodies in the oven, cooked them, when back to the tamale vendor, shot him in broad daylight, dumped the body in the river, and took over his business. your family was sold as cheap tamales on the streets of albuquerque.
#522 to #566 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
goddamn i love tamales...
#523 to #567 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
too bad you miss out. little joey was a bit chewy, but good lord, did billy taste great!! and christ, not to mention the suzie...oh, god...tender little suzie...i think she was my favorite :D
#524 to #568 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
wait...joey? suzie? billy? those aren't my kids...
#525 to #569 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
...i guess i have some more explaining to do. the final plans given to us by the mysterious caller WERE carried out. everything went according to plan. we were 3 houses away from completing the original mission, but we already had everything we needed at that point. finishing from there would just have been a waste of time and resources. so we did as instructed. i became a tamale seller, Big Tito became a delivery man for a local burger joint (burger king)...he couldnt be a tamale seller, he would have eaten them all. he was told to put a half pound of coke in every burger box he delivered. hell, mikey became camp counselor at Lake Tokanokwa. You may be wondering why all of this was to occur, all planned out.

#526 to #570 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
Well...the mastermind behind it all...?? ****** George Bush the 5th. thats right. George Bush from the future. and you say "but wombat, i thought you said the caller was a girl??" oh...it was a girl alright. some questions are better left unanswered. i learned that the hard way in a vegas hotel on the night of march 25th, 2006. ill never forget that night. oh, my dear mary...but i guess what had to be, had to be...anyway, the reason we did all this?
#527 to #571 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
it was to prevent a terrorist subgroup formed under the reigns of the union of Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Prince William and his soon to be wife Catherine and their heir to the throne, Samuel, a middle eastern tech support guy name Hadji, and a russian homeless man named Vladmir. they all formed an alliance to take over the world in the year 1989 pt 2 (the stupid gene in the george bush blood line runs so deep, that All Powerful King George Bush the 5th...sorry, bad habit...lost count of the year, so he started with the year 1970 and started counting over again)
#528 to #572 - wombatking (04/12/2011) [-]
so basically, we had to kill your family, and several others to stop this. there was so many, in fact, that i forgot whos kids were whos, which is the reason for the name mix-up...
#506 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
Hey you wouldn't happen to have like a reaction folder you can upload somewhere? I'm starting to comment but i have like no reaction pics.
#507 to #550 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
I do. I shall begin uploading it now.

Exclusively for you.

For you.


#509 to #552 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
If you are being non sarcastic.

Then Thank you very very much =]
#510 to #554 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
32 more minutes until it uploads all the way.
#511 to #555 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
Wow that folder must be huge
#512 to #556 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
close to 1600 images.

#513 to #557 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
I don't think i could thank you enough. Anyways, how was your day?
#514 to #558 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
pretty laid back. got some blood taken this morning, arrived late for school, said **** it and joined the grade 10 gym class and played b ton with them even though I'm in grade 11, went to drama, got my thumb cut open by a fencing sword. had lunch. english essay/test. wrote close to 1000 words. went to comm tech did some photoshop, came home, blasted slayer through the house, went back to school to watch my friend in the school play then came back and here I am.

how was yours?
#515 to #559 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
Woke up at 8 went to college algebra. Then English where we have to read some stupid poetry collection called Hitlers mustache. Then from 1-4 i had chemistry which I stopped enjoying after high school. Drove to the store bought some snacks came home. Was yelled at to get a job even though no one will hire me. Sucked. But i figure tomorrow will be better.
#516 to #560 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
Hitler's Mustache?
#517 to #561 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
Yea i have no idea. The guy apparently writes about his mustache but like metaphorically relates it to what he did in his life
#518 to #562 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here you go!

#548 to #563 - nutritiouspillz **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#549 to #593 - Les (04/17/2011) [-]
no problem bro
#519 to #563 - siickxpanda (04/12/2011) [-]
Thank you
#498 - tanjattt **User deleted account**
has deleted their comment [-]
#499 to #541 - Les (04/10/2011) [-]
It's alright :)  
your content is awesome too
It's alright :)

your content is awesome too
#495 - realwhitelightning (04/09/2011) [-]
cool pokemon song......and lucky for you, you didnt get caught up in that tornado, i guess everything happens for a reason.
#496 to #538 - Les (04/09/2011) [-]
that was the first time I was in the wrong place at the right time :D
#500 to #539 - imthepunkkid (04/11/2011) [-]
Tornado hmm are you from virginia ?
#501 to #543 - Les (04/12/2011) [-]
nope. canada.
#497 to #539 - realwhitelightning (04/09/2011) [-]
#492 - Gardevoir (04/09/2011) [-]
lol just saw that i am friend No. 1300 :p
#493 to #535 - Les (04/09/2011) [-]
#494 to #536 - Gardevoir (04/09/2011) [-]