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User avatar #7 - mypickinuraxe (7 hours ago) [-]
Customizable Favorites tabs. There can be a little plus sign on the end of the tabs in the fav menu and you can add a new category. When you click the favorite button on a content, a drop-down menu will appear with all or your categories, allowing you to chose one to store it in.
User avatar #6 - arikel (7 hours ago) [-]
Sidebar scroller scrolls too fast imo, slow it down around 2x or 3x, see how that feels.
User avatar #5 - xXMAQXx (11 hours ago) [-]
is there still a way to view what was flagged or is that no more?
User avatar #8 to #5 - posttwo (5 hours ago) [-]
Only if you're a mod
User avatar #9 to #8 - xXMAQXx (5 hours ago) [-]
not like the good ol days... o well thanks
User avatar #4 - reapermaster (11 hours ago) [-]
fix how you browse channels
this is ugly
User avatar #3 - AnomynousUser (13 hours ago) [-]

Names used to get so much darker before January, and people didn't like the change. If Admin still doesn't want them to get as dark as they used to, they could still fade to green over time. Accounts stop changing after about 4 years now, which is just unsatisfying.

With only 2% of the voters wanting it to stay the same, I think something should happen.
User avatar #2 - warioteam (13 hours ago) [-]
get that "admin" guy out of here. hes a faggot and im actually confident he is literally autistic
User avatar #1 - mrnaanbread (17 hours ago) [-]
bring back the way of easily clicking favourite, hide, hide all etc, making things take longer to do doesnt constitue an improvement also make it easier to browse through favourites
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