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User avatar #698 - swiftarrow (07/26/2010) [-]

If i ever get my hands on Deathnote, i'll write his name down first!

and how can he compare himself to goku...GOKU!
User avatar #594 - KillerBunny (07/26/2010) [-]
I have always hated rap, but I learned to live with it. Now this ****** has gone too far. He must be destroyed.
User avatar #590 - FannyFart (07/26/2010) [-]
Yo dawg we heard you like to rap **** no one understands so we put what no one understands into a rap for yo to rap..
#561 - SenorAwesome (07/26/2010) [-]
**SenorAwesome rolls 304,810,191** That is all
#559 - bruin **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
Flag as Innapropriate (select a reason) Violent or Repulsive Content -> Disgusting content

Flag video

Thank you for sharing your concerns.
User avatar #443 - Omegatron (07/26/2010) [-]
hell yea i'm in
#425 - aminalsbrother **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [+] (4 replies)
this is what gets to the top these days?

im gonna go suck a dick while you guys fix this ****
#427 to #425 - Monoxide **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
User avatar #422 - BabyJake (07/26/2010) [-]
i dont care if i get thumbs down for this but its kind of dumb doing this is starting to get old
#420 - CSI **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
we ride

at dawn
User avatar #401 - Bacula (07/26/2010) [-]
Not a big fan of anime or souja boy.
User avatar #382 - ASKYLITDRIVE (07/26/2010) [+] (5 replies)
Ok, everyone go on youtube and search soulja boy goku and go to the second video on the list, now we all need to flag it a bunch of times, but before we do that we need to decide on something funny to flag it for. Any ideas?
User avatar #406 to #382 - Momichi (07/26/2010) [-]
I flagged it for exposing weaker induviduals.
My ears are bleeding.
#307 - Dknight **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
**** ....no....
User avatar #288 - TnytsGunaBAGdNyt (07/26/2010) [-]
kill it... kill it with FIRE!!!
#280 - CannotComute **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
#267 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
#116 - anonymous (07/26/2010) [+] (13 replies)
lol "funny"garbage thinks its 4chan how cute
#119 to #117 - Placeholder **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
Shut up. You're making us look bad.
User avatar #74 - joeyfisher (07/26/2010) [-]
oh god.... i wanna destroy soulja boy
#72 - Whenhamstersattack **User deleted account** (07/26/2010) [-]
I refuse to click that link for my eyes will tear and my brain will collapse.
User avatar #58 - rainbowsempai (07/26/2010) [-]
i can't believe i actually listened to the whole thing. i think i'm gonna cry.
User avatar #30 - deenteh (07/26/2010) [+] (2 replies)
**deenteh rolls 683,697,133** soulja boy must die!!!!!!!!!!!! -gets pitch fork- if i role trips soulja will get his balls chopped off eyes ripped out and vocal cords burned with fire
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