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User avatar #235 - amonahan (04/26/2014) [-]
If someone in a political position were make it so that the first 4 years of post secondary were free, however to further your studies would be the same price as it is now, how would you feel about this?
#173 - anonexplains (04/26/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I work graveyard shift at UPS. The pay is okay, the union benefits are good, and i get to go to a public university (uofl) for free as long as i dont fail a class (then i just pay for that class). Its really not that bad, i get to experience the real college experience, and i am debt free. So really its not like the options arent out there, just people dont apply themselves/arent responsible, which is fine, just don't complain about debt until you have exhausted all options
#63 - anonexplains (04/26/2014) [-]
lol we had a huge demonstration in luxembourg yesterday because they wanted to reduce the money that is given to students to be able to attend a university was lowered by more than half. there were like 4, 5 schools involved, **** ton of people
#61 - alimais (04/26/2014) [-]
Good that my state pays for my education :^)
User avatar #37 - Soviet Savior (04/26/2014) [-]
Do what i do, get it done cheap. I live in CA,, college is ~4 year thing. go the first 2 years at a community college, about $2800 total, final 2 years at csu college. they give scholarships for anything, get one. cost for last 2 years was about $6200 if you're a state resident. get the easiest degree you can other than art or music, most companies dont care what you have it in as long as you do.
User avatar #36 - sursum (04/26/2014) [+] (2 replies)
I feel as if a major factor in poverty for young people is that they have kids far too early, before they can realistically handle the financial stress, its always the indebted young family with like 6 kids.
User avatar #32 - thebluejakel (04/26/2014) [-]
Thank god i got the GI Bill for school, I'd never want to do ******* student loans.
#21 - anonexplains (04/26/2014) [+] (3 replies)
i never bothered with college and i make 35k a year thats good enough for me
#13 - sjrigney (04/26/2014) [-]
I thought the one in the lower left said "547K" at first glance. Like 						****					, what are you spending your money on?
I thought the one in the lower left said "547K" at first glance. Like **** , what are you spending your money on?
#33 - chody (04/26/2014) [-]
$18,000 worth of school loans, got a job where I end up working half the year and make about $65,000 not including bonuses or my great benefits
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