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#6 - gormless (02/12/2014) [-]
A living angel has left us. I miss him
#122 - JackThePornKing (02/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
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Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso - Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds | PBS Digital Studios
#118 - acksl (02/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Has nobody posted this yet? Anyway, I'm loving all the Bob quotes. This guy just makes me feel warm and fuzzy
#111 - bonwee (02/13/2014) [-]
I want to give you more thumbs than possible...this man was such an encouragement to me. Even if you don't like to paint he just said such wonderful things he said things that just stuck. He and mister rogers helped me through some tough times when I was very young.
#141 - tommythecatt (02/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Happy little Millennium Falcon's
User avatar #84 - yaypkmn ONLINE (02/13/2014) [-]
I love listening to Bob Ross when I'm trying to sleep or just relax.
#73 - Classic (02/13/2014) [-]
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User avatar #29 - firuswolf (02/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
As an aspiring artist with at best a mediocre talent in drawing, but with a passion for it that my parents never really nurtured as a child, Bob Ross' words are a huge part of why I still never give up. If I do ever turn my art into something decent, I will remember to thank him on that day.
#54 to #29 - coolfuzzy (02/13/2014) [-]
There is no such thing as an aspiring artist. If you have ever painted, drawn, sculpted, or created anything then you are an artist.
There is no such thing as an aspiring artist. If you have ever painted, drawn, sculpted, or created anything then you are an artist.
User avatar #12 - Gardevoir (02/13/2014) [+] (5 replies)
I love Bob Ross so much. I wish I could meet him.
User avatar #17 to #15 - Gardevoir (02/13/2014) [-]
Suicide imminent.
User avatar #69 - chiefwahoo ONLINE (02/13/2014) [-]
Now you got me watching episodes of The Joy of Painting on Youtube.
#50 - cityofechoes (02/13/2014) [-]
Bob Ross: the Terence McKenna of painting.
User avatar #45 - xxgirlgamerxx (02/13/2014) [-]
leonardo de caprio is better
#133 - rakuuj has deleted their comment [-]
#130 - serterazi (02/13/2014) [-]
He even has look-alikes.
User avatar #124 - daentraya (02/13/2014) [-]
Well, i suppose i will finish those three drawings i have lying on my desk..
#123 - daentraya (02/13/2014) [+] (8 replies)
People who don’t work hard don’t have the right to be envious of the people with talent. People fail because they don’t understand the hard work necessary to be successful.
Yukino *********** (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)
#10 - littlepolski ONLINE (02/12/2014) [-]
Supposedly Talent is overrated and with enough hard work and practice you can be as good as someone who is naturally talented.

though to reach elite levels it will supposedly take 10,000 hours. K. Anders Ericsson and Geoff Colvin have written on this subject.

Just in case any of you fellow FJers felt that you'd missed the boat on that dream of yours.
User avatar #3 - nemoilily (02/12/2014) [-]
his hair is magic
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