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#206 - watermelloon (01/15/2014) [+] (23 replies)
You couldn't just you know, get a pair of bolt cutters or something instead of the spiralling miniature saw machine that creates sparks and could horrifically injure you. I mean, do whatever you want, but you must of been having a retard moment when you decided this was the best device for removing it.
#178 - usernamecannotload (01/15/2014) [-]
Soon, they will begin to think of this as a new type of fashion, and then we'll have an even worse fad going on.
User avatar #79 - gusherdeep (01/15/2014) [+] (2 replies)
You guys think that's funny?
Imagine how much that would hurt to have in your ear...
Not to mention having to get the lock cut off...
#87 to #79 - zyketor (01/15/2014) [-]
His ear clearly was already pierced with one of those gigantic hoops in the middle of the earlobe. Someone probably just put the lock on it when he was sleeping, he wouldn't feel a thing.
User avatar #260 - dafiltafish (01/15/2014) [-]
"If you don't like weed, don't smoke it"

If you don't like gauges, don't get them.

People are free to do what they want to their bodies. It isnt my problem if I get a job with unmodified ears and someone else was turned down because of their choice in ear hardware.
User avatar #126 - CommunistWizard (01/15/2014) [+] (3 replies)
why wouldn't he just break the ear rings out of his ear
User avatar #128 to #127 - CommunistWizard (01/15/2014) [-]
either way, the idiot could have avoided this stupidity
#106 - teFlyingNinja (01/15/2014) [-]
Honestly they should have seen it coming.
User avatar #353 - zombiefeelings (01/15/2014) [-]
I just think those huge ones look ridiculous. Who would choose to resemble buddha? Also it's hard to resist not poking my finger though the hole even if it's a stranger wearing them... cue red thumbs for daring to have an opinion
#343 - rickyleipzig (01/15/2014) [+] (3 replies)
#347 to #343 - nopenopejustnope (01/15/2014) [-]
b..b...but why would one even.... WHY?
User avatar #308 - merrymarvelite (01/15/2014) [-]
I try to be tolerant and people can do whatever they want with their own bodies but those things still look ******* stupid.
#303 - hudspud (01/15/2014) [-]
I'm sure that there are some people with gauges out there who are good and respectable people BUT every single person with gauges I have met in my life so far has been a total slacker douche.
User avatar #357 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (01/15/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Well the big holes look really stupid
#325 - robertelee (01/15/2014) [-]
**robertelee rolled a random image posted in comment #213 at Powerful Photographs **
your welcome you ******* douche
User avatar #263 - deathleprechaun (01/15/2014) [-]
The internet didn't make him wear those disgusting gauges.
User avatar #195 - trogdorrules (01/15/2014) [+] (11 replies)
That's what you get for wearing gauges, twat
#165 - thewrasler (01/15/2014) [+] (15 replies)
Haha, it took me a couple minutes to get why it was called "How the male brain works"
Then I realized it was a brain made of a bunch of people having sex. Oh lordy, this yellow site is hilarious.
#112 - anonymous (01/15/2014) [+] (1 reply)
New rule: Anything that can fit through a hole in your ear must also be able to fit comfortably in your anus.
If it cannot, then your anus will be widened accordingly.
User avatar #132 to #112 - nightmarecorpse (01/15/2014) [-]
Good thing I have an incredibly elastic anus
User avatar #109 - pickingAnameSUCKS (01/15/2014) [-]
They're probably the ones who told him to use a dremel to take the lock off, too...
User avatar #108 - burningchimera (01/15/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Or-o-OR better idea you could just- here me out pick the lock
User avatar #58 - techniik ONLINE (01/15/2014) [-]
I know a lot of people with stretched ears that are actually genuinely kind people.
I also know a lot of people with stretched ears who are cunts.

Pick the right one is all I'm saying
If you don't know if they are the right one, don't do it
#3 - wertgf (01/14/2014) [+] (3 replies)
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