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User avatar #308 - mrradical (11/11/2013) [-]
yeah thats a very simplistic way to look at it
#279 - iamthepapercut (11/11/2013) [-]
I don't know what you people's problem is with op, I agree with him.

Why would I ever want to be considered equal to this?
#277 - stickandmove (11/11/2013) [-]
Should we be DIFFERENT from one another or UNEQUAL?

This is some pretty dumb **** . :l
User avatar #255 - CodeUltra ONLINE (11/11/2013) [-]
Where have I heard this before.... Code Geass Emperor speech(English)
#248 - riddari (11/11/2013) [-]
I get what op is going at here (or at least I suppose I do), but my position is that there is a base-line level of equal rights everyone should have and if we truly establish that world-wide, the question is: what those rights will be (and no, I do not think that the declaration of human rights suffices).
User avatar #227 - damncheese (11/11/2013) [-]
In my primary School, i got a very bad education because 70% of the focus was on helping those With Extremely bad grades. Most of the time the Teachers just repeated what we had learned in the previous year so it would help those struggling to Catch up.

The result of this was slightly raising the minoroty of bad grades, and lowering the progress of students With a potential to learn more.

Sometimes giving more Resources to those With bigger needs can backfire
#213 - palindromia (11/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
For some to prosper others must perish. Only the lesser cry for equality.
User avatar #243 to #213 - flybager (11/11/2013) [-]
liberalism isn't the best way to go, but neither is socialism.
#207 - thebeer (11/11/2013) [-]
I agree on fitness and intellect part. Those are both controllable to an extent, but people need to stop giving a **** about race, gender etc.
User avatar #203 - fuzzlefeenix (11/11/2013) [-]
yeah people are different... doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same opportunities and rights?
#196 - drahkreher (11/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I believe in equality to a certain extent. Men and women I think should be paid the same for the same job, but not necessarily all jobs should be available to both. Men are simply built more for strength and women for agility biologically. But there are definitely a lot of very stupid people out there that don't deserve what they have because they got it on the basis of equality for all
#147 - mitchr (11/11/2013) [-]
Everybody has one thing in common- we're all different.

Good night, everybody. That is my last comment of the night.
User avatar #137 - makedonski (11/11/2013) [-]
Not everyone is equal, but everyone should be treated equally.
That's what I think.
#133 - TehFunnyMan has deleted their comment [-]
#132 - wilfredfanforever (11/11/2013) [-]
**wilfredfanforever rolled a random image posted in comment #74 at Dark souls setup ** I agree.
User avatar #107 - alltimetens (11/11/2013) [+] (3 replies)
How does race affect anything? Anyone has the chance to do great things.
#98 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/11/2013) [-]
if you're interested in questions of equality, check out John Rawls. He's a legitimate source of information on the subject
#70 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/11/2013) [-]
User avatar #50 - demandsgayversion (11/10/2013) [-]
You mean you have a specific definition of equality and the common use is wrong, so you disagree with what people say about equality because it doesn't stand in line with your dense definition?
User avatar #40 - stifflimb (11/10/2013) [-]
People are not equal and should not be, but all should be TREATED as equals!
User avatar #39 - payseht (11/10/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I always thought equality means equal chances, not equal results.
People today think it means giving a job to a poorly qualified woman, or college spots to minorities. That is not equality, at least not in my eyes.

I tried to put this as short as I could. Don't want to give a speech on a subject I'm not interested in hence not qualified to speak of, so if I sound like a dick or am actually wrong in my thinking, feel free to e-mail me here: did you seriously hover?
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