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User avatar #6 - atomicman (11/10/2013) [-]
One of the reasons I think democracy is dumb.

Why makes humans so superior? Their intellect. Are we doing well currently? No(killing ourselfs at massive rates. And soon overpopulation will be a problem. Not to mention the world food problem.).
So what do we need? People capable of saving us. Which people? Intellectual people, as that is what makes us humans better thna other organisms on our planet.

We're different, some people should have more rights on some grounds and some on others. The whole equality thing is just plain stupid.
#21 to #6 - fefe (11/10/2013) [-]
Intellectual people are by no means good people. Also, we're doing ******* great at the moment. Deaths from war are literally the lowest they have ever been, disease is at an all time low and we don't torture each other every five minutes. The progress we made in 200 years is unprecedented. We live in the golden age, son, and a large part of that is equality of opportunity. Nobody is saying the 2342 stone whale is as fast as Usain Bolt. We're saying if the whale wants to work hard and train then they can by all means try and be that fast.
User avatar #22 to #21 - atomicman (11/10/2013) [-]
We aren't doing even remotely great. If you think we live in a golden age you're ignorant behond comprehension. You can't deny so many people are suffering every single second that goes by, we can't deny that overpopulation will soon claim the lives of thousands a week.

I think the world food problem and world energy problem *might* be solved in time. But the fact that overpopulation will become a problem, and that research generally goes way slower than it should be is not to be denied.

Clever people don't have to be better people(?). I've no clue how you came up with that.I just said you must let people do what they excel at, and clever people excel at organising things generally. Democracy allows 'huhuhuh he has a funny beard'-voters to vote aswell, which in my book is dumb.
#89 - fefe (11/11/2013) [-]
This new *le maymay is pure ******* cancer.

guise pls persecute me so my retarded half-baked attempts at thinking are justified

No, **** you. There is nobody on Earth with a brain that thinks people are inherently equal in their blood, there isn't even a radical example of this kind of person. Equality has never meant that, any idiot will tell you that it just means to treat people fairly and judge them by their character. This is the very foundation of the concepts of freedom and liberty. It is what generations of soldiers all across the first world fought for. It is such a truism that you must be incredibly ******* retarded to need to have it explained to you.

Either that, or you are an edgy cognitively biased **** . Maybe Hitler was right after all, these people are different by nature, so why shouldn't we treat them differently?

TL-DR (lol emoticons), you are retarded and deserve to be called out for it.
#62 - slenderwolf (11/11/2013) [-]
Maybe we shouldn't reform our government to make everyone equal, but the least we can do is reform our government so some people aren't handicapped from the start.
#83 to #62 - junglebboyy (11/11/2013) [-]
******* LOVED ANIMAL FARM!!!!!!!the ending made me sad how it was such a possibility in politics
User avatar #90 - ImmortalBaconEater (11/11/2013) [-]
Everyone doesn't need to be the same for us to treat them equally.
User avatar #85 - Hybricide (11/11/2013) [-]
I agree with this, but I think that everyone should be treated equally, or at least with the same amount of respect.
User avatar #39 - payseht ONLINE (11/10/2013) [-]
I always thought equality means equal chances, not equal results.
People today think it means giving a job to a poorly qualified woman, or college spots to minorities. That is not equality, at least not in my eyes.

I tried to put this as short as I could. Don't want to give a speech on a subject I'm not interested in hence not qualified to speak of, so if I sound like a dick or am actually wrong in my thinking, feel free to e-mail me here: did you seriously hover?
User avatar #58 to #39 - hoponthefeelstrain (11/11/2013) [-]
My gpa isn't good enough to get into my dream school ( You need a 3.8 to apply) my guidance counselor just told me to apply to a historically black school, that way I could get into a college. I don't want to be accepted to a school just because of my skin color.... I want to earn it so I can later shove it in peoples faces. I also think it's sad my white friend wanted to go to one but the students there made her feel unwelcomed.
User avatar #7 - worshippingbensho (11/10/2013) [-]
Equality is not everyone being the same or getting the same things, equality means that everyone gets WHAT THEY NEED.
#276 - fefe (11/11/2013) [-]
This is the most uneducated post I have ever seen, learn what your freedom and independence means you jack-ass
#368 - fefe (11/13/2013) [-]
thats what equality means >< . accepting the diffrent aspects of others and seeing them AS an equal.
User avatar #322 - lickdeeznuts (11/11/2013) [-]
We are only equal under law. Just because we should treat others like we are the same, that doesnt mean we are.
User avatar #314 - racetothebottom ONLINE (11/11/2013) [-]
u r a facking artard if u think equality has anything to do with stifling differences
User avatar #316 to #314 - racetothebottom ONLINE (11/11/2013) [-]
4got 2 say " ****** " and "faggot"
User avatar #303 - necrid (11/11/2013) [-]
Has anyone read the book Anthem, by Ayn Rand? I liked the book, and I think that most people that commented here would, even if you don't agree with her philosophy (Objectivism, I know I don't agree with it). I feel like the message OP is sending is also the message being sent in the book, in a way. While, where I live, we aknowledge people's differences every day, I guess there might be some places that don't. While we are different, it shouldn't mean different treatment under the law. That just leads back to Social Darwinism, which is the ****** excuse that European's used to take Africans as slaves (we are white and civilized, they are black and savages, we must take them and "civilize" them). Being different is great. When it comes to the law, if you were discriminated for any reason, it is bad. It has happened all the time in the history of the world, the best example coming to my head is the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which prevented Chinese immigrants from entering the US. Doesn't seem fair when hundreds of thousands of white immigrants were still entering the country.
TLDR; Being different is good, discrimination (especially under the law) is bad.
#313 to #303 - angelusprimus (11/11/2013) [-]
Ayn Rand was a tortured soul who got a first hand experience with psychopatic collectivism and decided that if that is wrong then psychopatic individualism is good.
Though worse then what she was preaching is the way people today understand her message and think its a carte blanche to act like a selfish dick.
User avatar #308 - mrradical (11/11/2013) [-]
yeah thats a very simplistic way to look at it
#298 - meatbeaterz **User deleted account** (11/11/2013) [-]
im proud of you my boy
#279 - iamthepapercut (11/11/2013) [-]
I don't know what you people's problem is with op, I agree with him.

Why would I ever want to be considered equal to this?
#277 - stickandmove (11/11/2013) [-]
Should we be DIFFERENT from one another or UNEQUAL?

This is some pretty dumb **** . :l
#267 - turtlespear (11/11/2013) [-]
OP has the right idea. Delighting in each other's differences, rather than trying to hide them by claiming we are all equal or hating each other for them, is the only move that can be of lasting benefit.
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