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User avatar #238 - RonsteR (11/08/2013) [-]
Call of duty is definitely a repetitive game, but the fast pace shooting in those games is sorta what a lot of people apparently like, i myself buy a cod game every year simply because my friends all enjoy it and it gives me something to do
User avatar #237 - arnoldnorris (11/08/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I heard Ghosts is actually pretty good. Can someone confirm this?
User avatar #223 - rbpwn (11/08/2013) [-]
That's actually really ******* cool
#184 - misterlad (11/08/2013) [-]
Man I still remember when you where shot in MW2.   
It really took me be surprise, especially after going to that hill on hardened.
Man I still remember when you where shot in MW2.

It really took me be surprise, especially after going to that hill on hardened.
User avatar #183 - chuca ONLINE (11/08/2013) [-]
because i play CoD for the engaging and unique story
#182 - gwenisghey (11/08/2013) [-]

maybe MW3 was just a dream then?

that would make great sense. i wouldnt think a story that ****** could really happen, even in the CoD universe
#142 - anonymous (11/08/2013) [-]
Am I the only one who feels bad for all the kids who go NUTS over the next COD each year, and are just so sucked into the trend that they don't realize that they are just re-purchasing the same garbage from the year before.

User avatar #132 - jdistasio (11/08/2013) [-]
Infinity Ward, and Treyarch are milking the franchise for all it's worth, but i find that most people now buy the games for their online modes
#127 - gux (11/08/2013) [-]
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wow they really re-used an old cutscene? Way to be "innovative"
User avatar #119 - tisjunkisdamnfunny (11/08/2013) [+] (2 replies)
ryse looks so ******* good
User avatar #117 - colourandshape (11/08/2013) [+] (4 replies)
i'm pretty sure it was on purpose
User avatar #101 - redrex (11/08/2013) [-]
now, were they being lazy, or is there some point to using the same cutscene?
User avatar #100 - idoliam (11/08/2013) [-]
I'm not a huge fan of CoD but it's not the worst game ever, it's just not all it's made out to be by its consumers.
#99 - anonymous (11/08/2013) [-]
just like pokemon, but you'd all suck nintendos dick for that.
User avatar #28 - slapchoppin (11/07/2013) [-]
doesn't all of america get ****** up by south america?

thats pretty creative by FPS standards
User avatar #27 - mrjweezy (11/07/2013) [-]
I just told my roomates that ghost is going to be just like mw2.
Now i have proof
#24 - godtwomany (11/07/2013) [-]
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User avatar #14 - farn (11/07/2013) [-]
this makes me call for doody
#13 - anonymous (11/07/2013) [-]
cod 4 was awesome...everything after that is just prettier cod 4
User avatar #12 - sisterblister (11/07/2013) [-]
listen i actually enjoy the call of duty games mainly because i can play them and do other things at the same time but i find them fun.
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