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User avatar #37 - ctenop (10/27/2013) [-]
I'd like to see my penis in a girl, and it'd make her a mom!
#46 to #37 - nimithecat (10/27/2013) [-]
but... then she'll get all fat and bitchy... and you'll have to deal with pesky kids that won't become cool or smart enough to talk with until they turn 2 or 3,
and you'll have to hold back on stuff you have to do, and your wife will start threatening for divorce over every little ****** , and having to deal with giving up your favorite hobbies to make time for "family time" which only results in arguments.

Man... i'll wait till I'm god-damn ready before I become a dad, I need to get all of my angst and irresponsibility out of my system so I don't end up being the asshole I am now later on in my kid's life.
At least once I get all of the fun stuff out of the way, at least I won't have much of a reason to whine.
#70 to #46 - lordpancake ONLINE (10/27/2013) [-]
no no, he never said once that he'd stick around, only that he'd make her a mother.
#81 to #70 - ctenop (10/27/2013) [-]
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User avatar #110 to #70 - pjnona (10/28/2013) [-]
**pjnona rolls 95**
#108 - arguemango (10/28/2013) [-]
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#106 - ducktalez (10/28/2013) [-]
Silicon, 3000 grams, make a better girl
User avatar #103 - ghostofgemini (10/27/2013) [-]
Patrick Star - I Don't Get It
#54 - iamstoopid has deleted their comment [-]
#52 - mrmamric (10/27/2013) [-]
Seventh one down.
#41 - dharkmoswen ONLINE (10/27/2013) [-]
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