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#252 - bobthekillerclown (10/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #234 - basicargentinian (10/24/2013) [-]
Delta as ****
User avatar #203 - blokrokker (10/24/2013) [-]
I am absolutely a delta. I have no drive, I have no ambition, I have no competitive spirit. I would be utterly content with a boring job as an office drone.
User avatar #197 - karlKroenen (10/24/2013) [-]
What about Episilon?
User avatar #193 - bobsagget (10/24/2013) [-]
let me tell you all the story of how I went from gamma to alpha. It started out in highschool, I was fat, nervous, socially awkward, never had a girlfriend, spent all my time on wow and my friends were just as awkward as me. One day I decided enough was enough. I went to american eagle and bought 4 outfits, I went home, cut my hair and cancelled my wow subscription. The next day, I went to school in my new outfit, found the first hot chick I could see. I decided now was the time. I walked right up to her and said "I don't know you, and you don't know me, but you look so good right now, it's throwing off my concentration. This is a problem. Fortunately for both of us I see a solution, I'm taking you out next friday, doesn't matter where. We are going to have the best night of your life, and you won't forget a minute of it." Hard rejection. Her friends saw, one of her friends, a brunette BABE just kinda stared at me a bit. She was biting her lip. Without standing there like a fool who just suffered defeat, I turned to her brunette friend and said "Warm up is over, now sweetie, when do you want me to pick you up?" Our date was spectacular. fast forward a couple weeks, the sex is great, the dates are wonderful, I don't even miss WoW. On the inside I was still nervous, on the outside I was the definition of confident. I started hitting the gym, I hated exercise but damnit it was my time to go alpha, I lost 60 pounds in 8 months, expanded my wardrobe, and graduated a mans man, with a HOT girlfriend, an increased group of friends, and an invitation to a bitching after party. Call me a douche all you want, but don't be fooled, life on top rocks. Saying that kind of person is dumb and has no soul is a cop out, it's your excuse to not make the hard choice.
User avatar #176 - inuares ONLINE (10/24/2013) [-]
looks like I'm a gamma. *clears throat* **** alphas. 2edgy4u
#169 - maybetroll (10/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #162 - JHoYouKnow (10/24/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Majoring in Philosophy = Gamma
User avatar #139 - bitterbin (10/24/2013) [-]
now try to imagine 4chan stories starting with >omega as ****
#136 - anonymous (10/24/2013) [-]
gamma gamma gamma gamma gamma gamma am i a hipstar? gaaaaammmmmaaaa
User avatar #128 - rickert (10/24/2013) [-]
you all are omega if you need this picture to understand who you are
User avatar #110 - thebrownydestroyer **User deleted account** (10/24/2013) [-]
I hate how everyone has to class themselves here, ******* stupid.
#104 - mummyslittlebitch (10/24/2013) [-]
Glorious Omega Master Race
User avatar #102 - zomaru ONLINE (10/24/2013) [-]
Funny, because my girlfriends friends convinced me I was just a Gamma a wile ago, I guess they were right, I just don't care.
#68 - neroooooooooo has deleted their comment [-]
#54 - anonymous (10/24/2013) [-]
this is ******* stupid
User avatar #52 - spacehawk (10/24/2013) [-]
Gamma. Im ok with this.
#39 - toosexyforyou has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #22 - getitan (10/24/2013) [-]
I am the omega
User avatar #2 - pongldr (10/23/2013) [+] (2 replies)
The description for Gamma perfectly describes Gamma from sonic adventure. Maybe that's just me though. ._.
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