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#80 - icametocomment (08/23/2013) [-]
My dad does the same thing to my little sister sometimes. If we're at one of her concerts (violin) or games (soccer) he'll sometimes call her name in the most potato way possible while I just sit there like:
#47 - alltipswelcome (08/23/2013) [-]
seriously, you don't see allot of celebrities having that kind of relationship with their kids. So in my opinion this is great.
User avatar #78 - lightninghedgehog (08/23/2013) [-]
Best display of acting, Will Smith (90% of this was unscripted.)
#63 - rainyeyes (08/23/2013) [-]
**rainyeyes rolled a random image posted in comment #5839583 at Admin's personal trolling board. **


what are you doing

User avatar #61 - Crusader (08/23/2013) [-]
That is teh only reason to have a son in Hollywood
#44 - popeflatus (08/23/2013) [-]
These tow were recently talking about how they were going to come up with a theory of everything...lol
User avatar #35 - shodaihokage (08/23/2013) [-]
He treats his kid like a normal parent would. As a result his kids wont be cracked out in 10 years
#10 - blackofficechair has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #2 - sqrbt (08/22/2013) [-]
second last image, what the **** ?
User avatar #12 - awildniglet (08/23/2013) [-]
Why is Will Smith always wanting to kiss his teenage son on the lips?
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