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#244 - shrekdurself
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(08/22/2013) [-]
Not trying to sound ignorant, But seriously.
I honestly wouldn't care if animals can or can't evolve.
I honestly wouldn't care if we can or can't evolve.
Controlling evolution, even if it is or was there to begin with, will be years ahead of our time when we can actually noticing animals evolving around us.
Maybe some animals are evolving right now, some aren't, I don't know. But if an animal will evolve beyond our grasp, such as a dog being able to develop a language or a cat having thumbs, We'll all know it won't happen tomorrow.
User avatar #227 - merrymarvelite
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(08/22/2013) [-]
To the people debating religion, keep in mind that it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter which gods are real or which myths are true.

Whatever else may be true about the world, evolution would still be a fact supported by a preponderance of evidence with evolution by natural selection being the prevailing theory.
#236 - crazyanduknowit
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(08/22/2013) [-]
I'm not religious, but even though I do think species adapt to the environment, evolution through mutations, as presented to us, is impossible. Mutations are RARELY(even in terms of "millions of years") positive, and are usually regressive. The faith that complex organisms and cell structures can occur simply by accidental mutations is not far than believing in an old beardy man in the sky. How the **** do we accidentally happen to develop eyes and become able to experience the world around us? I actually think there's something more to evolution that makes it all happen so amazingly, but scientists are just too lazy to try and figure it out. Just look at the biodiversity around you. There is something about life that makes it adapt so that it survives, it doesn't happen accidentally.
Take this **** for example www.livescience.com/18386-zebras-stripes-nasty-flies-buzz.html
So, horses just started developing stripes, and those who didn't died off? If it happened simply through mutations, wouldn't it be far more likely that nothing that they wouldn't develop anything that useful, and the flies would eventually killed them all off? No - there is something about living things that makes them capable of adapting, and it's probably in our DNA. We just haven't figured it out yet, and would instead believe in statistical impossibilities.

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