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#145 - phsycokidx (08/04/2013) [-]
#9 Amaterasu?
User avatar #143 - hiddlestoner (08/04/2013) [-]
The lightbulb...
User avatar #112 - thisisspartah (08/04/2013) [-]
number 4 isnt 100% true, what is happening is radioactive decay, where the plutonium splits off exited helium from the nucleus and turns the plutonium into actnium.
the glow comes from gamma radiation where the helium shoots out a beam of light and loosing its exitement.
#87 - laserkirby (08/03/2013) [-]
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#78 - Addon (08/03/2013) [-]
Always Nazis... c´mon
#41 - grapefruity (08/03/2013) [-]
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User avatar #40 - hergle (08/03/2013) [-]
The font, colour I think. ****** my eyes up.
I liked it
#16 - xxxsonic fanxxx (08/03/2013) [-]
But most things are hotter than the interior of a freshly microwaved hot-pocket.
#38 - bogbean (08/03/2013) [-]
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9. The Most flammable SEEM:

User avatar #27 - spyisspy (08/03/2013) [-]
Lightbulb: Reading Skill Increased to: 200
#7 - ataeru (08/03/2013) [-]
For #3, there are quite a few versions for nano-diamonds and even Boron Nitride for which are harder than diamonds. But absolute hardest nano-diamond currently, would have to go to theoretically Lonsdaleite.

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