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#5 - anonymous (07/28/2013) [-]
f where go back 4
j > means pictures
User avatar #11 to #5 - naitsabesh ONLINE (07/28/2013) [-]
Who taught you to ******* read?
User avatar #38 to #11 - steil ONLINE (07/29/2013) [-]
I think Light bulb thought him
User avatar #20 to #11 - fagindisguise (07/28/2013) [-]
User avatar #48 to #11 - hystericalparoxysm (07/29/2013) [-]
Lightbulb became a human.
User avatar #90 to #11 - skrynox (07/29/2013) [-]
I think he's reading it by color, starting with the f and the rest of the purple letters. And so on..

Either way he's still an illiterate **** .
#43 to #5 - sorenlolz (07/29/2013) [-]
I'm not sure why but he was reading from purple to green I think.
I'm not sure why but he was reading from purple to green I think.
#41 to #5 - ofc (07/29/2013) [-]
Go back Jellal.
Go back Jellal.
#81 to #5 - pwnmissilereborn **User deleted account** (07/29/2013) [-]
#69 to #5 - captainkrobin (07/29/2013) [-]
Are you ok?
#66 to #5 - harleycurnow (07/29/2013) [-]
mulher' e theoat tli/
go back Jellal. pictures.
#87 - dargan (07/29/2013) [-]
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#92 to #87 - decieverofthegods **User deleted account** (07/29/2013) [-]
User avatar #89 to #87 - freshlikeuhhhhhh (07/29/2013) [-]
no one cares bitch
#61 - penguinthegreat (07/29/2013) [-]
mulher' e theoat tli/
go back Jellal. pictures.

good job lightbulb
#21 - kingoftheweirdos (07/28/2013) [-]
What actually causes this?
User avatar #22 to #21 - threadz (07/28/2013) [-]
the thing you're on getting thumbed up so it moves ahead of other content before you move onto the next content, thus returning you to stuff you've already seen
#99 - maskedguy has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #97 - vegeta (07/29/2013) [-]
It sometimes is your own fault
you thumb something up
this puts it farther up in the list
if enough people do it while you are looking at the post it can effectively put you back 4 posts.
it's also extremely difficult to set up coding to avoid this problem as it would have to consider what an individual has looked at on a site with quite a bit of traffic.
in conclusion, get over it.
#96 - anonymous (07/29/2013) [-]
I believe this is caused because instead of actually hiring a programmer for the website, my filthy item daddy simply lets the lightbulb do all the coding.
User avatar #80 - tatwis (07/29/2013) [-]
go back Jellal.
#75 - crazybomber (07/29/2013) [-]
**crazybomber rolled a random image posted in comment #2 at facebook can be so mean sometimes! ** what happens when I click it

User avatar #52 - eclecticparadigm **User deleted account** (07/29/2013) [-]
For real? Never happen to me before, except it takes 5 minutes to load a post.
some ****** in my dorm is downloading porn
#42 - notafunnyguy ONLINE (07/29/2013) [-]
the worst is when you're in the newest uploads, and theres 2-3 posts that have almost identical thumbs, and as people thumb them down or up you keep seeing them over and over and getting caught in this vicious cycle
#36 - anonymous (07/29/2013) [-]
They can hear, and see what you're visually thinking. This is the absolute complete truth!!!!!

Asians hide their mind reading abilities by a lot of them having completely expressionless faces so they don't accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don't like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.

Try thinking, and visually picturing things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason.

#35 - onefreakymf (07/29/2013) [-]
So I still don't know what the light is about, help?
#33 - kwanzalord (07/29/2013) [-]
Well that depends....   
Because it's all "thumbs" based.   
So rankings fluctuate...
Well that depends....
Because it's all "thumbs" based.
So rankings fluctuate...
#32 - ddrwannabe (07/29/2013) [-]
See, now that's funny.
User avatar #24 - assdoreponyfucker (07/29/2013) [-]
this just happened
#23 - martbeast (07/28/2013) [-]
i see what you did there.
i see what you did there.
#19 - anonymous (07/28/2013) [-]
what a coincidence, I am at that point now!
#3 - lonevolff (07/28/2013) [-]
happens to me all too often
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