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#128 - scienceftw has deleted their comment [-]
#88 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2013) [-]
>Finally, my turn
>Machine asks me to get on my knees
>Tells me suck it's dick
>The crowd is urging me to refuse
>Suck that thing dry
>Everyone starts puking
>Kids start screaming
User avatar #75 - falconxmard (07/01/2013) [-]
**falconxmard rolled a random comment #2815124 posted by ttritt at Friendly ** :
ttritt x Steve
User avatar #63 - Nightelfbane (07/01/2013) [-]
i want this to be a thing where i live
User avatar #60 - vatra (07/01/2013) [-]
Free food, I'll do all of those things without a second thought.
User avatar #55 - icameheretotroll (07/01/2013) [-]
It's more about fun
#18 - Womens Study Major (07/01/2013) [-]
You could say the people of Rundle Mall have......big balls.
User avatar #31 - sparkyoneonetwo (07/01/2013) [-]
I don't think people are really doing it for the snaks.

I see this as more of an entertainment thing many many people like to do silly things yet wont' this gives them the reason to act silly and not seem like a freak.
#9 - kingkamikazi (06/30/2013) [-]
Australia mentioned outside of Australia, and Rundle Mall
Australia mentioned outside of Australia, and Rundle Mall
#127 - samboy (07/01/2013) [-]
Why give away free snacks???

Its not about the free snacks... its about sending the message...
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