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#273 - sweetellie (06/15/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Look at the 						**********					 you've caused with this content op. Look.
Look at the ********** you've caused with this content op. Look.
User avatar #141 - kirkmifflin (06/15/2013) [-]
I don't condemn people for what they do with their bodies. Me, I've been going to the gym everyday to get in shape.

Personally, I don't find a lot of fat attractive. Actually, there's a lot of things I don't find attractive - whining, the "nice guy syndrome", lying, and a lack of confidence. Which brings me to dating..

People find me shallow when I don't date someone for their looks. Then when I date someone for their personality, people always tell me I can do better. I hate people.
#61 - mr skeltal (06/15/2013) [-]
I save lives by calling women fat and no one would like them if they were fat.

It is successful.
User avatar #55 - herecomesjohnny (06/15/2013) [-]
ironic template.
User avatar #6 - ningyoaijin (06/15/2013) [-]
The supporters who insist obese people are beautiful should specify that they're so despite the obesity, not because of it.
User avatar #1 - deadadventurer (06/14/2013) [-]
It's kinda funny that Jonah Hill or whatever his name is has actually lost alot of weight. He looks like a normal person now.
#268 - mr skeltal (06/15/2013) [-]
Fat people don't have an excuse for being fat, but you also don't have an excuse for judging them entirely by that. I've been a smoker for nearly a decade, and the one friend that doesn't constantly give me **** for it weighs like 280 pounds.
#11 - angrybulldogs (06/15/2013) [-]
**angrybulldogs rolled a random image posted in comment #2412613 at Friendly ** i lost weight because people kept calling me fat and im so happy that they did or i would have just stayed fat, but you have to watch out who you say it to..that **** leads to self harm and shiiz
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