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#229 - anonymous (06/14/2013) [-]
To bad it didnt happen.
User avatar #225 - potrsr (06/14/2013) [-]
A local man is an hero today after....

i blame internet for that
User avatar #214 - godot (06/14/2013) [-]
Should have asked what country they were from real loud, and fast.
#186 - colintheshots (06/14/2013) [-]
Most beautiful thing I have ever read.
User avatar #165 - insertswearword (06/14/2013) [-]
"From a news website."

I'm willing to bet that the news site was The Onion, and that OP probably took it seriously.
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#133 - gamingtales (06/14/2013) [-]
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#35 - anonymous (06/13/2013) [-]
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#29 - warbob ONLINE (06/13/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#22 - voltism (06/13/2013) [-]
Having just watched pulp fiction I appreciate this.
#21 - headkicker (06/13/2013) [-]
I read the headline and stopped reading onwards.

I want it to permenantly be engraved into my mind that he repeatedly yelled "That is one tasty burger!" at the robbers until they broke down at the unending insanity.
User avatar #9 - diruslupis (06/13/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I seriously doubt that muggers would be afraid of that man. I doubt anyone would believe that man is capable of murder.
User avatar #8 - galgawine (06/13/2013) [-]
wwkybobo this is you in 10 years
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