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User avatar #76 - senorfrog (05/25/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Hitler was also an incompetent psycho who killed jews because he was mocked for being one when he was younger. Hitler was a weak fool with a silver tongue, saying that he had a girlfriend makes me more proud that I don't.
#75 - iamthegamester (05/25/2013) [-]
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#71 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [-]
Heil Honey, I'm home!
#68 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [+] (2 replies)
But I have more balls than hitler did.
User avatar #60 - TheBigGummyBear ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]
Is that a ******* movie title
#51 - chewythewolftwo ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]
>Tfw my mother pointed out today that I'm nineteen and have never had a real girlfriend, and that I'm "Jealous" of my slutty sister's relationship.
#47 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [-]
He beat the jews
Then he beat the pussy
User avatar #45 - deathcampforjewtie (05/25/2013) [-]
Disregard the Nazi Party and Hitler was a really good man. He just....snapped, at some point. Not surprising, his father used to beat him with chains and his mother died of a painful disease....
User avatar #33 - LonelyCamel (05/25/2013) [-]
Hitler had an entire country, it's not very surprising that he had a girlfriend
User avatar #29 - weenieandthebutt (05/25/2013) [-]
Hitler was a bit of a powerful stud so I exhibit no bitterness or jealousy towards him.
What quite hit me was that whilst I was at Comic Con today, it was depressing to see a lot of those typical, fat, out of shape cosplayers with hot girlfriends and me never having someone to hold into my arms.
#27 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [-]
didn't he get love letters from different girls around the globe?
User avatar #20 - smokedmeatlog (05/25/2013) [-]
Hitler was a stud, theres no wonder he did.
User avatar #13 - satrenkotheone ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]

Well taking in count that he was the most powerful man in Germany and probably the World for some time, of course he had some bitch who wanted him.
User avatar #11 - koneella (05/25/2013) [-]
so does obama
#10 - hrg (05/25/2013) [-]
shame it was his neice
#7 - anonymous (05/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Oh, you mean the guy that was in charge of an entire nation of which a lot of the people looked up to him as a hero and bringer of prosperity had a girlfriend? Even that guy? See, when we look back at him, we see him as a loser, but the people at the time thought of him like a ******* prophet or something. So of course he had a girlfriend, he was beloved by a lot of his people. The only real downer on this page is comment 1
User avatar #6 - hasinvadedyou ONLINE (05/25/2013) [-]
Bitches love powerful men
User avatar #23 - aqwtg (05/25/2013) [-]
yeah , but he killed the girl's former husband , then forced her to marry him.
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