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User avatar #286 - wilddittoappears ONLINE (05/23/2013) [-]
As an Austrian I have no idea what is going on...
Can anybody explain to me what ABC is and what happened?
#266 - anonymous (05/23/2013) [+] (3 replies)
mailbox is full
#239 - anonymous (05/23/2013) [+] (1 reply)

http://www.azcentral . com/thingstodo/dining /articles/20130521amys- baking-company-owner-deportation. html?sf13116272=1
#210 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
well this wasn't you, twas on the chan a few days ago.
User avatar #179 - elcreepo (05/22/2013) [-]
They won't answer the phone anymore.
#174 - euphoniumhero (05/22/2013) [-]
Is that restaurant's only business from people that enjoy to watch the drama created by that clueless-looking whore? Seriously, there is no way the restaurant can stay in business if the food is as awful as the customers claim it to be. Unless of course, the marketability of a crazy bitch and her dumb ass companion screaming at customers was recognized by whatever television networks broadcasts this sort of show and actors were paid to react negatively to the food that was purposely ill-prepared.

Also, her outward facing eyes seriously bother me.
#147 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
I love how if you add a fake -in my deep voice- and a lie about your brother, to the top of this content it goes from "Repost Status" To "OC"
#123 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
I'm pretty sure this is false, as most people who said they called the company got voice mail/ a full voice mail box, I doubt she picked up for you
#112 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
We should all go to their facebook page and ask if they have Battletoads
#294 - roycaes (05/23/2013) [-]
I need a lot of likes !!
Go to the link and click on like!

[url deleted]

#227 - bdowns (05/23/2013) [-]
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #2075082 at Friendly **
User avatar #177 - thespartanpony (05/22/2013) [-]
Can someone give me the number to prank call?
#181 - mytrakytra (05/22/2013) [-]
UNLIMITED amount of things you can do over the phone for a prank

Uses Battletoads.

**** all you.
User avatar #207 - bayakpo **User deleted account** (05/22/2013) [-]
I think you went a little too far. It's alright to harass people you know, but to do this to everyone else for shear enjoyment of being mean, that's kinda rough. I know amy baking company is a real douche to a lot of their customer, but you're not helping in any way, just feeding the flames. Saddens me what people do these days...
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