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#340 - anonymous (05/18/2013) [-]
I came across this just as I was watching the episode.
I laughed so hard.
#339 - arrrbie (05/18/2013) [-]
sooo whats the story behind this person?
sooo whats the story behind this person?
#375 to #339 - tomthehippie (05/18/2013) [-]
If you don't want to watch the youtube;
Gordon Ramsay gets called out to this bakery run by a husband and wife team for his Kitchen Nightmares show.

He goes out there. Half of their food isn't made in house, which they claim they do for the "quality", never mind that they are basically buying Sam's Club brand premade pasta and baked goods.

Despite the fact that their business is failing they claim that every single time Gordon criticizes ANYTHING they do that they have thousands of people who come in all the time that like their food better, or that he just doesn't know what he is talking about (despite Gordon being one of the more successful professional chefs in the nation).

They were so bad that Gordon quit. Walked the **** out.

Then they went ******* crazy and raged on their facebook page about "redditer" trolls and how they were going to call the cops and all kinds of ******** .

Basically, they are insane ******** who somehow got the money to run a restaurant that they are running into the ground in every way possible, but are convinced that they are successful.
User avatar #395 to #375 - hideyowives (05/18/2013) [-]
ummm.....actually Ramsey is the most successful chef....alive right now
eat food he makes....do it....you will like.....just.......you will regret that you have to eat anything else ever
#397 to #395 - tomthehippie (05/18/2013) [-]
I can believe it. When I've watched Kitchen Nightmares, he ******* knows his **** .

I could not believe these ***** who wouldn't listen to a living legend like that man is.
User avatar #403 to #397 - hideyowives (05/18/2013) [-]
well they obviously are ******* insane
the girl more than the guy
but the guy is just crazy enough to understand that he isnt going to score with anyone else
better buy a crazy bitch a bakery. lock that **** down
#337 - magusto (05/18/2013) [-]
Her eyes had peer into the abyss... i can see it reflecting...
User avatar #338 to #337 - magusto (05/18/2013) [-]
#336 - superstraight **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #335 - graenko (05/18/2013) [-]
idk why....but she kindof looks like a cat too
User avatar #333 - bythebeardofzeus (05/18/2013) [-]
So what's the story with this googly eyed fruit-bat, does she eat cocanium for breakfast or does she just always look like that?
User avatar #332 - nabexis (05/18/2013) [-]
That was one crazy ass bitch.
User avatar #331 - prisonerzero (05/18/2013) [-]
If anyone wants their number, its 4806070677
I live next to that shopping center
#327 - whatupnachoface (05/18/2013) [-]
I am the guy on the left while listening to these people.
I am the guy on the left while listening to these people.
User avatar #323 - WastedDrudge (05/18/2013) [-]
haha omg, you should watch this before a workout, I can only imagine how hard you can push yourself after watching it
User avatar #329 to #323 - inkfox (05/18/2013) [-]
you should put it on and not allow yourself to turn it off till you complete your workout.
you'd be doing situps like
#321 - inkfox (05/18/2013) [-]
User avatar #319 - swimmingprodigy (05/18/2013) [-]
A lot of you guys dont know that she's also a felon; she served a year in jail for trying to use a dead person's Social Security Number for something
User avatar #316 - pavwo (05/18/2013) [-]
does anyone have a youtube link that would work in the UK? the ones already posted do not open for me cos if the country block
User avatar #320 to #318 - pavwo (05/18/2013) [-]
thank you
User avatar #325 to #320 - thelordofbutthurt (05/18/2013) [-]
From your neighbourhood friendly OP
User avatar #307 - mattmanhemi (05/18/2013) [-]
this was a really good episode
#303 - johnserrano **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#310 to #303 - thebritishguy (05/18/2013) [-]
Gordon always keep the calm?!
#312 to #310 - johnserrano **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#322 to #312 - thebritishguy (05/18/2013) [-]
yeah he's a cool guy, but I wouldn't say he always keeps the calm, I remember he did a show where he went to a prison to try to reform the prisoners lives by giving them all bakery jobs and selling the prison made goods at Cafe's, his brother went to prison when he was small so he wanted to try to help the prisoners learn discipline and make money to get out of the circles of crime. Good Guy Gordon
#324 to #322 - johnserrano **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#298 - toyaisle (05/18/2013) [-]
****					 it. Gonna go watch the episode right now to figure out what the 						****					 is going on.....   
Pic Unrelated
**** it. Gonna go watch the episode right now to figure out what the **** is going on.....

Pic Unrelated
User avatar #345 to #298 - tenboxes (05/18/2013) [-]
I literally saw it about an hour ago, I'll see you in the cancer ward tomorrow
User avatar #317 to #298 - cullenatorguy (05/18/2013) [-]
Good luck, friend. You'll soon understand our torment.
User avatar #306 to #298 - lordofarms (05/18/2013) [-]
Saw it yesterday, best episode yet.
User avatar #304 to #298 - inkfox (05/18/2013) [-]
I love the little guys face
**** A CAN
And the girls just like
User avatar #300 to #298 - durkadurka (05/18/2013) [-]
Prepare to rage.
User avatar #292 - bdowns (05/18/2013) [-]
after watching that episode I wanted to burn the restaurant to the ground
User avatar #290 - thereoncewasaman (05/18/2013) [-]
This woman is bipolar or has antisocial personality disorder. She's a ******* psychopath
#289 - nigalthornberry has deleted their comment [-]
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