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#267 to #252 - fefe (04/24/2013) [-]
take the biggest goldfish in existence. Now you know what the max size is. Take the smallest goldfish in existence is. Now you know the minimum size. Right there. Max and min sizes--It does tell us something about their size. Plus, if a goldfish will grow to suit the environment, does it not stand to logic that a goldfish sized whale would grow to the same size in each different kind of environments....so just take what a goldfish would grow to in a whales environment.
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I don't know why the geneticist friend wouldn't want to make skinless grape sized watermelons... or apple sized strawberries
#127 - raheemshibaz (04/23/2013) [-]
and when you're too happy, remember that jumping spiders ******* LEAP THROUGH THE AIR LIKE LITTLE HANG GLIDERS.
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On the map one, i live in the state of penis. This does not bother me at all.
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300 % done?   
God damn it

300 % done?

God damn it
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I live in Loose....
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Dude what's your URL?
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I fukken love Platycryptus undatus :3

< Pic related, was my pet one from a few years ago :3
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this is great, because i went to school with 2 twins who would say the same thing all the time..
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