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User avatar #99 - konradkurze (04/05/2013) [-]
all these health nuts who bitch on about sugar content

ive been drinking a 1.5 litre of mountain dew a DAY for more than 8 years and i have no health problems
i get off my ass, i exercise, i eat healthy foods, the sugar doesnt hurt me

sugar is only bad to lazy ******* who dont work it off
#89 - munchlord (04/05/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I would eat 22 packs of sugar... and have done so in the past. Your move OP.
User avatar #59 - corundum (04/05/2013) [+] (2 replies)
That PSA is funny because most juices have a higher concentration of sugar than Coca-Cola.
#57 - oishiine (04/05/2013) [-]
MIB reference

Love it.
User avatar #25 - spycheckingpyro (04/05/2013) [+] (2 replies)
The Flash takes his coffee with cream and 37 sugars...
User avatar #38 to #27 - spycheckingpyro (04/05/2013) [-]
it was on the Justice League cartoon show when the Flash ended up being interrogated by cops. I remember that part vividly because i tried a coffee with 37 sugars after that as a kid. didn't go as well as planned
User avatar #133 - ashee (04/05/2013) [-]
Oh MIB.... how I love you.
#132 - djlykaen (04/05/2013) [-]
#127 - JohnTheRipper (04/05/2013) [-]
heh. i got that reference.
User avatar #126 - sackit (04/05/2013) [-]
In Norway its 25 cubes of sugar in a coke and in one of the chocolate spread called "Nugatti" there are 145 cubes of sugar

So i would both drink and eat it:3
User avatar #105 - umaya (04/05/2013) [-]
The other day i drank a 1 litre bottle of chocolate milkshake and afterwards read the label and I had drunk 93g of suger, 15g of fat, 650 calories, 1.5g of protein etc.
#65 - bazda (04/05/2013) [-]
This guy should have won an Oscar. Seriously.
User avatar #52 - thegamerslife (04/05/2013) [-]
Pepsi and jack...you can **** off OP

*sips whiskey
User avatar #51 - phoenix grinder ONLINE (04/05/2013) [-]
because it's a damn tasty way to water down my Vodka
User avatar #45 - thegunman (04/05/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Who is that guy?
User avatar #39 - kijajouteh (04/05/2013) [-]
Honestly, when I was young in 5th grade, we went on this field trip, and went to Mcdonalds and... Well... I now have Diabetes.
User avatar #36 - ranzoray (04/05/2013) [-]
Isn't that the feckin' point of sugar? To make things that are tastier and more interesting than it is by itself?
User avatar #31 - PartyPanda (04/05/2013) [-]
#28 - reactlon (04/05/2013) [-]
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User avatar #4 - Nystro (04/04/2013) [-]
I have those big things of Domino Sugar. Sometimes I stick a big spoon in and start eating it.
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