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#203 - anonymous (05/23/2013) [-]
#194 - austinthecrady (04/10/2013) [-]
earth all the way
User avatar #185 - franklion (03/29/2013) [-]
Airbending. To me it seems like the funnest bending ability you can have, you can fly, maneuver quickly, all types of fun **** . Also, soundbending is one of the airbenders special abilities, just letting you all know.
#177 - anonymous (03/22/2013) [-]
This 'study' died really ******* fast.
#152 - electro (03/19/2013) [-]
just for the practicality of every day life. Fire would be like banned in most cases because it is dangerous. But it could be used to heat food and... keep warm..? Meanwhile water would be awesome. If fire is banned for safety, then blood bending and stuff would also be banned i assume (imagine just sucking the water out of someones eyes. totally Badass) and so water would just be fun in the rain/snow and to drink water when youre too lazy. Of course water gun fights and pool parties would become epic. Air = flying. Awesome. Yet thats only really one pro.
Earth only becomes dangerous when you start hucking boulders into buildings and squashing things. but you can use it for all sorts of things (like from the anime, earth-art, that soccer-ish game they played, sonar-sensing like toph (if average benders can do that)) and you couldbuild sweet forts in a matter of seconds. I think water and earth are pretty close to eachother and it just depends on what you can image doing. I feel i would choose earth
User avatar #144 - combatarms (03/19/2013) [-]
I'd be an airbender, then I'd learn to make my air razor sharp and cut people in half with razor wind waves and **** .
#122 - anonymous (03/19/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Clouds, not air just Clouds

Love Meg
#119 - mcmallet (03/19/2013) [-]
The glorious water tribe master race
User avatar #104 - etlythepeasant (03/19/2013) [-]
#101 - antbarrone (03/19/2013) [-]
Water bending is best pony! control plants, people, animals, acquire hemosorceror status.
#98 - anonymous (03/18/2013) [-]
Earth is mah ******
#83 - tjsloth (03/18/2013) [-]
water bending FTW
User avatar #80 - bjorngrim (03/18/2013) [-]
#69 - anonymous (03/18/2013) [-]
User avatar #51 - unknownmercury (03/18/2013) [-]
Fire's the way to go, but I said that yesterday.
User avatar #40 - aguaba (03/18/2013) [-]
Fire...Or maybe Air....I don't know ._. I'm indecisive =/
User avatar #30 - thebenders (03/18/2013) [-]
air due to the fact that its badass and there is oxygen in water and oxygen is also in air so you should technically be able to control some water also fire needs air and if you can bend the air away from fire then fire bending is useless plus with a strong enough attack air can move rock so really air is the most logical and badass choice
User avatar #27 - cozzaman (03/18/2013) [-]
#6 - anonymous (03/18/2013) [-]
i always thought earth bending would be cool. so i vote earthbending
User avatar #2 - crabberson (03/18/2013) [-]
Earthbender master race.
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