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User avatar #211 - vortexrain (02/17/2013) [-]
Try watching an old Pepe le pew cartoon.
#193 - laxitup (02/17/2013) [-]
Obviously you are retarded, the only time "le" should upset you is when it is used inappropriately, when it is used to mean "the," it is fine
#110 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #3 - secondtimearound (02/16/2013) [-]
you seem le rustled
User avatar #1 - tehmuffin (02/16/2013) [-]
#163 - zalggo (02/17/2013) [-]
I will devour everything you ever loved and cared for. You are nothing towards me. I am more powerful. I am everything. Not even a goddess can stand up towards to me. I am far more superior to satan. As I am the one and only. ZALGO

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#85 - weefee (02/17/2013) [-]
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#5 - bnouger (02/16/2013) [-]
YFW someone says le
#208 - anonymous (02/17/2013) [-]
Maybe OP is just a ******* retard who can't determine things on the internet from things in real lief.
#179 - jesiii (02/17/2013) [-]
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