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#109 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
Literally heard the EXACT thing in 2nd grade hahahahah made my day!
User avatar #107 - bubblegumfaerie (01/20/2013) [-]
Damn teachers should have taught us the 35 times table and the 17 times table in primary 4!!! Would have totally succeeded more in life "/
#105 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
If you can't do forth grade math with out a calculator...
User avatar #104 - DrBobsPatient (01/20/2013) [-]
back when i was in 4th grade, cell phones didn't exist...
#135 to #104 - ofmiceandmen (01/21/2013) [-]
That's when I got my first phone.

<This bad boy. I thought I was the coolest ************ because not many kids my age had one back then.
#110 to #104 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
Cell phones existed in 1973. What are you, 50?
User avatar #113 to #110 - DrBobsPatient (01/20/2013) [-]
glad you looked that up. it'd be rare for a family to have a cell phone until recently. cell phones didn't become a wide spread/common thing to have since the last decade.
#140 to #113 - Womens Study Major (01/21/2013) [-]
That doesn't change the fact that they existed before then.
User avatar #103 - hardcoreman (01/20/2013) [-]
**** calculus, need to use a graphing calculator
#98 - steavo (01/20/2013) [-]
>4th grade math teacher
Why would you need a calculator for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? Seriously, we didn't even need calculators in 4th grade.
#102 to #98 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
Student: Why do we need to learn this? They invented calculators for a reason.
Teacher: (above quote)
User avatar #95 - fitemeirl (01/20/2013) [-]
I, for one, am glad that we weren't allowed to use calculators in elementary school.
It's a lot more practical to just use my head if I need to solve everyday problems on the fly.
#92 - ItsJustChase (01/20/2013) [-]
>Always use phone for calculator in goemetry
>Laidback teacher wouldnt give a **** if I used a dildo for my long divisions
>Have a test one day when we have substitute teacher
> ******* prick sub says no phones
>Mfw first question: "Find sum of interior angles of a 66-gon"
User avatar #147 to #92 - psychodreadnought (01/21/2013) [-]
11520 bro
User avatar #137 to #92 - waaw (01/21/2013) [-]
User avatar #194 to #193 - waaw (01/22/2013) [-]
But radians make it so much easier
#93 to #92 - xozonex (01/20/2013) [-]
>No phones
>Use calculator on my ipod touch instead
#87 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
Hey! its my old phone! I loved that thing... its been replaced by and 8X
#99 to #87 - steavo (01/20/2013) [-]
Wow that totally did not make sense.
#78 - kirbeee (01/20/2013) [-]
It took me 2 weeks to finally memorize my 6, 7, and 8 time tables in 3rd grade.

**** that **** .
#96 to #78 - drainbramage (01/20/2013) [-]
I still don't know my 6, 7 and 8 times tables.
#127 to #96 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
#141 to #127 - drainbramage (01/21/2013) [-]
Killing myself sounds like a lot of work.
Killing myself sounds like a lot of work.
#81 to #78 - aludin (01/20/2013) [-]
We had these time math sheets and you had to do 30 problems in a minute. I took me like 2 weeks to do addition and subtraction, but then I finished 2-12 multiplication in 10 days.
User avatar #84 to #81 - kirbeee (01/20/2013) [-]
Oh god, I remember those. I hated the ones where it was like:

9 + 7 = ?
9 + 3 = ?

Nines always tripped me up during addition, and even more so during subtraction.
#167 to #84 - mrdrpage (01/21/2013) [-]
**mrdrpage rolls 7**   
Really? 9 was the easiest for me.   
Add 1 to the left side subtract 1 from the right digit.   
Gif unrelated.
**mrdrpage rolls 7**
Really? 9 was the easiest for me.


Add 1 to the left side subtract 1 from the right digit.

Gif unrelated.
User avatar #182 to #167 - kirbeee (01/21/2013) [-]
if you noticed, i didn't mean multiplication

it was addition
User avatar #183 to #182 - mrdrpage (01/21/2013) [-]
Oh **** . Sorry man. But still... 9+03=12. Add 1 to left digit and subtract one from right digit.
#86 to #84 - aludin (01/20/2013) [-]
9 multiplications were really easy once I learned the hand trick.
User avatar #74 - awesomenessdefined (01/20/2013) [-]
In Pakistan we still aren't allowed to use them.
#75 to #74 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
Well you guys also sheltered bin laden so the less technology you have the better
User avatar #97 to #75 - tdhd (01/20/2013) [-]
You guys have Mitt Romney as a politician so the less technology you have the better, you actually make no sense - not every pakistani was involved in a secret plot to hide Bin Laden
User avatar #100 to #97 - ronyx (01/20/2013) [-]
They weren't even trying to look for him though.
User avatar #185 to #100 - tdhd (01/21/2013) [-]
so what, they didn't know he was there
User avatar #187 to #185 - ronyx (01/21/2013) [-]
That's true, they're too incompetent to know anything or help at all. Hence why the US kept it secret for them that he was hiding right under their noses.
User avatar #189 to #187 - tdhd (01/21/2013) [-]
the US didn't keep it secret from them at all, what are you talking about
User avatar #190 to #189 - ronyx (01/21/2013) [-]
The US knew that Bin Laden was hiding in the complex, and after a few months of planning they began the operation that ended up with Bin Laden dead. Hence Pakistan was butthurt and ridiculed because they weren't informed that Bin Laden was hiding there and weren't invited to the operation.
User avatar #191 to #190 - tdhd (01/21/2013) [-]
Anywho, referring to your previous comment - they aren't incompetent, they just didn't know. If you don't know something about someone it doesn't make you incompetent, Madeleine Mccann hasn't been found for years it doesn't mean Portugal's police is incompetent
User avatar #192 to #191 - ronyx (01/21/2013) [-]
Everybody knows their armed forces aren't good enough we were even spending millions of dollars training them.
User avatar #195 to #192 - tdhd (01/22/2013) [-]
You trained afghanistan soldiers not pakistanis
#77 to #75 - calibratuner (01/20/2013) [-]
What a dickhead.
User avatar #76 to #75 - awesomenessdefined (01/20/2013) [-]
I'm actually still sheltering him.
Really says something when we can keep a guy away from a developed country for 12 years.
#90 to #76 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
oh my **** , i laughed out out at the "you guys kept him sheltered comment". this blew that one out of the water. i havent laughed that hard in a couple weeks. kudos sir, enjoy your thumb
#85 to #76 - HarvietheDinkle (01/20/2013) [-]
nice one
nice one
User avatar #71 - shenro (01/20/2013) [-]
then who was camera?
#55 - ludislavonac (01/20/2013) [-]
Just today I had a conversation with a friend who studies chemical engineering, he's a demonstrator there (an older student who helps the younger ones with their studies). He said that the freshmen don't even know how to calculate simple numbers in the range of 0-100 without using the calculator, he asked a guy to multiply 133 and 100... the guy gave all answers except the correct one. These generations are headed down the drain if you ask me
#145 to #55 - Womens Study Major (01/21/2013) [-]
You're the worst kind of person to imply that just everyone in the fifties could just do multiplication on the fly. It's probably that you were only born in the current millennium, but people have always as a whole been pretty ******* stupid.
#132 to #55 - Womens Study Major (01/21/2013) [-]
Well, the world is going to need people working as waiters, cashiers and that guy/girl, you know, putting stuff in shelves and making everything all dainty and nice for those that did something about the opportunities they had to actually become something that they wanted to be.

Unless people actually want to be waiters and cashiers and stackers.[small][small]
#61 to #55 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
This happens a lot. My problem is when doing a load of equations and thus many calculations, I will program all the exponential or cubic roots in. (Chemist anon here, some roots get crazy). Then I will type in something like 5+2, a stupid sum I should have done but just using the calculator so much i forget to put it down. I estimate it all now to kee maths brain working
User avatar #52 - Jackimole (01/20/2013) [-]
Yeah! **** times tables! It's so much easier to pull out your phone, unlock it, open the calculator app, and then enter the numbers than it is to do it in your head!
User avatar #59 to #52 - epicsauciness (01/20/2013) [-]
Yeah! **** calculator apps! I much rather find the square root of 7,641 manually on a piece of paper!
User avatar #58 to #52 - choclategum (01/20/2013) [-]
Yeah! Especially when i get the correct answer and not the one i did in my head which made me fail.
User avatar #169 to #58 - Jackimole (01/21/2013) [-]
That's because you didn't pay enough attention in 4th grade.
#51 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
I won't be calculating calculations that would require a device with calculating feature from places I don't have access to such devices
User avatar #49 - kirluu (01/20/2013) [-]
More like:
"You need to do this in your head. You won't have to use a calculator later anyway, so it's better to be able to do it in your head."

Higher Math levels:
> Use calculator for all equations, because otherwise will take too long.
User avatar #48 - ScottP (01/20/2013) [-]
...and then your high-school calculus teacher tells you, "You have to learn how to use your calculator. It'll make your life a whole lot easier"
User avatar #46 - gammajk (01/20/2013) [-]
Yup, it sure is tough multiplying two one-digit numbers together in your head
I'm positive that you're going to have an excellent time once you get into high school, OP
User avatar #38 - ASDLSD (01/20/2013) [-]
I always carry my calculator to my school (when or when I do not have math) because it's important for my course, calculating and transforming units and **** .
User avatar #42 to #38 - pinkiepiethecunt (01/20/2013) [-]
and writing 8008
#88 to #42 - dixten (01/20/2013) [-]
i like writing 0.1134...
User avatar #54 to #42 - Jackimole (01/20/2013) [-]
4311 is a classic.
#44 to #42 - ASDLSD (01/20/2013) [-]
Actually, we write 351837 because when you flip it looks like "Jebi se" and "jebi se" means **** you on Croatian.
User avatar #70 to #44 - christofferse ONLINE (01/20/2013) [-]
We write 37708

when you turn it upside down, it looks like "Bolle" which means "to **** "
#50 to #44 - ludislavonac (01/20/2013) [-]
I actually know that number combination since elementary school and use it in most of my passwords combined with words...
btw, op je peder
User avatar #65 to #50 - ASDLSD (01/20/2013) [-]
So, we meet again, young one.
#91 to #65 - Womens Study Major (01/20/2013) [-]
kurac... I... I just had to say it... I'm sorry...
User avatar #45 to #44 - mion (01/20/2013) [-]
We write 3537.

When you turn it upside down, it turns to "Esel", which is German for donkey/mule
User avatar #108 to #45 - davvi (01/20/2013) [-]
haha noob
3537 = LESE
7353 = ESEL
User avatar #19 - ultimoz (01/20/2013) [-]
At school I actually always have my calculator in my left blazer pocket. Never know when it might come in handy, like if somebody tried to snipe my left hip then the calculator would take the bullet (mostly).
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