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User avatar #49 - yesrilo (01/16/2013) [-]
I haven't played a new pokemon game for years but as far as i know there is still only the option of having one save file, if im wrong correct me. If i'm right you would have thought multiple save files would be an option by now
#48 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
I have a suggestion. The player starts in Kanto with a chosen starter and there's only Kanto Pokemon. Once they get to Johto, they box their old team and get a new starter with there being Kanto and Johto Pokemon. Then on to Hoenn with a new starter and Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokemon, and so forth in the same fashion. Then, at the end, the player takes on Red and gets to pick their battling team from all their previous teams. The levels all restart when the player gets to a new region, so there's no overkill with leveling Pokemon.
#47 - eruptinganus (01/16/2013) [-]
Because they want to make money. They don't want to make the ultimate game with everything. they want to keep releasing games which slowly improve so each one sells and they can get money off each improvement and not run out of ideas.
#46 - Creant (01/16/2013) [-]
Op, what the **** ?
User avatar #58 to #46 - codemen (01/16/2013) [-]
some countries use bits while we use bytes
User avatar #59 to #58 - codemen (01/16/2013) [-]
like another unit of measurement
User avatar #85 to #59 - LtMcG ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
No . . . . no that's not it at all. There are 8 bits in 1 byte. Therefore, 1Megabyte = 8 Megabits.

Ever notice that when you want to install a small program, it says that it will take 100MB. However, your internet streams at 1Mb. Mb = Megabit. MB = Megabyte.

They are two completely different things.
User avatar #110 to #85 - codemen (01/17/2013) [-]
thank you so much. I didn't really know. sorry
#65 to #59 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
No stupid
1 bit = 1/8 of a byte
so 1 byte = 8 bit

1 Gigabit = 1/8 Gigabyte

Computer logic
#95 to #65 - anonymous (01/17/2013) [-]
no need to call him stupid, no-one knows everything.
User avatar #41 - vegetatheprince (01/16/2013) [-]
You would have to start over, like Ash in every region, otherwise it would play out weird.

That or each region only goes up like, 20 levels.
#39 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
OP is ******* stupid. as great of an idea as this is, each region would be the same size as the original ******* game. Unless your brilliant idea suggests that when we go from Unova to Kanto, the game changes from 3ds graphics to black and white 8 bit. Do you know how long it will take to either change all the new pokemon to black and white like sprites (red and blue format) or all the previous games to be updated to current 3ds graphics? herp derp op can't think.
User avatar #38 - LtMcG ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
Megabit usually refers to internet speeds. Megabyte is used for storage. There is a big difference between the two.
8 Megabits = 1 Megabyte
User avatar #217 to #38 - buttinspecter (01/17/2013) [-]
The words themselves are generally used differently. I'm pretty sure the only reason "bit" is used for data transfer speeds is so that ISPs can make their offered speeds sound fast to stupid people like OP who don't know the difference between "bit" and "byte" or don't know how to divide and multiply by 8.
#37 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
hope you realize that the new pokemon will have 700 pokemans. so it will combine all pokemon
User avatar #36 - thenamlessguy (01/16/2013) [-]

A gigabit is like i/8 of a gigabyte, so it's not THAT much.
User avatar #53 to #36 - tatordatot (01/16/2013) [-]
no..hes just using the wrong term. megabit and gigabit refers to data transfer rates. a gigabit and megabit aren't actually units of space.
User avatar #233 to #53 - thenamlessguy (01/17/2013) [-]
There are 8 bits in a byte.
#92 to #53 - anonymous (01/17/2013) [-]
yes they are, although they aren't used very often for space measurement.
User avatar #35 - pocketstooheavy (01/16/2013) [-]
Are you sure you mean megaBIT?

Storage is generally measured in a megaBYTE. Nice try though.
#45 to #34 - obligatoryusername (01/16/2013) [-]
Look at that pussy.
User avatar #28 - teevee (01/16/2013) [-]
When it all ends, one last game should come out. you get to play with any style animation (old or new style, 2D or 3D, etc.), go to any region, and it has all the pokemon. at the end, you should be able to battle oak.
User avatar #188 to #28 - betta (01/17/2013) [-]

Go right to 17:29. It'll explain everything
#186 to #28 - mandydandy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #72 to #28 - vanoreo (01/16/2013) [-]
And just call it "Pokemon"

No colours or **** ...
#32 to #28 - BigSammy (01/16/2013) [-]
>"When it all ends"
>"When it all ends"
User avatar #33 to #32 - teevee (01/16/2013) [-]
the saddest truth
User avatar #27 - knifeplant (01/16/2013) [-]
They'd have nothing left after, thats why they keep making up new pokemon.

#43 to #27 - archoninterface (01/16/2013) [-]
Yes the ice cream pokemon (Vanilluxe) was a dumb sprite concept but Vanilluxe is OP as f*ck.
User avatar #26 - kaslin (01/16/2013) [-]
I think it was in Gold/Silver (I can't remember, but the water starter looked like a crocodile) where if you beat the Elite 4 and went back to the starting town and sailed across the lake at the eat end, you ended up in the region from the previous game and could fight the gym leaders there and catch all the pokemon of that area.
User avatar #30 to #26 - FurryBalls (01/16/2013) [-]
Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Totodile was the pokemon.
User avatar #29 to #26 - mcstorms (01/16/2013) [-]
Yes but people want all the areas
#25 - Kaoz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#23 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
It's BYTE not BIT!
User avatar #20 - VincentKing ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
mainly because it will become the most awesome pokemon thing ever, and not being able to please the fans anymore, pokemon will end. Its the same reason why Final Fantasy 7 isn't being made in HD.
User avatar #42 to #20 - EdTheGreat (01/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #113 to #42 - VincentKing ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
12 was good, the new battle system was fun and all, but the whole "I'm talking to a cup in every scene" sort of voices put it off for me.

Also if XIII is as good as they are trying to get it to be, then there will be a FFVII remake. They must outshine it first :P
#24 to #20 - drtfgyhuj (01/16/2013) [-]
also the game would have to totally be redesigned to even make sense on a modern console
#19 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (01/16/2013) [-]
Here's a why
User avatar #198 to #19 - cfeuer (01/17/2013) [-]
or level your pokemon at 1/20th the speed. gym 1 is lvl 7. gym 8 is lvl 16, gym 40 is lvl 50

pokemon league is lvl 60, RED is lvl 64, arceus is lvl 70. mewtwo is lvl 100 and capturing him is how you earn you first master ball.
User avatar #174 to #19 - lastofthedovakhiin (01/17/2013) [-]
I'm still hoping they make a 'Bethesda style rpg' Pokemon game. Imagine walking in a land as luscious as Skyrim and finding Pokemon as menacing as fallout.
User avatar #228 to #174 - cubanwhiteman (01/17/2013) [-]
And then beating the **** out of them with my mace? Aw, **** yes.
#214 to #174 - ipkforfun (01/17/2013) [-]
it would be filled with bug pokemon though
User avatar #215 to #214 - lastofthedovakhiin (01/17/2013) [-]
Depends on the area.
#145 to #19 - anonymous (01/17/2013) [-]
it's a shame, I'd buy a 3ds just for the total game lol
User avatar #70 to #19 - drulludanni (01/16/2013) [-]
you could have 4 seperate games and each one of them starts at the same place where you go through the storyline but game no.1 will have the option of going to kanto
no 2 will take you to johto and so onthat way you could maintain the same level cap trading would still be worth it and they would make money from each of these seperate games because i imagine many people would want to visit both gen 1 and 2
User avatar #52 to #19 - eatshitop (01/16/2013) [-]
Why dont they make a pokemon collection cartridge where ALL the games are on it seperately?
User avatar #16 - cmetrollin (01/16/2013) [-]
Correct me if i'm wrong, not trying to be grammar nazi or anything, I'm honestly not sure if i'm right. Isn't it byte? As in Megabyte, gigabyte?
User avatar #40 to #16 - mteverestand (01/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #17 to #16 - anbieter (01/16/2013) [-]
8 bit = 1 byte
User avatar #12 - babedi (01/16/2013) [-]
I hate to brake it to you kid, it's highly unlikely this will ever happen
See the pokemon franchise is and always was a way to make a quick buck for nintendo
It started out back when it was limited to 150, even then you had to get both versions (or know people to trade with) The point beeing you were never supposed to catch 'em all. Nintendo much more awakened your need to have em all, and that kept you spending your pocket money while you're chasing your magic dragon.

As the series went on they saw that kids are still going nuts over these games (thanks to the beloved anime and other forms of marketing) no mater what type of story and charakters they presented them . So in conclusion, I'm not talking down the series, i'm just letting you know that from a economical point of view it makes no sense to give the customer a complete product when he'll gladly pay the price for several editions, remakes and what have you

I dunno maybe if theyd get on the dlc bus one day you'll be able to buy different maps and integrate them to your world. In any case it won't be just one single game that covers everything

User avatar #21 to #12 - VincentKing ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
The idea wasn't for a quick buck for nintendo, rather Satoshi remembered collecting bugs as a child, and wanted to give a similar experience to those who could no longer do it.

When the game was made, Game Freak was nearly bankrupt, and only managed to release the game after Satoshi worked on other nintendo games. He stopped paying himself, and some weeks had to stop paying workers, making them all quit. It is thanks to Creatures Inc sponsoring Game Freak that pokemon could be released, so Creatures Inc now owns 33% thanks to them.

Before showing the final game to nintendo, Satoshi showed them the link cable idea, and nintendo loves being able to connect them up. Satoshi had also made red and green in hopes that it will bring people together so that they could trade to get all 150 pokemon, however nintendo were feeling like pokemon wasn't a good idea, but because they knew Satoshi, they gave him a chance and let him release it.

Pokemon didn't go so well in the beginning, and made little money for them, and it spelled the end of Game Freak. However, rumours of a mystery pokemon called Mew that Satoshi secretly put in the game came out, and fans started playing it again, and getting more people to play. More and more glitches were found, and by exploiting these, pokemon was becoming more and more successful.

Also for your original reason, if Game Freak made a pokemon game using all regions and all pokemon while in 3D, they will be at the highest point in pokemon. With no where left to go, they will have to stop the pokemon franchise, after all, they released what everyone wanted, and now theres nothing left to please them with.
User avatar #22 to #21 - babedi (01/16/2013) [-]
Well this is a nice turn of events
You had a different opinion and just simply gave it, instead of throwing insanitys at me
I applaud your friendly behaviour
Now i'd like to further this debate
In your first four paragraphs you tell me under wich hardship the franchise actually started. And i believe you, but what i am saying is that once they had success (I think in 1999 it boomed) and pokemon games practically sold them self, they did what every reasonable businesman would do. Finding a way to make their customers come back and buy more of their product.
Therefor i said a game that has all the known regions combined would be highly unlikely because they can also sell them separately and make a higher profit.

I do not think the dreams and wishes of fans that already have bought all the games
outweigh a maximized profit
And to your 5th paragraph, it actually backs my story up from a gameplay point of view

User avatar #31 to #22 - VincentKing ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
The first 4 was how it began, and apparently it wasn't until 3 years after its initial release was it made in english, so it did start quite slowly.

I think my fifth paragraph though is just a response to anyone who had wanted all of the games in one though. Not too sure, wrote it while half asleep :P
User avatar #18 to #12 - icedmantwo (01/16/2013) [-]
*break *being *characters *they'd
and if you are going to be using grammar (ie: capitols and punctuation) do it consistently throughout the entire paragraph
that being said i agree with you
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