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#121 - jouten (01/17/2013) [-]
Pokemon used to look like this
#126 to #121 - jouten (01/17/2013) [-]
And now it looks like this.

There is a huge difference in, not only graphicwise, but also content wise.

More than 100 Pokemon are added each generation, new gameplaymechanics, new items, new attacks, new animations, new graphics, more and bigger areas, everything.

Pokemon are one of the biggest gametitles on the Gameboys and the DS already and you hardly find any game with more content than Pokemon or that you could have more time playing with.

And the new Pokemon game on the 3DS is even going to be in 3D.

Wanting all regions in one is stupid and impossible. That's like wanting a Zelda game like Skyward Sword and want to be able to visit all Zelda games areas from Zelda 1 to Twilight Princess.
And aside of that there are the other issues, the other comments already pointed out
User avatar #150 to #126 - anonymouzx (01/17/2013) [-]
Funny how the first picture has better quality.
User avatar #230 to #176 - anonymouzx (01/17/2013) [-]
I didn't get the notification for this. Well, **** you too sir.
User avatar #120 - atrumaliger (01/17/2013) [-]
Both my brain, and my heart, were like, Woah.
User avatar #117 - aerius (01/17/2013) [-]
I'd rather have fresh content than constant remakes of old titles, thanks.
User avatar #115 - iamnotgoodwithname ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
i still want a pokemon mmorpg
#114 - goosbee **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #98 - desuforeverlulz (01/17/2013) [-]
I've always thought this.
User avatar #84 - mexicandudeinsd (01/16/2013) [-]
you guys play pokemon?!? arent you a little too old
User avatar #155 to #84 - exclamation (01/17/2013) [-]
Hell, no. I hang out with some guys who play Yu-Gi-Oh (and so do I).
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#123 to #84 - psykobear (01/17/2013) [-]
No, because pokemon came out when we were the intended audience age.
It's not like when he hit 18 we were suddenly like, "Oh **** , this game series that I have love my whole life is suddenly intended for people younger than me. Better abandon it."
We adopted it as children and held onto it throughout our lives.
Pic related.
User avatar #116 to #84 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
butthurt, butthurt kids everywhere
User avatar #109 to #84 - littlenish (01/17/2013) [-]
Pokemon doesn't really have an intended audience. It's entertainment. Same thing with video games. Only kids play video games right? WRONG. Over half of gamers are over 30. Boom. Knowledge. Try it sometime, you nit.
User avatar #103 to #84 - pebar ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
Too old? Nonsense.
People have the right to do whatever makes them happy (legal limits of course) and no one can tell them differently. Anyone, like you for example, who criticizes people for doing what they love are assholes.
User avatar #104 to #103 - pebar ONLINE (01/17/2013) [-]
is an*
#87 to #84 - Ken M (01/17/2013) [-]
You're a Mexican? Aren't you a little too poor to be on the internet?
User avatar #89 to #87 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
if i can afford tacos, then i can afford internet bro
User avatar #86 to #84 - codyxvasco (01/17/2013) [-]
Aren't you a little too old to be mexican?
User avatar #88 to #86 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
that doesnt make sense . step up ******
User avatar #91 to #88 - smallerlemon (01/17/2013) [-]
Your welfare doesn't make sense. Step up, Paco.
User avatar #93 to #91 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
bro, if i used welfare, then i would be a ****** or a trailerpark hillbilly.
the name's antonio
User avatar #94 to #93 - smallerlemon (01/17/2013) [-]
But you are Mexican.
User avatar #96 to #94 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
yes im mexican,but not a ****** or a hillbilly
User avatar #97 to #96 - smallerlemon (01/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #99 to #97 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
Mexican, Blacks, Whites= Welfare
your point?
get a better argument bro
User avatar #101 to #99 - smallerlemon (01/17/2013) [-]
User avatar #102 to #101 - mexicandudeinsd (01/17/2013) [-]
are you white, black, or asian?
#81 - kuracha (01/16/2013) [-]
BECAUSE ITS GONNA BE IN 3D BITCHES! **** YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #80 - sketchE ONLINE (01/16/2013) [-]
in soul silver you can get all the legendaries from the first four gens
#79 - dafuqman (01/16/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#77 - Ken M (01/16/2013) [-]
Just saying, Unova is an amalgamation of the entirety of the US (which does break consistency/canon with other pokemon games, which mention other continents and countries), not just a bastardization of NYC. It has areas based on Detroit, as well as San Francisco, and other areas that are just supposed to be Americana incarnate.
User avatar #157 to #77 - ReyzorSnype (01/17/2013) [-]
The new games are supposedly based on Europe.
User avatar #75 - Omegashenron (01/16/2013) [-]
Money. More money for each game.
User avatar #74 - mechaemperor (01/16/2013) [-]
#67 - Ken M (01/16/2013) [-]
Maybe this is Nintendo's trump card...

People don't you understand that Nintendo is a company and therefore it was not created with "fulfilling your dreams" as their prime objective... It was created to make money, if I was the president I wouldn't allow this kind of game to see the light until I'm pretty sure I can get the most out of it, I'm talking about making people pay for the game and then keep paying...

You seriously think you were the first one to think about this?
User avatar #60 - funnymonky (01/16/2013) [-]
Um, problem.
Those previous games were so small because of the fact that they had a lot less code put into them, as the graphics weren't that "High-res". With the 3DS, the cartridges need to be that big so that the full graphical coding can fit, with enough room for the rest of the game. Given, there is extra room, but when you have to do this for a giant area, it get's a little bit big on the file size. And if these are in Gigabits/MegaBits, then the size is really 1/8 what you might think it is. Byte-bit...
User avatar #216 to #60 - buttinspecter (01/17/2013) [-]
The DS cartridge can hold 512 megabytes. So, don't worry. You don't have to recalculate anything. OP just has to change every "bit" to "byte".
#76 to #60 - gjsmothefirst (01/16/2013) [-]
Yep, and 32GB microSDXC cards exist. Storage isn't an issue if they don't want it to be.
User avatar #197 to #76 - funnymonky (01/17/2013) [-]
Actually that can cause a large amount of heat to build up very quickly, as they have yet to probably sink the heat.
#199 to #197 - gjsmothefirst (01/17/2013) [-]
Not even close to being true, microSD cards (or at least mine) run quite cool.
As a matter of fact, I have no solid-state storage which heats up at all, and much of it is quite fast.
User avatar #234 to #199 - funnymonky (01/19/2013) [-]
There's also the problem of compatibility with the 3ds. There are card chips that will fix the incompatibility problem, but it causes a lot of heat from the processing. It does heat up, energy is constant within a solid state drive.
Look, it just is not possible currently.
Maybe in a year or two, just not today.
#235 to #234 - gjsmothefirst (01/19/2013) [-]
Not sure if you're serious.
Sure, you can't do it on a 3DS, I wasn't suggesting that. But there's absolutely no issue with creating a portable gaming device capable of using 32GB+ of storage. I mean, look at any smartphone today. The CPU/GPU/RAM are most of the heat, and the rest is just inefficiencies in various chips - and also insignificant.

This is possible today, there just isn't a dedicated portable gaming device that's compatible with a large memcard like that. Oh wait, the PS Vita is.

To be clear, I mean no offense - but it's already been done.
User avatar #236 to #235 - funnymonky (01/19/2013) [-]
Go **** yourself you ******* **** .
#68 to #60 - aludin (01/16/2013) [-]
What about the time machine. I would love to play with those graphics on a 3ds.
#57 - Ken M (01/16/2013) [-]
By the time you got to another region after completing one, you would have strong ass pokemon, this worked in silver by weakening the Johto and strengthening the Kanto. Imagine if they had to do that for 4 regions. The game would be really ****** up with like levels 1-16 for the first 8 gyms and 17-32 for the next etc. It's much more feasible to just sell remakes of the original regions than try to pack them into one game. Unless you want to get rid of all your pokemon every time you enter a new region...
User avatar #55 - sirformidio (01/16/2013) [-]
Funnily enough, each of them increases the number of pixels and the visual quality.
So they each take up more and more space.
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#51 - tatordatot has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #61 to #51 - funnymonky (01/16/2013) [-]
Bytes are a collective some of 8 bits.
1 bit is the equivalent of a simple 1 or 0 in binary.
8 of these put together consecutively make up a byte.
A lot of people get this wrong, so please don't be upset about me correcting you, I completely understand.
#64 to #61 - tatordatot has deleted their comment [-]
#78 to #64 - gjsmothefirst (01/16/2013) [-]
Nope, they are often used for transfer rates (in Kbits/sec, MBits/sec or GBits/sec usually), but bits (and kilobits, megabits, gigabits etc) are perfectly valid measures of information.   
1 bit actually a contraction of Binary digIT, which is what it represents. A byte is 8 bits. Always.
Nope, they are often used for transfer rates (in Kbits/sec, MBits/sec or GBits/sec usually), but bits (and kilobits, megabits, gigabits etc) are perfectly valid measures of information.

1 bit actually a contraction of Binary digIT, which is what it represents. A byte is 8 bits. Always.
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User avatar #50 - durkadurka (01/16/2013) [-]
You'd have to essentially remake all of the previous games. The programming and graphics engine would have to be consistent. It would have to significant increase the sizes of the earlier games, assuming updating them is really possible.
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