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#240 - finnini (01/04/2013) [-]
MFW someone with a gun gets beat by someone with a chair.
User avatar #230 - theelderscrolls (01/04/2013) [-]
We dont really need it.
#164 - cptfox (01/04/2013) [+] (1 reply)
i think you would need to have mental checks every so often if you have a assault rifle. but i think they should keep regular rifles hunting rifles and pistols and should make sure a someone is in the right mind when buying a assault rifle and owning it to make sure they don't go some what crazed. also i think they should have yearly check ups for people with weapons. that is my opinion but i don't think they should outright ban all of them. i just think mental health check up for people who have high fire power would help reduce shootings and even with some of there family to and a requirement to keep it in a safe place like a safe and to have the ammo in a lock box.
User avatar #148 - RageguyFuckyea (01/04/2013) [-]
Allow guns, but not ammo. Boom, problem solved.
User avatar #102 - jokersaysamuseme (01/04/2013) [-]
That is what I call a badass right there
User avatar #97 - BigDoktor (01/04/2013) [-]
it's like skyrim with guns
#88 - hipsophobadon (01/04/2013) [-]
Gun vs Chair, and the chair wins.
Gun vs Chair, and the chair wins.
#80 - pasiusquotum (01/04/2013) [-]
Next thing you know soccer moms are going to be crying to congress about chairs being a dangered weapon, and how most deaths are when you're sitting down anyway.
#75 - jakols (01/04/2013) [-]
muggers face when, man goes into "						******					 Rage Mode"
muggers face when, man goes into " ****** Rage Mode"
User avatar #141 - zakaizer (01/04/2013) [-]
I have no opinion, as Britain won't have guns... Ever. (Minus the occasional crazy farmer down the road with a shotgun)
User avatar #136 - wilddittoappears (01/04/2013) [-]
I like how the guy with the black jacket doesn't even give a **** about what happens next to him.
User avatar #130 - profesoreoak (01/04/2013) [-]
i believe that bullets should cost 5000 dollars so every one would be like i would kill you if i could afford it.jpg
#129 - garagesale **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#101 - kevinhanianthree **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#84 - anonymous (01/04/2013) [+] (2 replies)
As an american I don't feel safe knowing how easy it is to get a firearm. And I don't want to have to walk around with a gun to be safe. That's like living in the middle east where people are always at war and have to fight for their lives.
I agree with heavily regulating guns.
#35 - vinnybonboot **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#23 - anonymous (01/04/2013) [-]
You do know that this footage is from the UK?
It turned out not to be a real gun.
User avatar #10 - acar (01/04/2013) [+] (2 replies)
It's not guns control we need to discuss, it's mental health and people just not behaving correctly around guns. Reasons that Sandyhook took place is because the person that did the shooting was bipolar and had other mental issues.
#6 - anonymous (01/03/2013) [+] (2 replies)
I rather have the situation where everybody has guns than let the criminals have them with no way to defend yourself. I live in a Texas port town called Laredo. It is a nice place,but there is a lot of people who do not abide by the law here. Most of the criminal activity in media is car thefts and drug busts. I have met a fair share of people, and some of it isn't pretty at all. Some of the "bad people" I have met are nice, but they do whatever "BOSS" says or whoever is in charge. A friend of mine was walking in the street at night after returning from a gym whom his house was a couple of blocks away. The guy mugged him with a gun and shot him afterwords. Glad to say my friend lived, but has to go to one of the medical centers to do muscle recuperation.
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