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User avatar #100138 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
evolution is a fact
#100145 to #100138 - dijonmustardgas (01/29/2015) [-]
5 likes say you can't even explain the current evolutionary theories without using wikipedia
User avatar #100177 to #100145 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
evolution is realy easy to understand
#100181 to #100177 - dijonmustardgas (01/29/2015) [-]
Is it now? because it took me one course in genetics, one in devellopmental biology, one in evolutionary biology and a course in biochemical thermodynamics to actually understand how the mechanisms of evolution work
User avatar #100183 to #100181 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
really? survival of the fittest, mutations, natural selection, the passing on of new traits that would benefit the species? that's hard to understand?
#100184 to #100183 - dijonmustardgas (01/29/2015) [-]
yea, to fully understand what evolution contains and what chemical processes it follows is really hard
throwing a few buzzwords with scientific connotations to them around, is not, and sadly for you, it doesn't make you look smart
User avatar #100187 to #100184 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
It's like you're trying to prove that it's not easy enough for the common person to understand, passing on to these creationisms that "its too hard for me to understand so ill stick with god"
You don't need to take college courses to understand that DNA replications can be mutated, like a printed copy of a picture having a glitch in the printed process, and over long periods of time those mutations eventually add up to become a definitive trait
User avatar #100185 to #100184 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
i didn't know "mutations" was a scientific term, it's pretty easy to understand that. Also I'm not sure what you're trying to prove here. That you need to take 3 years of courses to be able to say it's a fact?
#100186 to #100185 - dijonmustardgas (01/29/2015) [-]
I would say the process of DNA replication and the enzymology involved is rather scientific, yes,
and indeed, I would dare to claim that if you just parrot what scientists are telling you (or what the media reports about science at least, which is even worse), you cannot claim to be stating a fact, hearsay at most
If you believe that by putting on a lab coat, you cannot lie or be wrong, I severly pity you and those around you
User avatar #100207 to #100186 - christmouth ONLINE (01/29/2015) [-]
I don't think that you need to know and understand every single mechanic to understand the gist of evolution. It's principles are fairly comprehensible
User avatar #100188 to #100186 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
What the fuck is your problem? Don't you repeat everything you learn? I don't understand what you're trying to get at? I completely understandeverything that's taught to me so what's the difference whether I heard it explained with "terms", I can't use them because... why? I didn't go to college to learn them? God you are a pretentious fuckwad.
#100189 to #100188 - dijonmustardgas (01/29/2015) [-]
people like you are my problem.
Cunts that come in, trying to speak down on people using buzzwords they barely understand to make themselves feel better. And no, you're not trying to 'help' anyone, since that would involve more than posting 'evolution is a fact', because, fuckwit:

- it is not a fact, it is a theory, unless you happen to have a file laying around in your euphoric lair that contains the genomic data and the changes it underwent in the past x million years. We can support the theory with other, similar processes we observe today which may have been applied to our own species
- Several churches (including the Roman Catholic one) have already stated that evolution is a viable theory in the 1950's, which makes your gloating a bit out of date
- wether you believe vanity is a sin or not, it still makes you look like a fucking cunt
User avatar #100190 to #100189 - kattr (01/29/2015) [-]
that's enough. i don't need to explain to some asshole on the internet what i understand what what I don't. I obviously don't understand the why or how of gene mutation as richard dawkins does, but I do understand that it does happen and it does prove evolution. Noe people. Fuck off.
User avatar #100137 - NekustaII ONLINE (01/29/2015) [-]
Can someone send me the video of a terrorist that is about to kill a man with a chainsaw but ends up cutting a log?
#100131 - anonymous (01/29/2015) [-]
Argentina is white! Argentina is white!
User avatar #100156 to #100114 - fuckyouthatswhy (01/29/2015) [-]
2 million dead!!! another SHOAH! goyim remember!
User avatar #100134 to #100114 - cleverguy (01/29/2015) [-]
why do you have to relate everything to the holocaust?
User avatar #100141 to #100134 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/29/2015) [-]
goy plz
User avatar #100092 - dancininseptember (01/28/2015) [-]
are there any girls on this board that want to share nudes
add me on snapchat
#100100 to #100092 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
i got some guys who would behead you instead
#100103 to #100100 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
I really hope this is real.
User avatar #100104 to #100103 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
ISIS have sense of humor too

#100105 to #100104 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
I really hope an actual ISIS soldier posted that smug pepe pic.
User avatar #100241 to #100105 - teoberry (01/30/2015) [-]
iirc that guy's never actually seen combat but he's part of the caliphate
User avatar #100085 - nimba (01/27/2015) [-]
Do humans have free will?
User avatar #100106 to #100085 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Very unlikely.
User avatar #100107 to #100106 - nimba (01/28/2015) [-]
What's the probability?
User avatar #100108 to #100107 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Well there isn't a calculable probability for it really, it's just it'd mean quite a bit of science is wrong, or was a very bizarre exception. If I had to put odds on it I'd say sub 1% though.
#100110 to #100108 - whatley has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #100109 to #100108 - nimba (01/28/2015) [-]
seems a bit arbitrary
User avatar #100111 to #100109 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
How so?
User avatar #100112 to #100111 - nimba (01/28/2015) [-]
applying a probability to something that has a definite answer like it is determined by a die roll.
User avatar #100113 to #100112 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Oh yes, I agree, it does have a definite answer and there's not actually a probability of it being a certain way, but in our ignorance and lack of information we can assign it the probability of certain things being wrong that we believe.
User avatar #100102 to #100085 - cognosceteipsum (01/28/2015) [-]
Free want. Not free will. We don't get to choose what to want but we get to choose which thing we want to pick
User avatar #100115 to #100102 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Why do you believe that?
User avatar #100124 to #100115 - cognosceteipsum (01/28/2015) [-]
Well, what I mean is that when you're going to pick which chocolate you have free want. Because there's a moment where you can reflect. I'm not very good at arguing these things
User avatar #100125 to #100124 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Can you reconcile this with a deterministic universe?
User avatar #100126 to #100125 - cognosceteipsum (01/28/2015) [-]
Good question!.. I actually took the term from Michael Shermer. I'm not sure.

People say quantum physics give you free will but honestly I doubt it. But I'd say that we still have a little bit more advanced brains to the point of being able to make decisions. I say that's a freedom of some sort
User avatar #100130 to #100126 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
There's non-determinism in quantum physics, but quantum physics and Newtonian physics don't interact like that, basically Schroedinger's cat.

So what you're saying is that as things becomes more complex, determinism stops dictating how it works.
User avatar #100179 to #100130 - cognosceteipsum (01/29/2015) [-]
Yeah of course. But what about the possibility that our universe appeared due to quanitm phenomenon?

No, what I mean is that, even though the choice is predetermined there is still some degree of freedom to what the person is doing. Ultimately the person is steered by the laws of nature when it comes to gravity and his body when it comes to his biological needs. Die mensch kann was er will tun, aber er kann nicht will was er will.
User avatar #100148 to #100130 - cognosceteipsum (01/29/2015) [-]
I though I responded to this.. ill respond later ok?
User avatar #100149 to #100148 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
No problem.
User avatar #100269 to #100149 - cognosceteipsum (01/30/2015) [-]
Did you notice the reply? P-please don't tell me I'm too stupid to respond to
User avatar #100299 to #100269 - whatley (01/31/2015) [-]
Sorry, been a little caught up with stuff.

Can you elaborate on that first point?

Do you agree that the future is predetermined?
User avatar #100308 to #100299 - cognosceteipsum (01/31/2015) [-]

What I mean is, there must've obviously been some intermix of quantum physics on the macro scale and on the micro scale when our universe appeared. Didn't it appear throughquantum fluctuations?

User avatar #100099 to #100085 - schnizel ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
I don't care, I have will and that's all that I need.
User avatar #100098 to #100085 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
idk who made this comment
#100097 to #100085 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
everyone who says no is autistic, there is 100% free will
User avatar #100168 to #100097 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
Newtonian physics being deterministic.
#100169 to #100168 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
what does that have to do with human's free will, you want newton's laws not to apply to you?
User avatar #100171 to #100169 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
Newton's laws do apply to me, and you, and they say that the future is already determined.
#100174 to #100171 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
no they dont
User avatar #100175 to #100174 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
Can you elaborate?
#100176 to #100175 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
you are making the claim that its predetermined
User avatar #100222 to #100176 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
It's morso that you're making the claim that it's not determined, but sure, lets go with that.
#100260 to #100222 - dehumanizer (01/30/2015) [-]
Please show me where exactly in newton's laws is it said that there is no free will?

User avatar #100261 to #100260 - whatley (01/30/2015) [-]
It doesn't state in Newton's laws that there is no free will, but the determinism of the future is a result of those laws being deterministic. There's no wiggle room in them for stochastic events to take place on a Newtonian scale.
#100262 to #100261 - dehumanizer (01/30/2015) [-]
Explain in greater detail how newton's laws are preventing you from acting freely?
User avatar #100263 to #100262 - whatley (01/30/2015) [-]
As a result of Newton's laws the future is already determined and can be predicted. If the future is determined and already set out, then there is no choice due to there being only one possible outcome. If there is no choice, then there is no free will.
#100264 to #100263 - dehumanizer (01/30/2015) [-]
what do you mean by the determination of newtons laws

"Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body."

Because of this quote above there is no free will? are you retarded?
User avatar #100265 to #100264 - whatley (01/30/2015) [-]
Yes, all of Newton's laws are definite and do not have uncertainty on a Newtonian scale, they provide fully determined results,.

Let me put it this way. If you imagine a building being demolished, there's an explosive inside it, that explosive has precise energy and explosive power, when it explodes an incredibly complex series of things happens, the building crumbles, the path of every single chip of the walls is determined and they all fall in a specific way. This is incredibly complex, but it's still fully predictable and calculable, and if someone with the knowledge sat down and examined the building for long enough, and did enough calculations, they could figure out the exact path of every tiny bit of the building that would fall even if it never did fall. People are the same, we're incredibly complex and governed by complex brain reactions, but they are fully calculable and predictable, and our actions are determined, as is the future. With this, there can be no free will.
#100266 to #100265 - dehumanizer (01/30/2015) [-]
Except that doesent mean there is no free will. You can choose weather to place a bomb and where to place it, what charge, type etc. YOU ARE FREE.

Have you even tested your own crazy theory? Build two indentical buildings, then blow them up at the same time with the same type of explosive and if both rubble piles are the same then you are right.
User avatar #100300 to #100266 - whatley (01/31/2015) [-]
That's your claim, and you've already conceded that you can't prove it.

It's not a crazy theory, it's basic physics, every force has exerts an equal and opposite force. From this you can calculate the initial forces and energies in play and predict exactly the outcome.
#100304 to #100300 - dehumanizer (01/31/2015) [-]
whoa yes i can thank you very much, just give me sombe buildings to bomb

no you cant make such calculations and even if you could that DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NO FREE WILL
User avatar #100116 to #100097 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Can you prove that?
#100117 to #100116 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
dont like my opinion? dont reply, or reply regardles, you have a choice in action

proove to me there is no free will
User avatar #100118 to #100117 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
You need to prove that, both things cannot occur so it could well be that you only ever had one option and took that one, even if it appeared that there were others.

Okay, all Newtonian level (Stuff bigger than atoms) interactions has been shown to be hard deterministic, meaning that actions are predetermined. If actions are predetermined then there cannot be choice, and as a result, no free will. To say that there is free will you need to refute this.
#100119 to #100118 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
> thats such a cop

>so laws of phyisics mean there is no free will? great b8 m8
User avatar #100120 to #100119 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
It's a fact.

Well, yes. Science generally overrides philosophy when they meet, hence the relegation of modern philosophy to be mainly the philosophy of ethics. Could you suggest a reason that would imply that that piece of science may be wrong, because it's very well agreed upon?
#100121 to #100120 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]

no dont change the subject, we are talking about freedom of choice
User avatar #100123 to #100121 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
All you're proving by saying "dont like my opinion? dont reply, or reply regardles, you have a choice in action" is that there are two things that could happen according to our current knowledge, but we don't know which despite there being an already determined outcome.

Yes, and it can be scientifically proven that choice cannot exist, so it's fully relevant.
#100128 to #100123 - dehumanizer (01/28/2015) [-]
not really you will act like a prick regardless, if i pic option A you will say it was because I was determined to pic option A but if I pick option B you will say i did it becuase its preditermined to pic option B etc, this is why its very autistic to think free will doesent exist, go back to reddit
#100139 to #100128 - anonymous (01/29/2015) [-]
>the most autistic user on fj calls something autistic
Projection maybe?
User avatar #100147 to #100139 - cognosceteipsum (01/29/2015) [-]
He's great at that.
User avatar #100129 to #100128 - whatley (01/28/2015) [-]
Can you refute what I'm saying scientifically?
#100152 to #100129 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
can you do the same?
User avatar #100157 to #100152 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
I can fully refute what you're saying, yes.
#100158 to #100157 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
not without falling for the same old fallacies
User avatar #100161 to #100160 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
I'm not saying that, I'm saying that scientifically, Newtonian mechanics is deterministic. Can you provide any counterpoint or evidence to the contrary?
#100162 to #100161 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
do newton's laws apply to your thoughts?
User avatar #100163 to #100162 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
Yes, the electrodes that result in thoughts are not small enough to be governened by quantum and stochastic laws.
#100164 to #100163 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
so your definition of free will is to be able to break the laws of phyisics and turn stuff to gold using your dick if you wanted to?
User avatar #100165 to #100164 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
I'm saying that your definition of free will breaks some very significant and proven science we currently know.
#100166 to #100165 - dehumanizer (01/29/2015) [-]
like what?
User avatar #100159 to #100158 - whatley (01/29/2015) [-]
Alright, please point out the fallacy that I'm making then in saying that Newtonian mechanics is deterministic.
User avatar #100095 to #100085 - ribocoon ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #100087 to #100085 - fuckyouthatswhy (01/27/2015) [-]
if we don't at least we have the illusion of free will, which is nice imho
#100082 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Even ISIS dislike Anime
User avatar #100083 to #100082 - fuckyouthatswhy (01/27/2015) [-]
Flamesofwar33 is isis?
#100081 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Chosen people will defend this.
いいね!イスラエル〜咲と典子の姉妹旅行〜 Vol.1 Chosen people will defend this.
User avatar #100080 - ecomp (01/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #100059 - darealsnooki ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Joel Olsteen is that TV preacher that is universal; even if you're not one of religion, you have to admit, he is such a good guy. He gets millions for what he does, but lives as a regular preacher and person.

He also encourages positivity.

Anyone tha is authentically here for religion want to discuss what else he does?
User avatar #100093 to #100059 - Cambro (01/28/2015) [-]
I strongly dislike Joel Olsteen because of his preaching of "Prosperity Gospel," the idea that if you love God and be good, good things will happen to you. This is wrong and goes flat in the face of what the Bible actually teaches. His popularity has much more to do with his feel good message than being a good preacher or knowing what he is talking about. And doing things with money does not mean as much to me as actually doing something service wise.
User avatar #100023 - cleverguy (01/26/2015) [-]
trying to start a genuine philosophical conversation

what are your thoughts on the concept of ownership?

how do you get to own something? what does it mean to own something? is it possible to own anything?

when it can be argued that you only have the body that youre in by chance, how can you say you can use your body to earn the rights to anything? do you even own your own body?
#100122 to #100023 - radiserne (01/28/2015) [-]
My mind, in essence what is me, controls my body. With my mind I take ownership of my body. You own something when its in your possession and you lay claim to it. You lose that ownership when someone takes it from you. I believe that anyone can own anything that's tangible, such as a body. The only thing that can only be owned by one person is the mind.
User avatar #100086 to #100023 - nimba (01/27/2015) [-]
You're assuming a dichotomy between flesh and mind, when one is an illusion created by the other.
User avatar #100088 to #100086 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
so you're saying the abstract concept of a mind doesn't exist? im not sure if that's entirely relevant
User avatar #100071 to #100023 - midnighteyes (01/27/2015) [-]
We own nothing, because ownership demands permanence.
Nothing is permanent, not our wealth, our possessions, our relationships, our bodies, nothing. Our bodies are just the imputations of our minds, so really we can't own those to begin with.
User avatar #100060 to #100023 - Cambro (01/27/2015) [-]
Ownership, I believe, is a societal construction. Something is yours by some sort of understanding or contract, and it is merely verbal. There are no metaphysics involved.

As far as ownership of a body goes, I would argue that you don't "own" your body, you are your body. And you (your body included) comes with certain rights, mainly to be treated as an end and never a mean. Someone doing things to your body isn't an issue of ownership, it is an issue of rights.
#100079 to #100060 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
Immanuel Kkant
User avatar #100090 to #100079 - Cambro (01/28/2015) [-]
Yep, and a bit of Aristotle
User avatar #100068 to #100060 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
the reason i brought up ownership of the body is because it is relevant to philosophical debate about things like suicide and prostitution or maybe even any kind of manual labor if you want to take it that far. basically, are those things ethical?
User avatar #100091 to #100068 - Cambro (01/28/2015) [-]
The body is not a commodity, it is a person. So ethics applies like it would for people: is the person treating themself as a means or an end? Ethical questions hinge there
User avatar #100133 to #100091 - cleverguy (01/29/2015) [-]
but do those rules apply if the person is doing it to themselves? is it even possible for a person to treat themselves as a means?
User avatar #100061 to #100016 - Cambro (01/27/2015) [-]
There is a more modern version of this argument aimed specifically at naturalism.

If we naturalism is true, humans evolved thinking as a byproduct of survival. Survival happens through natural selection in a certain environment with certain surrounding organisms. Thinking, then, is an entirely inductive affair instead of deductive. That is, we believe something works this way because we have observed it to work that. All of our thinking, as a consequence, happens in the bubble of our evolution and that evolution's environment. Therefore, we have no reason to believe our reason actually works as a guide to truth, but reason is only a guide to survival. For we can see examples of when it may be helpful to not believe the truth. For example, it may be helpful for a rat to believe cats are poisonous if it keeps them away from cats, even though cats are not in fact poisonous. Reason works only toward survival, not truth finding.

User avatar #100063 to #100061 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
interesting but the argument in the photo is a paradox anyway since he's using logical thought to argue that logical thought is wrong
User avatar #100089 to #100063 - Cambro (01/28/2015) [-]
No, no. Not at all. He is arguing that if thought arose out of naturalism then we would have no reason to trust logical thought. Thought, he is arguing, is only possible with a theist belief set (which he has).
User avatar #100132 to #100089 - cleverguy (01/29/2015) [-]
but that's not a good reason not to trust logical thought
User avatar #100022 to #100016 - cleverguy (01/26/2015) [-]
except thats not how thinking works
#100027 to #100022 - dehumanizer (01/26/2015) [-]
go ahead, educate us
#100034 to #100030 - dehumanizer (01/26/2015) [-]
but how can you trust it to be true and flawless?
User avatar #100037 to #100034 - cleverguy (01/26/2015) [-]
who said thought was flawless?
#100038 to #100037 - dehumanizer (01/26/2015) [-]
then how can you trust this notion is real?
User avatar #100049 to #100038 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
im not sure what you mean
#100062 to #100049 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
how do you know your sences dont decive you
User avatar #100064 to #100062 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
i can't know that
#100065 to #100064 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
then why do you trust how can you trust your atheisms?
User avatar #100067 to #100065 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
i have to assume my senses are telling me the truth
#100069 to #100067 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
that doesent cut it, you might aswell assume God exists but you just dont want to do that
User avatar #100070 to #100069 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
since my senses are the only way i can experience the world, it's safer to assume they're right and base my actions and knowledge around them than assuming they're wrong and basing my actions and knowledge around that
User avatar #100073 to #100072 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
#100074 to #100073 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
But your base of assumption is wrong.
User avatar #100075 to #100074 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
still not cherrypicking, but how so?
#100076 to #100075 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
But you are. You assume there is no God when the same assumtion is needed to belive in God. You just dont belive because you secretly dont want to.
User avatar #100077 to #100076 - cleverguy (01/27/2015) [-]
no, my assumption about my senses has nothing to do with the existence of God

my senses being wrong wouldnt mean God exists just like my senses being right dont automatically mean God doesn't exist. they are independent things
#100078 to #100077 - dehumanizer (01/27/2015) [-]
we're getting off point
#100015 - Conquistador (01/26/2015) [-]

Pick juan.
User avatar #100096 to #100015 - ribocoon ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
8/8 b8 m8
User avatar #100054 to #100015 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
What does this have to do with religion
User avatar #100135 to #100054 - Conquistador (01/29/2015) [-]
Says so in the title.
#100013 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I am proud to be a son of my great father. i met allot of people in the condolence and never met someone hated him. everyone loved my father. i met allot master of tribes and cities praising the work of my father.  they all tolled me my father is a gentleman and I inherited it from him.   
Now he is in Allah hand. in a place where he is in the shoulder of my beloved grandmother and my grandfather who i never had a chance to see him. I am named after my grandfather by my own grandmother. raised by her gentle heart and compassion.   
I met men today more than who i met in my work time since last year. without them me and my family would be lost. and they are all now my grandfather, Father, Uncle, Brothers and nephew.   
all i hope and pray is mercy for all the dead. for everyone without any exception.
I am proud to be a son of my great father. i met allot of people in the condolence and never met someone hated him. everyone loved my father. i met allot master of tribes and cities praising the work of my father. they all tolled me my father is a gentleman and I inherited it from him.

Now he is in Allah hand. in a place where he is in the shoulder of my beloved grandmother and my grandfather who i never had a chance to see him. I am named after my grandfather by my own grandmother. raised by her gentle heart and compassion.

I met men today more than who i met in my work time since last year. without them me and my family would be lost. and they are all now my grandfather, Father, Uncle, Brothers and nephew.

all i hope and pray is mercy for all the dead. for everyone without any exception.
#100017 to #100013 - dehumanizer (01/26/2015) [-]
dude, you know that gif is Spurdo, right?
User avatar #100024 to #100017 - cognosceteipsum (01/26/2015) [-]
no, it's spede pasanen.
but close enoughg
#100018 to #100017 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
going to /int/ too much
#100000 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Quintuplets and whatley becomes king of /religion/
#99964 - kingalaric ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
**kingalaric used "*roll picture*"**
**kingalaric rolled image**

Why is it when someone says they are currently undecided on what they think of god and have no current opinion, atheists try and get them to call themselves atheists. Do they not understand that the person says they have no opinion. They are trying to make up their mind and your punk ass is only trying to shove your fucking opinion down their throat. I am an agnostic, and I am purely neutral at the moment. I never said I don't believe god, but I never said I haven't either. I am still trying to make up my mind. What are your guys' thoughts?
User avatar #100011 to #99964 - ribocoon ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Because atheists come to your door and leave pamphlets and put mein fedora in every hotel room and pave the highways with signs about there not being a god and sing songs about there being no god on half of every sunday morning TV timeslot
User avatar #99993 to #99964 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
Because if you are undecided on something, that implies you do not belief in a higher power, that's what atheism is.
User avatar #100009 to #99993 - teoragnar (01/25/2015) [-]
That depends solely on the definition and form of "atheism".
User avatar #100010 to #100009 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
I'm using the generally accepted version of atheism that is along the lines of "I do not believe in deities or higher powers".
User avatar #99995 to #99993 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
being undecided implies that a higher power isn't out of the question though, which is called being agnostic, right? or is agnostic belief in a higher power but with no guidelines as to what that power is or how his/her/it's system is supposed to behave.
User avatar #100001 to #99995 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
Regardless of whether it is or isn't out of the question, the fact of it is is that if you're undecided then you don't currently believe, and not believing is atheism.

Agnosticism is generally a position of knowledge, not a position of believe, from the root word gnostos in Greek, meaning "known". Being gnostic in a regard means you know something, while agnostic means you do not know something. Hence both an athiest and theist can be agnostic or gnostic, an agnostic atheist not being sure there is no God, a gnostic atheist knowing there is no God, an agnostic theist not being sure if there is a God, and a gnostic theist knowing there is a God.
User avatar #100002 to #100001 - kingalaric ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
But I am not totally apathetic to a belief in god. I actually have my own speculation of what god is, and I am just deciding in whether or not I think it is true. I am not an atheist because I do not disbelieve in god completely, and am not a lack of faith. I am currently in between because I am still undecided. If I said I didn't believe god, that would be just as untrue as saying I did.
User avatar #100003 to #100002 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
You either think something is true, or you do not think it is true, there is no in-between, you might be wrong, or your beliefs or lack of beliefs may be unfounded, but the fact of it is if you are not currently in a state of belief in God, then you do not believe in God, that's tautology.
User avatar #100004 to #100003 - kingalaric ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I am not saying there is not in between. I am saying that I don't want people to label me when I am still pondering what the answer is.
I am frustrated because atheists seem so quick to call me an atheist when I am not. I honestly am leaning towards the idea of god existing, but not quite to the point to which I would say I totally believe in god. If you are in a state of having no opinion then you are not an atheist, you are a skeptic. Atheism is the lack of belief, which I do not have. I am just trying to make up my mind, and I do not appreciate people trying to do it for me.
User avatar #100006 to #100004 - kingalaric ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
My bad for a lack of a better word. I did not mean to say skeptic, more like neutral. You currently haven't picked a side, although on this topic it would be inappropriate to stay neutral forever.
User avatar #100005 to #100004 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
"If you are in a state of having no opinion then you are not an atheist"
"Atheism is the lack of belief"
It's a clear cut fact that if you have no opinion then you certainly do not believe. You might be frustrated and not like it but that doesn't make it false.
User avatar #100007 to #100005 - kingalaric ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
No. That is like when someone asks you if you want something and you said that you are still thinking about it, and they automatically think it is a no. I am not completely apathetic towards the idea of a god. I am just trying to decide. Therefore, it would be extremely great if people stopped telling me what I am, and let me make up my mind.
User avatar #100008 to #100007 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
In the context of beliefs, you either do belief or you do not, believing is a positive state, whereas not believing is a non-positive state. You must exist in one of these two states, you exist in one of these two states for literally every hypothetical belief that exists, being in the default, non-belief state for almost all of them. You cannot not believe but also not not believe, that's illogical.

What you're thinking about and considering right now is if you're going to change states from the neutral state to the positive state of belief, that does not mean you do not exist in the neutral state of belief however.
User avatar #99958 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/24/2015) [-]
Today i buried my father. and there was allot of people like 70+ attended the funeral. me and some bros in religion buried him in the ground.

now he is in the mercy of god. his death was a rest for his painful life. that is enough for him now. it is my time to take care of his work.

you guys, are the best bros i had in the internet.
User avatar #100014 to #99958 - marinepenguin (01/26/2015) [-]
I came out of exile to say that I'm truly sorry that you have lost your father. I wish you the best in these trying times.
User avatar #99996 to #99958 - garymotherfingoak ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Sorry for your loss man. what do you mean by take care of his work though?
User avatar #100012 to #99996 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
to take care of my family. im the oldest and i have 5 siblings. all his work now it is in my hand.

it is my greatest honor to hold it. im going to be the best leader of this family.
User avatar #99994 to #99958 - whatley (01/25/2015) [-]
I'm sorry for your loss, time will heal all wounds.
User avatar #99992 to #99958 - cognosceteipsum (01/25/2015) [-]
You are pretty cool too, Omar.
User avatar #99991 to #99958 - satoshileex (01/25/2015) [-]
Sorry for your loss man. I hope you and your family stay well.
User avatar #99976 to #99958 - theshadowed (01/25/2015) [-]
It doesn't matter if we have disagreed with the past, you have my full condolences
#99972 to #99958 - ecomp (01/25/2015) [-]
Stay well, losing a family member is a painful experience.
I know little about the Quran, but I tried to find something to aid your healing. I am sorry if this offers little help, but I wish to do what I can.
User avatar #99973 to #99972 - syrianassassin ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
thanks bro
#99961 to #99958 - youregaylol (01/25/2015) [-]
isn't there some rule about how you have to toss muslims into the sea
User avatar #99971 to #99961 - ecomp (01/25/2015) [-]
No, that was done with Osama Bin Laden's Body to keep cult worshippers no place to gather.
#99978 to #99971 - youregaylol (01/25/2015) [-]
oh, i guess that makes sense considering the whole desert people thing
User avatar #99959 to #99958 - teoberry (01/24/2015) [-]
shit man, sorry for your loss
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