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#208 - bluegmc (12/11/2012) [-]
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User avatar #207 - DJSeth (12/11/2012) [-]
Cigs must affect some more than others , i was a smoker for 7 months and i just decided to stop , right now , right above me i have 2 packs which i will not smoke and i dont feel like **** .

its been 1 month , so its all in peoples mind
#237 to #207 - John Cena (12/11/2012) [-]
It's not just in your mind. It's just harder for some than it is for others, and it's definitely harder for the ones that have been smoking their entire life. Your body is so used to having nicotine, that when you stop having it, it craves it. Addiction.
User avatar #209 to #207 - NiceMelons (12/11/2012) [-]
You're unlikely to build up that much of an addiction in seven months, try seven years, then it gets hard...

So to speak...
User avatar #211 to #209 - DJSeth (12/11/2012) [-]
Do anything for seven years and just stop and it will be harsh , but the addicting thing of cigs is nicotine , that "as i am told" gets you after the first 2 weeks or so.

and i was a daily smoker , 6-10 a day
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User avatar #212 to #211 - NiceMelons (12/11/2012) [-]
Sorry if I sounded a bit aggressive there, reading back it was a bit sharp, been up all night :)

But anyway yeah, when I was in college I smoked for a few months, quit with no problems, started up again when I got to uni, and that was nearly twenty years ago. But like you say, it affects different people in different ways.
User avatar #213 to #212 - DJSeth (12/11/2012) [-]
Nah didn't sound aggressive at all.

But yeah , i have seen that pattern, some of us can stop easy , others are definitely hooked , get rest bro , i doubt we will get any more info out of this convo , we have both fallen into similar ground.

User avatar #206 - razerblazer (12/11/2012) [-]
**razerblazer rolled user tempaccountfuku ** my new name since my name is dan and i smoke
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User avatar #201 - demonatatoo (12/11/2012) [-]
Hi, this is Dan.
#199 - hungryforwords (12/11/2012) [-]
Gettin reeaaaaal tired of your **** Dan....
User avatar #198 - niggerlips (12/11/2012) [-]
quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do, ive done it like a thousand times
User avatar #194 - bluejupiter (12/11/2012) [-]
My mom quit smoking... She was an even bigger bitch then she already was...
#193 - phanact (12/11/2012) [-]

#190 - bdowns (12/11/2012) [-]
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#189 - saygoodnight (12/11/2012) [-]
MFW I dip.
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User avatar #186 - mexicanfood (12/11/2012) [-]
u need to smoke weed fgt, u dumb for usin tobacco, lol. mabee if u got high you wouldnt need cigs, lol idiot.
User avatar #210 to #186 - hitlersoneballsack (12/11/2012) [-]
I snort all the marijuanas in the world, am I as cool as you?
#200 to #186 - FuckYourSofa (12/11/2012) [-]
Please stop. You're making everybody who smokes weed look bad.
#187 to #186 - fordun (12/11/2012) [-]
I can tell by your grammar you must be a fairly intelligent and educated human being and life long scholar.
#185 - freight (12/11/2012) [-]
wanna hear fjs opinions. is it dumb to just not start smoking at all
wanna hear fjs opinions. is it dumb to just not start smoking at all
User avatar #218 to #185 - lilmoka (12/11/2012) [-]
No.. I would say its smart.
#181 - caplocker (12/11/2012) [-]
I smoked for 17 years and quit in March. The worst part is the reward system. " **** yeah, smoke free for a week, I deserve a reward, a cigarette would be... wait a minute"

BUT all these months later, it's the best thing I could do. I can smell, taste and run so much better. cycling is a joy now and getting up and down the stairs in a hurry doesn't wind me. Keep up the good work, and don't cave. In a few weeks you'll feel so much better, and have a lot more money in your pocket. So far my wife and I have saved 12,340.00 in cigarettes and medical bills. I've not had a cold or the flu since i quit. horray. do it!
#182 to #181 - caplocker (12/11/2012) [-]
I should add I used Welbutrin at 150mg to quit. that and gum, the gum was ****** to quit too, but I only used it a month. So smoke free since march and nicotine free since april.
User avatar #179 - nerfulator (12/11/2012) [-]
My girlfriend and I quit smoking about 8 months ago, I had smoked for almost 8 years. Surprisingly, quitting smoking was the easiest thing. I tried SO many times and failed. Tried once more and never have even yet wanted a smoke.
User avatar #175 - pppppppppppppppppo (12/11/2012) [-]
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#196 to #175 - raigen (12/11/2012) [-]
Weegee? Really? thats like... 2008
User avatar #205 to #196 - weniscake (12/11/2012) [-]
Everything is weegee
User avatar #172 - chazwregman (12/11/2012) [-]
Ehh..I live in a rural, redneck area.

I do chewing tobacco...Its a gross habit, but i live in a house full of smokers, it was bound to happen.
User avatar #165 - makethingsworse (12/11/2012) [-]
OP wants to stop smoking? Why? You want to live or something?
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