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#25 - netic (12/08/2012) [-]
I actually thnik it's kind of cool :)
#24 - mrloki (12/08/2012) [-]
**mrloki rolled a random image posted in comment #70 at truth hurts ** those are great names !! just a shame I don't believe you
User avatar #21 - sketchE (12/08/2012) [-]
peregrin? thats a ******* awesome name
User avatar #20 - kumimono (12/08/2012) [-]
Those are actually pretty cool names.
User avatar #14 - commontroll ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
Oh please. I just finished watching Return of the King for one of the many times. Merry and Pippen are just awesome. They both have so much courage and valor, even though they're mere hobbits.
#16 to #14 - mr skeltal (12/08/2012) [-]
downloading extended movies this morning marathon watching them now 9+ hours of goodness
#51 to #16 - festom (12/08/2012) [-]
Just finished a Lotr Marathon the movies only last for bit over 11 hours. Have fun
User avatar #32 to #16 - fgtometer (12/08/2012) [-]
Did that before. Get HD and the best monitor and speakers you can find. And a ******** of food. It's so ******* epic man you have no idea. Enjoy that **** . And yeah it's 11+ hours, maybe 13. You're gonna need a few breaks
User avatar #18 to #16 - commontroll ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
All three is more like 11 hours I'm pretty sure. My friends had a 12-12 Marathon of the movies today.
User avatar #15 to #14 - leojxxitenah (12/08/2012) [-]
I as well just watched Return of the King tonight at my school's lecture theatre... it was marvellous!
User avatar #13 - ajperry (12/08/2012) [-]
I just finished watching LOTR.
User avatar #11 - invisibleninjadude (12/08/2012) [-]
If I ever were to get twin boys, their names would be Meriadoc & Peregrin or Fred & George
#9 - phanact (12/08/2012) [-]
#8 - goosbee **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#6 - tokitheviking (12/08/2012) [-]
I always hate it when people get pissed because you didn't name your kids something like "Frank" or "Madison". There's already a million goddamned Franks and Madisons, it's interesting coming across a kid with a name like Peregrin Took.
I think people should be more creative when coming up with a name for their newborn sons and daughters, even if it sounds different and some people might not know how to spell it or think you named them after the wrong person/animal/fictional character, it's still really neat in my opinion when someone comes up with a unique and (for the most part) original name for their kids.
User avatar #116 to #6 - phatboi (12/08/2012) [-]
Its all fun and games until lequandeshinifta walks in..
User avatar #267 to #116 - tokitheviking (12/09/2012) [-]
I was going to include it in my comment but thought no one would mention it.

I did not mean ghetto names.
User avatar #55 to #6 - daentraya (12/08/2012) [-]
I wish i could change my name to Entraya. It's my name more than anyone else. Its more me than my real name. What do you think of that name? And Enya? Artemis? Arya.. So many names..
User avatar #269 to #55 - tokitheviking (12/09/2012) [-]
I like that name.
The only thing I like about my name is that it's Scandinavian.
User avatar #271 to #269 - daentraya (12/09/2012) [-]
I'm not that happy for Skandinavian names. Mathilde sounds rather retarded in english
User avatar #272 to #271 - tokitheviking (12/09/2012) [-]
My name is Kristin, it's not so bad. Just plain.
#23 to #6 - kneehumper ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
The kids will probably think it's really neat too, while they get their teeth smashed out by bullies.
User avatar #266 to #23 - tokitheviking (12/09/2012) [-]
My name is Kristin Amber Feyden. I was harassed by bullies in school despite having a plain name.
School bullies will bother most kids even if they don't have a weird name.
User avatar #33 to #23 - fgtometer (12/08/2012) [-]
>Implying that everyone doesn't get picked on by bullies regardless of their name
User avatar #54 to #33 - kneehumper ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
I didn't say it's the one and only reason to get picked on, but if you're called Princeton Bananaburger II you're probably going to have a hard time
User avatar #57 to #54 - fgtometer (12/08/2012) [-]
Yeah but Merry and Pippin aren't that bad. Not like being called ********* or something
#59 to #57 - kneehumper ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
I never said Merry and Pippin was bad names, but tokitheviking said that people should be more creative and come up unique names for their children, and I think that can backfire pretty bad.
User avatar #134 to #59 - fgtometer (12/08/2012) [-]
Oh okay! I thought you meant these ones specifically. Yeah there's some ridiculous ones. Like ******* Hashtag. Hashtag. HASHTAG. (Sorry, I need to repeat it a few times to believe that it's true).
User avatar #22 to #6 - azraelthemage ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
A friend of mine named her daughter Joella Lane. That different enough for ya?
User avatar #19 to #6 - graphically (12/08/2012) [-]
Someone from ponychan made a thread letting other people to decide the name of their newborn child. We ended up seeing a picture of the babies birth certificate with the name "Pinkie Pie" on it.
#7 to #6 - mr skeltal (12/08/2012) [-]
...And when people make fun of your kids for the rest of their lives for being named Peregrin and Meriadoc?
User avatar #127 to #7 - bulbakip (12/08/2012) [-]
"I named you Sue to make you tough"
User avatar #12 to #7 - noamk (12/08/2012) [-]
Meriadoc gets shortened to Mary, which is a damn fine name, even for a boy.
Pippin becomes Pip, which i suppose you could live with, or even have fun with if you live in a western european or britain influenced country (like austrlia, NZ, canada and the u.s.a).
those are some great name, god dammit, and you know it.
User avatar #128 to #12 - bulbakip (12/08/2012) [-]
or perry.
User avatar #141 to #128 - noamk (12/08/2012) [-]
even better.
Perry and Merry aren't all that bad.
i bet your kid would rather be called Meriadoc or Peregrin than Norm or Eugine.
User avatar #143 to #141 - bulbakip (12/08/2012) [-]
#35 to #12 - anaklusmos (12/08/2012) [-]
Peregrin gets shortened to Pippin, which gets shortened to pip. just sayin.
User avatar #17 to #12 - breakfastlunch (12/08/2012) [-]
#5 - bluwizard (12/08/2012) [-]
shoulda named them mike and ike
#3 - Awesomenessniss has deleted their comment [-]
#4 to #3 - mr skeltal (12/08/2012) [-]
#39 to #4 - gonz (12/08/2012) [-]
#120 to #39 - pebar ONLINE (12/08/2012) [-]
here you go
#2 - breakfastlunch (12/08/2012) [-]
Her face when
#10 to #2 - musicaglory (12/08/2012) [-]
His face when.
His face when.
User avatar #1 - mayormilkman (12/08/2012) [-]
It would be cool if they turn out to be midgets with hairy feet, though.
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