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User avatar #119 - riddlerenigma (11/22/2012) [-]
I just read the website.

What exactly do they mean by censoring the internet?
User avatar #126 to #119 - palmtoyourface (11/22/2012) [-]
it means you will no longer have anything to fap to. ANYTHING.
User avatar #129 to #126 - riddlerenigma (11/22/2012) [-]
... is that it? It's called magazines.

Yeah buying them in public might be a problem but that's the only solution.
User avatar #132 to #129 - palmtoyourface (11/22/2012) [-]
it also means that you would see any of the following words on the internet as ****:
the list could go on for DAYS
User avatar #135 to #129 - eight (11/22/2012) [-]
It means they are taking your freedom. Do you really want someone else to have even more control over you? The more freedom they take, the more they will desire and little by littler they will take it until there is nothing left. This has been seen in history countless times. Let us finally take action now.
User avatar #607 to #135 - riddlerenigma (11/23/2012) [-]
forgive me but.

if it's just porn and bleeped out swear words that are being removed I'm not seeing that as a bad thing.

if they are removing websites just because of one person choosing to repost then I will take action.
User avatar #613 to #607 - eight (11/23/2012) [-]
That is where is starts. Next it is facebook and google search itself. Then you can't do anything and the internet it shut off. Then they impede your daily life with more rules and restrictions.
#141 to #119 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
It means ANYTHING with a copyright cannot be uploaded to the internet. **** like Funnyjunk, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.
User avatar #381 - tredbear (11/22/2012) [-]
why did this person delete their account?
#386 to #381 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
its so people wont think there just another thumbwhore
User avatar #400 to #386 - tredbear (11/22/2012) [-]
hey anon, i bet you are the one who posted this.
User avatar #384 to #381 - davvi (11/22/2012) [-]
so people don't thumb him down because they think hes a thumbwhore
User avatar #385 to #384 - tredbear (11/22/2012) [-]
#387 to #381 - blahdudeblah (11/22/2012) [-]
cause they weren't being a thumbwhore.
#578 - illusiveman (11/23/2012) [-]
I feel like in ME.
User avatar #492 - VincentKing ONLINE (11/23/2012) [-]
you know the phillipines brought something similar in a few months ago... lasted 1 month, then they changed it back.
#488 - anonymous (11/23/2012) [-]
It's that time of year again! Oh I hope this ends in low orbitals and **** .
#471 - andypanda (11/23/2012) [-]
**andypanda rolls 04**
User avatar #437 - tigronn (11/22/2012) [-]
we need another petition to hang those bastards
User avatar #407 - mrdavidt (11/22/2012) [-]
the meeting's on my bday.
User avatar #390 - aerosol (11/22/2012) [-]
I don't see why the government doesn't take this opportunity to develop better security methods/technology. It could create new jobs. I'm sure it's easier said than done, but it seems like it would be worth a shot.
User avatar #257 - remsaman (11/22/2012) [-]
"let your voice be heard, sign a petition on the internet"
#244 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
and what is the petition against?
no info on that whatsoever
User avatar #242 - tvogr (11/22/2012) [-]
www.google.com/takeaction/ here you go pheggits
#208 - faggtime (11/22/2012) [-]
**faggtime rolled a random image posted in comment #1678320 at Item Discussion **
#206 - shibaba (11/22/2012) [-]
#204 - funmanigro (11/22/2012) [-]
#199 - futachiblue (11/22/2012) [-]
What if the Government is trying to censor the web so Google won't be able to control the world, and this is how Google will try to counter.
What if the Government is trying to censor the web so Google won't be able to control the world, and this is how Google will try to counter.
#196 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
so, what does this do? record my IP so I can be punished for piracy?
#190 - anonymous (11/22/2012) [-]
Kinda missed the Lamar Smith/faggot/fag word filter.
#112 - raccination (11/22/2012) [-]
First step in taking over a country is disarming the citizens. Second step is...this, sorta.
User avatar #136 to #112 - eight (11/22/2012) [-]
They are trying both in the USA!
#123 - irishlawyer (11/22/2012) [-]
I watched the video on the website, and of course there is no people in China and North Korea connected to the web...
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