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#5 - xxxsonic fanxxx (06/12/2007) [-]
i live in ky too. i think that is absoulty sick. and that isnt in all parts of ky ya know.
#24 - xxxsonic fanxxx (12/27/2007) [-]
I don't get it thats so damn stupid
#18 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/02/2007) [-]
Keep comments like that to yourself people, thats offensive to Kentuckians Like MY ******* SELF!!!!!
#23 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/24/2007) [-]
i dnt get it.....
#22 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/25/2007) [-]
i dont get it
#21 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/12/2007) [-]
what the hell, it doesent even make any sense!
#20 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/09/2007) [-]
I was born in ky and its not all llike that. its such a stupid picture!!!
#25 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2008) [-]
i'd shut off their gas...
#19 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/05/2007) [-]
Dude, thats offensive. We dont make fun of YOUR state, do we?But you have to makes fun of ours.Your just a ******* bitch
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