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#8914855 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]

Post your internet speed
#8914900 to #8914855 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
did i did good
User avatar #8914934 to #8914900 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
Lol, I used to be at 600 kbs so at least you're better than that shit
User avatar #8914863 to #8914855 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
wait where in va are you
User avatar #8914874 to #8914863 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
Not in Virginia, North Carolina. I'm in Ashe county
User avatar #8914882 to #8914874 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
Your ISP is in Blacksburg.
That's 50miles away for me, wireless to a b/g laptop through 2 walls
not bad at all
User avatar #8914893 to #8914882 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
Holy ass why do you even need your internet to be that fast
User avatar #8914902 to #8914893 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
plus its 2:30am so no one else on the apartment complex is probs using it other than a few ppl
User avatar #8914899 to #8914893 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
idk honestly
i dont pay for it
its included in my rent at no extra cost so yea
User avatar #8914929 to #8914899 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
Ahh, you get shit for illegal downloading w/o proxy? I can imagine that having a community wifi router can cause some problems when accessing illegal downloads. My isp could know I download child porn and give me a boost on internet to make my customer satisfaction go up, lol.
User avatar #8914954 to #8914929 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
nah its like
i have my own router but the ip is the same across the complex, not sure why that does that to be honest
but i dont think anything is tracable back to me
and i honestly dont care anyway since i dont get caught when i do it because i dont seed
User avatar #8914967 to #8914954 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
Anyone who seeds is probably one of those guys who would find your wallet and return it too you with extra money in it, so they are a better man than I.
User avatar #8914860 to #8914855 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
good idea, i havent tested this new internet
User avatar #8914865 to #8914860 - mrheisenberg (06/03/2014) [-]
I just got some bomb ass internet. 12 mb a second
#8914836 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
I heard that Wii U sales went up in the UK to 666%

that's pretty good for nintendo
User avatar #8914869 to #8914836 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
With every purchase of Mario Kart 8, you get Wind Waker HD or NSMBU for free for the first month it's out.
User avatar #8914876 to #8914869 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
that's pretty good deal

I'm getting a wii u soon so i might do that
User avatar #8914953 to #8914907 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
ok thanks m8
User avatar #8914947 to #8914901 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
i will for super smash
User avatar #8914886 to #8914876 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
I think you have to register with some site too. Let me find the trailer.
User avatar #8914834 - bumsnaatcher (06/03/2014) [-]
it's bulking season
#8914830 - kingalister (06/03/2014) [-]
Sometimes I think my friends are uncomfortable with my sexuality

They don't say nothing but I can pick up on it

User avatar #8914881 to #8914830 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
Real life sexuality is uncomfortable in general. It has actual consequences.
User avatar #8914890 to #8914881 - kingalister (06/03/2014) [-]
Damn I wish I was straight
User avatar #8914924 to #8914890 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
You can force that gay out like I'm trying
User avatar #8914842 to #8914830 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
Good thing my friends don't know about my ragging faggotry. That'd be a disaster.
#8914824 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
I lied   
I'm not going to sleep.
I lied

I'm not going to sleep.
User avatar #8914808 - fjaddictftw (06/03/2014) [-]
i want to buy drugs but i dont want my boyfriend to see them
User avatar #8914841 to #8914808 - elricbrostwo **User deleted account** (06/03/2014) [-]
remember when you threatened to commit suicide because phanact wouldn't let you smoke weed?
lel, the guy has to practically care for you as a baby
User avatar #8914859 to #8914841 - fjaddictftw (06/03/2014) [-]
i wanted to commit suicide because my life is shit, my job is shit, and nothing improves.
User avatar #8914897 to #8914859 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
Are you working to improve it? It seems like you aren't if you are wanting drugs.
User avatar #8914868 to #8914859 - elricbrostwo **User deleted account** (06/03/2014) [-]
>has a loving partner
>has a car
>has a job
yeah, fuck yourself
User avatar #8914892 to #8914868 - fjaddictftw (06/03/2014) [-]
i dont have a car. i can barely afford my own medical bills and my prozac
User avatar #8914875 to #8914868 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
its my car
User avatar #8914888 to #8914875 - elricbrostwo **User deleted account** (06/03/2014) [-]
toppest kek friend!
User avatar #8914850 to #8914841 - phanact (06/03/2014) [-]
i know
its kinda sad
User avatar #8914833 to #8914808 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
Drugs are bad.

Find a hobby to consume your time instead.
#8914877 to #8914833 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
>not laying back and smoking some crack weed after a long day at school/work.

fucking casual
User avatar #8914891 to #8914877 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
No you are for taking the easy route.
User avatar #8914926 to #8914891 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
how is it the easy route
User avatar #8914950 to #8914926 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
You simply take drugs to "feel good" instead of doing something that will make you feel better for longer. Instead of dealing with the stress of school/work/life you merely put a band aid over it instead of trying to figure out the major issues.
#8915087 to #8914950 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
This is the lecture I'd expect from some ignorant social worker. *sigh*

I don't smoke weed to put a band aid over any of my problems or even escape stress. I'm well aware that drugs will not solve whatever issues I have. I have other methods of dealing with those. I smoke weed because it feels good and it's fun to do with friends. And it's not like it's the only way I can feel good either. It's just something I do on occasion or when I have some extra money. But that's beside the point, what makes your method of 'feeling good' better than mine? Why not to each his own? Some people have hobbies, some people have sex. I smoke weed, amongst other things. So no, I'm not taking the 'easy way' out of anything.
User avatar #8915166 to #8915087 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
You are the one who called me a casual. Way to follow what you said: But that's beside the point, what makes your method of 'feeling good' better than mine? Why not to each his own?

Drugs are bad.

Weed has shown to affect short term memory after years of use. If someone like addi is having mental issues street drugs are not the way to go. It would only make things worse for her.
#8915324 to #8915166 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
My original 'fucking casual' comment was meant as a joke, as most comments on this thread are. Then you told me I was 'taking the easy way out', which is something I'd expect to hear from someone vastly uneducated about weed and why people smoke it. So I jumped at the chance to explain why I was not 'talking the easy way out'.

So are cheeseburgers, candy, and automobiles. You point?

"Studies on cannabis and memory are hindered by small sample sizes, confounding drug use, and other factors. The strongest evidence regarding cannabis and memory focuses on its temporary negative effects on short-term and working memory.

In a 2001 study looking at neuropsychological performance in long-term cannabis users, researchers found "some cognitive deficits appear detectable at least 7 days after heavy cannabis use but appear reversible and related to recent cannabis exposure rather than irreversible and related to cumulative lifetime use"."
So there goes that argument.

And yes I would agree that if you are having mental issues weed probably isn't the best thing for you. But this 'all drugs are horrible and nobody should ever touch them' propaganda that's being hammered into peoples heads is ridiculous. And the 'taking the easy way out' attack is just flat out bullshit.
User avatar #8915444 to #8915324 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
I've known several people who rather buy pot then pay their bills.

There are some benefits of pot, for chronic pain, people who have eating disorders, etc. But Drugs cannot be used as a crutch which is what a large portion of users do. You may use it in a recreational manner but other people may not, hell you may know someone who doesn't. People can become addicted to weed, and are the same people who become easily addicted in other areas as well.

I'm highly against it because my father was addicted to it and caused me and my 3 siblings to enter foster care. He was arrested multiple times in possession of weed and stolen goods. You cannot tell me that it's all good and nothing bad comes from it.
User avatar #8915634 to #8915444 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
I'm defending myself and pot smoking in general. People who don't pay their bills because their money is tied up on other things is a completely different argument.

Ok, I see what you mean. Of course there are people who abuse pot and use it for the wrong reasons. Hell people do that with food. But what I'm seeing is that knowing this is causing you to generalize. Because there are a large number of people whose abuse it, you instantly assume anyone who smokes is using it as 'crutch', as you did with me. So maybe not jump to conclusions about people like me. There are just as many people living happy lives and working stable jobs while smoking pot on the side as there are people not paying their bills because of it.

I never once implied that no bad can come from pot. People will abuse anything that gives them pleasure. What needs to be done is to educate people on not letting pot take over their lives, as opposed to just ruling as an all around bad thing and grouping it with crack and heroine. Your father is an example that, if you're not careful and weary of the dangers, any drug can and WILL fuck you over, as well as your loved ones. Me, many of my friends, and our last 4 presidents are examples that used if in moderation, pot is no more dangerous than coffee and cheeseburgers.

One thing I should point out is that in most scientific studies, weed has proven no more addictive than caffeine. So it's most likely that your father had something that caused him to be more susceptible to the drugs effects. Very rare case.
User avatar #8915677 to #8915634 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
I can't help but generalize and jump to conclusions when I know nothing about you. But yes there should be more education and less "OMG it's bad 4 u"

There are people who have "addicted personalities" and are more easily swayed by things.

And yes I had a bad family experience, as well as dating experiences. I've had no good ones in regards to drugs, weed or not.
User avatar #8915755 to #8915677 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
No, you shouldn't jump to conclusions BECAUSE you know nothing about me. Especially negative generalization like this one. But ohwell, it's no problem now.

That's likely the case with him.

The world can be a much bigger and brighter place when we see things a bit more objectively instead of through the lens of our own negative personal experiences. See the bigger picture. I don't mean to down play any emotions those experiences have caused you though.

I'm glad we could come to somewhat of an understanding.
User avatar #8915771 to #8915755 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
I'm a pretty easy going person. I hold no grudges and let things go easily.

It was nice talking to you and seeing that there is someone out there that isn't reliant on it.
User avatar #8914831 to #8914808 - puffyclouds (06/03/2014) [-]
i want to buy drugs and use them, but i don't want it to show on the blodtest later
#8914825 to #8914808 - DrOhcysp (06/03/2014) [-]

#8914821 to #8914808 - bumsnaatcher (06/03/2014) [-]
i hear phanact is a big fan of weed
User avatar #8914840 to #8914821 - fjaddictftw (06/03/2014) [-]
do you even know how much hes made me flush
User avatar #8914847 to #8914840 - bumsnaatcher (06/03/2014) [-]
you've told me many times
#8914816 to #8914808 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
#8914805 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
Noot noot throod   
Sweet dreams
Noot noot throod

Sweet dreams
#8914800 - bumsnaatcher (06/03/2014) [-]
i will do anything to get my red perma text back
and then i can return to my throne
leading this thread
as your glorious leader
User avatar #8914809 to #8914800 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
post sum OC fagot
User avatar #8914815 to #8914809 - bumsnaatcher (06/03/2014) [-]
already did
but i want perma red again
it's what i had before
until addy removed because of my "trolling"
User avatar #8914804 to #8914800 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
keep trying you'll get it
#8914799 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
**datgrass rolls 3**/11
User avatar #8914794 - soggypancakes (06/03/2014) [-]
The music from that M.S.A. RainbowRound! game is actually pretty sexy and nice to listen to.
#8914790 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
I want to buy a fleshlight    
but i dont want my parents to see it
I want to buy a fleshlight

but i dont want my parents to see it
User avatar #8914839 to #8914790 - DrOhcysp (06/03/2014) [-]
get a gf its better

trust me

im a doctor
User avatar #8914844 to #8914839 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
oh ok


i kno a female or two
User avatar #8914848 to #8914844 - DrOhcysp (06/03/2014) [-]
good start
#8914784 - nibbero (06/03/2014) [-]
**nibbero rolled image**
I'm just a normal guy, BURNIN' DOWN THE HOUSE!
#8914796 to #8914784 - elricbrostwo **User deleted account** (06/03/2014) [-]
#8914781 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
ITT: What do you prefer, balloons or bubble wrap?
User avatar #8914832 to #8914781 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #8914778 - emurater (06/03/2014) [-]
First person to make me giggle wins an internet.
#8914845 to #8914778 - canyou (06/03/2014) [-]
This is cancer
User avatar #8914822 to #8914812 - emurater (06/03/2014) [-]
ok this is winning so far
#8914797 to #8914778 - takeaseat (06/03/2014) [-]
nig whut
nig whut
User avatar #8914820 to #8914797 - emurater (06/03/2014) [-]
i smiled
#8914837 to #8914820 - takeaseat (06/03/2014) [-]
ur difficult
ur difficult
User avatar #8914791 to #8914787 - emurater (06/03/2014) [-]
i saw did yisterday
User avatar #8914785 to #8914778 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
Why do I want an internet?
User avatar #8914803 to #8914795 - elricbrostwo **User deleted account** (06/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #8914801 to #8914795 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
No, serious.

Why do I want an internet?
#8914813 to #8914801 - emurater (06/03/2014) [-]
to buy awesome things
User avatar #8914827 to #8914813 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
I'd rather support local communities by buying local. Sales tax goes to paying for public schools, police departments and other emergency services and other municipal services.
#8914776 - banananacream (06/03/2014) [-]
**banananacream rolled user kimilsung ** You have been visited by the Banana Fairy. Make a wish!
**banananacream rolled user kimilsung ** You have been visited by the Banana Fairy. Make a wish!
User avatar #8916310 to #8914776 - kimilsung (06/03/2014) [-]
I wish that the motherland will raise and obliterate capitalist scum.
#8914773 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#8914764 - nibbero (06/03/2014) [-]
**nibbero rolled user diabolicgnome **
#8914763 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
**datgrass rolled user unusualmoo ** i would love to be payed in cum
#8914782 to #8914768 - datgrass (06/03/2014) [-]
Well I didn't think that one through.    
Well I didn't think that one through.

#8914757 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
This is around that time where thread grinds to a halt.
#8914770 to #8914757 - takeaseat (06/03/2014) [-]
i'll post here forever m8
User avatar #8914780 to #8914770 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
thx seaty
User avatar #8914793 to #8914786 - aczzoh (06/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #8914802 to #8914793 - takeaseat (06/03/2014) [-]
thats u irl
User avatar #8914767 to #8914757 - tylosaurus ONLINE (06/03/2014) [-]
I have an exam in a bit.
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