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User avatar #314306 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]

Holy fuck TSM fans have to be the biggest bunch of autists in the e-sports scene. Half of them aren't even fans, but bandwagoners, and they only cheer on the team when it does well.
User avatar #314327 to #314306 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
I was cheering for them since the beginning of the playoffs cause it was the only team I knew a majority of the players beforehand, does that count as bandwagonning? Also, I don't like Dyrus that much, though he played really well today
User avatar #314346 to #314327 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #314357 to #314353 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
Sorry m8, maybe you shoulda gotten into it earlier

who you rooting for in worlds>
User avatar #314373 to #314357 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
TSM cause I want to cheer for a NA team even though they will lose to all the Korean teams
User avatar #314378 to #314373 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
C9 is better than TSM. If any NA will be doing the best it's them. They went full retard today with not banning or picking tristana, some people think the game was rigged. TSM also has a terrible record against foreign teams.
User avatar #314409 to #314378 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
>they went full retard today not banning or picking tristana
>some people think the game was rigged
So this post about you hating TSM fans is because you're salty as fuck TSM won. The excuses though "b-b-but our pick and ban phase ;-;" is like saying "b-b-but if we didn't throw an interception we would have won the match ;-;" Fact is C9 lost, only a retard thinks they'd throw away the #1 spot like that.
C9's record against international teams is also shit. Fnatic made them their bitch at worlds and IEM, but they beat them during BoA and All stars, and took one game off of OMG. C9 has a very small shot at beating top tier international teams, even European teams like ALL, FNC, and SK.
User avatar #314489 to #314409 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
Never said I wasn't salty. Im happy for TSM for winning, but that last fight included a shit load of luck. A minion aggroed onto a tsm member, which followed them into the fight. That minion blocked one of sneakys missles which wouldn't have killed turtle, but would have removed him from the fight. Turtle is also the rng god with 3 crits in a row.
User avatar #314387 to #314378 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Yea I realize C9 is better, but I prefer TSM, so I will cheer for them
User avatar #314413 to #314387 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
Yeah C9 is a lot better, but I honestly think CLG is the best team in NA. If they had only not played like shit they'd be at worlds.
User avatar #314336 to #314327 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
>I don't like Dyrus that much
Its like every opinion you have is wrong.
User avatar #314339 to #314336 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Practically every other toplaner
User avatar #314337 to #314336 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
There are toplaners I like more though
User avatar #314340 to #314337 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
Based on their looks I assume :^)
User avatar #314341 to #314340 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
ofc how else would i base it
User avatar #314342 to #314341 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
Personality? Skill?
Although considering your hard on for Bjerg I doubt you take the first into account.
User avatar #314348 to #314342 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]

Bjerg gets bullied in highschool then goes on to be toxic as fuck and bullies gleeb
User avatar #314345 to #314342 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Does he not have a good personality? Every video with him I've seen he was charismatic. And he's best midlaner NA so obviously I take into account skill
I like Wildturtle enough (even though he played horribly against LMQ, he redeemed himself today) and I think he's ugly. I don't find Hai attractive but I like him (for his skill, I've not seen a video of him). I find Ocelot attractive af but I think he's balls.
I just don't think Dyrus is very good from what I've seen of him (other than today), and everything I've seen of him makes him look like a retard
User avatar #314349 to #314345 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
No doubt Bjergsen is an incredibly talented player, but ever since coming to NA he's acted like a child. Watch his stream, all he does is blame his team mates like a salty little kid and say "Oh man that's so troll!". Its obnoxious as fuck really. www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5YwGCWDulY#t=62 I don't dislike the guy but he's seriously immature.

wat. Dyrus has consistently been at the top of NA with TSM since season 1. Wanna know why Yellowstar and Dyrus are the only two players to make all 4 world championships after numerous roster swaps? Hint: They're good. Just cause Dyrus doesn't splitpush like Zion and 1v1 everyone doesn't make him bad. He fits the role TSM needs him to and there's a reason C9 put a lot of their resources into shutting him down.

And you honestly find Ocelote attractive?
User avatar #314352 to #314349 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Oh. Well, to be fair, Doublelift is a complete ass, but that doesn't really excuse him.

Well, you know I only recently got into league, and the few videos of Dyrus I've seen and the even few LCS games I've watched he didn't play very well (aside from today). And that video you posted didn't really improve my opinion on him, cause it looked like he was just trying to antagonize his teammates, and it looked like he even started to get under Gleeb's skin.

And yea, ocelote is hot af
User avatar #314354 to #314352 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
Well yeah doublelift is a huge asshole. Not sure what that has to do with this though.

Aside from today? He showed up huge in the LMQ series.
Well the deal was Dyrus had to make a vlog of TSM after their game against CLG win or lose. It does kind of annoy me though because Gleeb was getting a lot of shit from fans and supposedly his team, then he gets tossed to the wayside.

Never would have expected that. Do you have a thing for scarfs?
User avatar #314355 to #314354 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Cause when doublelift trash talks, I imagine it would get annoying when you actually lose, so Bjerg probably got mad at that.

Eh, I don't remember much of the LMQ series as I was busy and couldn't pay too much attention, but I remember him just barely holding his own against ackerman most games

Idk, I guess scarfs are cute
User avatar #314358 to #314355 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
Still preeeeetty immature on his part.

He pretty much won them game 5, and when Turtle wasn't carrying this series he and Bjergsen had great synergy. I can understand not liking Dyrus very much cause he's sort of weird. I mean most pro leeg players are natural retards, but he's pretty good.
User avatar #314374 to #314358 - ferrettamer (09/02/2014) [-]
Yea, I know, I'm just saying.

I missed game 5 so that may be why.
User avatar #314308 to #314306 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
You could say the same for any team in any sport that does well.
User avatar #314309 to #314308 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #314442 to #314309 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
Hey fuck you pussy the LA Kings are cool
User avatar #314311 to #314309 - dumerveil (09/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #314307 to #314306 - bladeboy (09/02/2014) [-]
Dyrus is also autistic as fuck whenever he gets on stage.
#314284 - furiousmarshmellow (09/01/2014) [-]
"Don't get angry. It's only a video game."
"Don't get angry. It's only a video game."
User avatar #314297 to #314284 - dalokan (09/02/2014) [-]
Didn''t you complain about people getting angry about videogames before?
User avatar #314300 to #314298 - dalokan (09/02/2014) [-]
u sure?
User avatar #314314 to #314312 - dalokan (09/02/2014) [-]
u shy?
#314295 to #314284 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
But it is only a game.
But it is only a game.
#314301 to #314299 - thebestpieever (09/02/2014) [-]
Games are meant to be engaging, and are not compulsory.
Games are meant to be engaging, and are not compulsory.
User avatar #314313 to #314301 - furiousmarshmellow (09/02/2014) [-]
So, you're saying Ride To Hell: Retribution was made to be engaging?
User avatar #314316 to #314313 - thebestpieever (09/02/2014) [-]
Sure. Failure at realisation of intent does not change said intent.
User avatar #314317 to #314316 - furiousmarshmellow (09/02/2014) [-]
What about most EA games?
User avatar #314322 to #314320 - thebestpieever (09/02/2014) [-]
Yes, EA doesn't make games, EA publishes games. And they put a lot of hurdles into otherwise mostly separately developed games made by studios who make and made a living out of making fun games. The whole purpose of EA and origin and battlelog is to endear itself to its costumers; they're just shit at it. If you really think there's such a thing as an "evil" company then you either go out of two ways: Either all of them are, or it's only Foxconn. But otherwise, vilifying a bunch of retards in a boardroom takes no one nowhere.
User avatar #314368 to #314322 - alexanderburns ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
but muh dlc ruins the planet
User avatar #314325 to #314322 - furiousmarshmellow (09/02/2014) [-]
Well, if I may go back to the original topic, who's stopping me from getting angry at video games?
User avatar #314328 to #314325 - thebestpieever (09/02/2014) [-]
No one is. And no one said they were going to. They just said "don't".
User avatar #314289 to #314287 - furiousmarshmellow (09/01/2014) [-]
Why CAN'T I be mad?
User avatar #314290 to #314289 - squalllionhart (09/01/2014) [-]
it's only game
User avatar #314261 - thesoulless ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
University is great so far, but it's so fucking hot everywhere that isn't outside.
User avatar #314443 to #314261 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
where do you go?
User avatar #314515 to #314443 - thesoulless ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #314527 to #314515 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
User avatar #314283 to #314261 - ferrettamer (09/01/2014) [-]
Same here. Though it was hot outside yesterday
User avatar #314271 to #314261 - dumerveil (09/01/2014) [-]
>hot everywhere that isn't outside
That's the opposite of how it should be.
User avatar #314265 to #314261 - alexanderburns ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
tfw college starts tomorrow
User avatar #314275 to #314265 - wittypotato ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
tfw high school resumes tomorrow
User avatar #314444 to #314275 - averagewhitekid ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
git wrekd
User avatar #314255 - fistfireace (09/01/2014) [-]

After being offline for a little over a day, I came back to this shit? No fucking surprise, really, but it's making me fucking hate the fucking community and site. Reading the comments is even worse.

I really need to find another site without a bunch of 12 year olds, god damn. I highly doubt that's possible, though.
User avatar #314310 to #314255 - nadam (09/02/2014) [-]
Internet users seem to only care about privacy when it's their own.
User avatar #314296 to #314255 - jettom (09/01/2014) [-]
Looked at them. Eh it was something.
User avatar #314269 to #314255 - hauntzor (09/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #314264 to #314255 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
I still don't get why people are overreacting. She's beautiful, but her tits are just slightly above average. if you're only in it for the tits, there's far better pairs on the internet, yet people are looking at those low-quality pics and saying how they came buckets or ejaculated lightning or something.
#314278 to #314264 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
Out of the 310 pics I found only like one or two nudes were actually decent
User avatar #314266 to #314264 - fistfireace (09/01/2014) [-]
Probably because she's famous or something. Like Emma Watson, for example. While she is pretty, she isn't a goddess like the internet seems to think.
User avatar #314267 to #314266 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Her face - 10/10
Her body - 5, maybe 6/10 - very much average.
#314258 to #314255 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
I did look at them but I didn't find I enjoyed looking at them, I felt kinda sad for her because it's not like they were put somewhere public or easily accessible, they were on a private account which needed a hack to get into. it took high amounts of effort to get into, some people really need to stop thinking this is ok.    
I can only imagine what she is feeling right now.
I did look at them but I didn't find I enjoyed looking at them, I felt kinda sad for her because it's not like they were put somewhere public or easily accessible, they were on a private account which needed a hack to get into. it took high amounts of effort to get into, some people really need to stop thinking this is ok.

I can only imagine what she is feeling right now.
#314254 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
I fucking hate it when games make shit so counter-intuitive. I've been playing this game called 7 days to die. Basically, zombies popped out of nowhere, everyone's kill, scavenge and build shit to survive, zombies can break through walls, dig under fences and so on. Fun game, except for building materials. They have durability, which is basically how many hits it takes for a zombie to break through.

Wood walls have a durability of 100.
For some reason bricks have a durability of about 50. Yes, for some reason a brick wall is half as durable as some old wooden planks.
Concrete has 160.
If you reinforce the wood with metal it goes up to 160.
If you reinforce the concrete, nothing changes, despite reinforced concrete being way harder to make.
Metal walls have 200.
If you rub a bit of dirt on those shitty bricks, they go up to 213 - more than fucking concrete and metal. You literally just smeared shit and mud over a wall and it's suddenly over 4 times stronger, making it one of the most durable things in the game.

In whos' head does any of this make sense?
User avatar #314288 to #314254 - leonhardt (09/01/2014) [-]
I assume the bricks are just stacked, and not mortared together or anything.

So when you rub the dirt over them, they become an actual brick wall.
User avatar #314291 to #314288 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Yes, I figured as much, but it still doesn't explain how they're stronger than fucking reinforced concrete.
User avatar #314292 to #314291 - leonhardt (09/01/2014) [-]
I assume this game is still in Beta as well
User avatar #314294 to #314292 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Alpha, actually. Still, it's surprisingly bug-free and polished for an alpha. I've encountered fewer bugs in 100+ hours than I found in my first 5 hours of Skyrim.
#314253 - ohemgeezus (09/01/2014) [-]

This will probably end up getting 600+ thumbs for such an old as shit joke that isn't even funny.
#314243 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
what the fuck is wrong with the people in the comments
User avatar #314257 to #314243 - rebornpooper (09/01/2014) [-]
>"'Merican iz stupid xD" gets posted
>"OMG it's just a joke can't you mericans just take a joke?"
>"Frenchs iz cowurds xD" gets posted
>"Wow, that joke is older than fuck. Stop being unfunny."
#314280 to #314257 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
I have never heard "can't you americans take a joke?"ever
User avatar #314302 to #314280 - majormayor ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
Congratulations on your first week on the internet. You should have a horrible time here.
#314303 to #314302 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/02/2014) [-]
#314256 to #314243 - rebornpooper has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #314244 to #314243 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
For some reason everyone's been extra-stupid the last month. Maybe it's solar radiation frying their little brains or something. Fuck if I know, but it's annoying. It's been like that on a lot of posts. Especially anything mentioning countries, women or videogames.
User avatar #314248 to #314244 - conquistafag (09/01/2014) [-]
so I'm not the only one?
Jesus christ, I can't stand scrolling down into the comments section lately.
User avatar #314249 to #314248 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, it's so fucking bad. Everyone seems to be on edge and defensive for some reason.
User avatar #314250 to #314249 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
It's because feminism is trying to take away our penises and our videogames.
User avatar #314232 - finblob ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
People who refuse to vote and then complain about how the country is run.
I mean, there could be 2 equally shit candidates but still, at least try.
#314270 to #314232 - hauntzor (09/01/2014) [-]
People who are more concerned about voting for a new president than they are for a new set of congress members because they think the president actually makes all the changes
User avatar #314263 to #314232 - maddboiy ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
*cough* Russel Brand *cough*
User avatar #314508 to #314263 - finblob ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
What about him
did he say this too
User avatar #314523 to #314508 - maddboiy ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
no, he goes on and on about how shit the country is and how we need change but then tells people not to vote
User avatar #314524 to #314523 - finblob ONLINE (09/02/2014) [-]
what a coon
User avatar #314245 to #314232 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
As a wise man once told me: "If you don't vote, you get morons in charge. If you vote, you still get morons in charge, but at least they're likable morons."
User avatar #314246 to #314245 - finblob ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
was this wise man a drugs
User avatar #314247 to #314246 - thechosentroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Nah, it was my grandfather. I don't remember every seeing that man sober. His liver failed, they had to operate and the old fuck somehow managed to sneak booze into the hospital for a final drink. Surprised he lived to be 68.
User avatar #314238 to #314232 - awesomanium (09/01/2014) [-]
On the subject of voting, I don't think people over the age of 80 should be allowed to vote
I mean, it's not their future they're voting for
User avatar #314241 to #314238 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
If they live to 100 sure they are. And then fuck, they weren't allowed to vote for the last 20 something years of their life.
User avatar #314239 to #314238 - finblob ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
That's what an old women said to me at my shop
she said she won't have to deal with it so good luck to us
User avatar #314233 to #314232 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
2? Is the coalition shit still going?
User avatar #314234 to #314233 - finblob ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #314235 to #314234 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
Oh, BTW, are you going to vote in the independence deal?
User avatar #314236 to #314235 - finblob ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
I'm voting no
#314228 - tvfreakuk (09/01/2014) [-]
For months, nowhere has been taking on in my town. I handed in my CV to a bunch of places just to be safe; but still, nothing.
But now, now that I only have 9-12 (depends when I go) days left until I leave for university there is finally a "STAFF NEEDED" sign.
It said "Must be flexible"; I could've been flexible for the past few months now, as I've had practically nothing to do and I've been bored out of my mind. I would've been extremely flexible - I would've went in any time, any day. Not to mention I need the money.
Just my fucking luck to have such shit fucking timing like this. I just hope I can do better when I get back to Sunderland.
#314227 - tvfreakuk has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #314220 - damandan (09/01/2014) [-]
When people tell me to have confidence. I havent really done anything to have any
#314205 - ohemgeezus (09/01/2014) [-]
How Hell on Wheels doesn't have a big fanbase like walking dead, breaking bad, etc
#314206 to #314205 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
The fanbase of my favourite show is absolute shit on a sandwich.
#314209 to #314206 - fedegon (09/01/2014) [-]
So what is that?

BlazBlue anime adaptation?
BlazBlue the hentai anime?
Platinum the Trinity: Magical Girl Unleashed?
User avatar #314221 to #314209 - leonhardt (09/01/2014) [-]
Did you seriously just fucking post Harry from Custom Robo GC
User avatar #314223 to #314221 - dragondust (09/01/2014) [-]
One of my favorite childhood games.
User avatar #314222 to #314221 - fedegon (09/01/2014) [-]
Fucking Harry.
User avatar #314210 to #314209 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Platinum Gag Reel They made a pilot for the last one, but I guess it didn't took off.
#314207 to #314206 - ohemgeezus (09/01/2014) [-]
what show
User avatar #314208 to #314207 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
Medical Professional What.
User avatar #314200 - rynkar (09/01/2014) [-]
the fucking masses of people whacking their dangler to Jenifer Lawrence nude pictures.
She isn't that hot, so a bunch of poor quality photos are not helping her, yet you go to nsfw or any other website and over 50% of the content is about the leaked pictures, it's so fucking annoying.
#314321 to #314200 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/02/2014) [-]
oh my god thank you
User avatar #314285 to #314200 - ivoryhammer (09/01/2014) [-]
I just find it funny.
User avatar #314279 to #314200 - dangler ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
Ay bitch nobody whacks me off
#314242 to #314200 - rebornpooper (09/01/2014) [-]
Wait a moment, are people complaining here about who people are jacking off to now?
User avatar #314240 to #314200 - hauntzor (09/01/2014) [-]


User avatar #314484 to #314240 - rynkar (09/02/2014) [-]
>Call a girl ugly
>Trying to appear like a nice guy.

Something doesn't click.
User avatar #314215 to #314200 - bladeboy (09/01/2014) [-]
Her tits are spectacular you fucking degenerate
#314216 to #314215 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
Literally all the other celebrity nudes are 3x better
User avatar #314218 to #314216 - dalokan (09/01/2014) [-]
tfw still not nicki
User avatar #314217 to #314216 - bladeboy (09/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, Victoria Justice is a goddess
User avatar #314202 to #314200 - leadstriker (09/01/2014) [-]
just because you're homosexual doesn't mean jenifer lopez is not hot
User avatar #314196 - thegrohltroll (09/01/2014) [-]
Ask woman about her family name
She says it
Me: :how do you spell it?
Her: the way it is pronounced

Bitch we're in france the sound "o" alone has 3 fucking ways of writing, let alone all the silent letters and the double letters and shit.
User avatar #314286 to #314196 - ivoryhammer (09/01/2014) [-]
My last name is a word, a pretty common one too, and people still ask me how I spell it.
User avatar #314199 to #314196 - furiousmarshmellow (09/01/2014) [-]
"My last name is Wehguehlogneisongegarinason."

How do you pronounce that?

#314190 - furiousmarshmellow (09/01/2014) [-]
People who keep thinking that Pluto is still able to be a planet.
People who keep thinking that Pluto is still able to be a planet.
#314193 to #314190 - xxxsonic fanxxx (09/01/2014) [-]
It's still a planet because it was one when I was kid
User avatar #314188 - geothermal ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
>Playing DayZ Epoch Mod
>Recently kids from the Standalone have been getting on alot
>some unarmed fucker is behind me while im watching my friend make a trade
>make nothing of it, he cant really do anything
>screams "eat shit faggot!" and punches me in the head
>doesnt work that way, i lose 2 blood
>stand up and face him
>he punches me again
>-4 blood
>continue to stare him down
>calls me a hacker
>mods show up
>ban me
>friend who was trading notices, him and the person he was trading with hunt down the kid and shoot him
>kid says they were hacking
>both banned

User avatar #314184 - voltkills (09/01/2014) [-]
hehe stupid feminists, on some feminist website, one article is about how the leaked nudes of jlaw are assult and if you seek them out you are assulting her, the very next article is one saying how kira nightlys topless photoshoot for a magazine was an empowering feminist statement.
User avatar #314214 to #314184 - princessren (09/01/2014) [-]
I mean...I do think there is a difference between private pictures being leaked by someone and you willingly taking nude photos for a shoot.
#314179 - plumpbooty (09/01/2014) [-]
The KAWAII UGUU anime ads on 4chan.
User avatar #314224 to #314179 - acidjunk ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
User avatar #314181 to #314179 - majormayor ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
I barely notice them when on there.
User avatar #314187 to #314181 - nefarian ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
I only see onahole ads.
#314159 - Darianvincent (09/01/2014) [-]
I hate my genetics and how fucking old I feel and look because of them and my lifestyle. I wouldn't mind being another babyfaced nineteen year old if it'd make me feel like i'm not already dead. I can't even remember what having energy or anything close to "pep" is like.
#314230 to #314159 - fargfive (09/01/2014) [-]
People keep giving me weird looks when I ask where stuff is on campus because they think I'm a grad student. I sound like one too, and it only gets worse online. Any digital medium adds about five years to my voice.   
I miss my hair. People keep asking me if I'm military.
People keep giving me weird looks when I ask where stuff is on campus because they think I'm a grad student. I sound like one too, and it only gets worse online. Any digital medium adds about five years to my voice.

I miss my hair. People keep asking me if I'm military.
#314197 to #314159 - themanwithnoplan (09/01/2014) [-]
tfw look my age but my voice sounds like it belongs to a gravelly war veteran.
User avatar #314177 to #314159 - volero ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
I'm 21 and people think I look 16 or 17.
#314162 to #314159 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
TFW When people told me I looked 20 when I was 16.   
TFW When people tell me I look 20 now.
TFW When people told me I looked 20 when I was 16.
TFW When people tell me I look 20 now.
User avatar #314169 to #314162 - rokkarokkaali (09/01/2014) [-]
This gif makes me think there's porn of her. And now I want it.
User avatar #314204 to #314169 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
Ew. I hope not.
#314212 to #314211 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
I ain't clicking that, you perv.
I ain't clicking that, you perv.
User avatar #314171 to #314169 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
You think?
This is the internet, the largest source of information, entertainment and porn to ever exist.
User avatar #314170 to #314169 - dalokan (09/01/2014) [-]
There is
User avatar #314163 to #314162 - Darianvincent (09/01/2014) [-]
TFW I got mistaken for being thirty.
TFW I feel middle aged.
User avatar #314164 to #314163 - thebestpieever (09/01/2014) [-]
So you're aging one and a half years per actual year. You're going to live something like 58 years, then.
#314165 to #314164 - Darianvincent (09/01/2014) [-]
If I actually made it to forty then i'd be convinced there's some mystical force probably some evil cosmic jew keeping me alive for shits and giggles. Most of my organs are pretty shitty already.
User avatar #314172 to #314165 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
Buy better organs.
#314173 to #314172 - Darianvincent (09/01/2014) [-]
So uhh...Do you know a guy?
User avatar #314174 to #314173 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
Yeah, his names Edward.
User avatar #314175 to #314174 - Darianvincent (09/01/2014) [-]
I can pay you in free food and IOU's.
User avatar #314176 to #314175 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (09/01/2014) [-]
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