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#264696 - conquistafag (05/21/2014) [-]
Holy fucking shit.
This is cringeworthy
click on his account and look at his comment history
#264882 to #264696 - averagewhitekid (05/22/2014) [-]
I actually enjoy that guy's posts most of the time
#264761 to #264696 - aoeui (05/22/2014) [-]
>Being this much of a sperg.
Even aspies are subhumans sometimes.
#264725 to #264696 - anonymous (05/21/2014) [-]
Why is that cringeworthy? I actually like that guy, despite his obvious idiosyncrasies.
User avatar #264704 to #264696 - teoyuppie (05/21/2014) [-]
Is it the mascotfagging that's annoying you?
User avatar #264701 to #264696 - dumerveil (05/21/2014) [-]
The whole mute thing is new.
Before that this person only typed backwards.
#264705 to #264701 - fedegon (05/21/2014) [-]
It's his character.
People really don't know how to use mascots nowadays, you're supposed to make images relevant while not interrupting while you're trying to say. On their cases it comes off as mostly obnoxious and trying too hard.
And they aren't required on 100% of the posts, for fucks sake, they should learn appropriately when to use them.
User avatar #264712 to #264705 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I find it useful to have a handful of reaction pictures because surfing through more would be a pain in the arse. But keeping them all to a theme sounds annoying as fuck.
User avatar #264717 to #264712 - fedegon (05/21/2014) [-]
True, it is.
But still, makes a person identifiable, you know.
Ren would be just a little transgendered bitch if it wasn't for that K-ON girl. But instead, she's a well-known little transgendered bitch.
#264738 to #264717 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
User avatar #264746 to #264738 - dumerveil (05/22/2014) [-]
He didn't say it to you. He said it about you.
#264749 to #264746 - princessren (05/22/2014) [-]
dont ruin the moment
dont ruin the moment
#265047 to #264749 - fedegon (05/22/2014) [-]
He's right though, I didn't say that you are to you. But you are.
It's easy to spot you when browsing.
User avatar #264720 to #264717 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I had Ren pretty well placed before she started using that Yuki bimbo as a mascot.
User avatar #264721 to #264720 - fedegon (05/21/2014) [-]
Well, but she's quicker to identify with that, I mean. You see that musical whore and you think "Oh, that's Ren", in case we aren't as deep in here as you.
User avatar #264722 to #264721 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I guess... I'd never do it. though. Mainly because I think I'd grow to hate their face, or like, start modelling my facial expressions after them on a subconscious level or something.
User avatar #264687 - Shiny ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
People who go onto discussion boards for technology, cars, video games, cooking, etc, and post horseshit akin to "Do you autistic virgins have nothing better to do than talk about X all day? Go outside and get laid." And immediately get defensive and claim their free speech™ is being violated when people call them out for being idiots.
User avatar #264686 - commanderbunbun (05/21/2014) [-]
I hate it when I ask people "what are you having for dinner?" and they just say "chicken".

how is it cooked?! fried? grilled? baked? that's like if i just responded with "beef".
User avatar #264695 to #264686 - Shiny ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
People usually prepare chicken the same way. My dad used to make "chicken" by dusting some chunks in Lawry's and baking it in its own fluids until the skin was all crunchy and greasy, shit was so awesome.
User avatar #264691 to #264686 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I do that... but more often than not it's because I'll just wing it (heh) when it comes the time to actually cook it.
User avatar #264694 to #264691 - dumerveil (05/21/2014) [-]
>cooking your own food
Stay pleb.
User avatar #264702 to #264694 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
Eating out too much makes me tummy ache
User avatar #264703 to #264702 - dumerveil (05/21/2014) [-]
Get someone else to cook for you.
#264729 to #264703 - anonymous (05/21/2014) [-]
Aren't you in college or some shit?
User avatar #264748 to #264729 - dumerveil (05/22/2014) [-]
Yes, why?
User avatar #264706 to #264703 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I'm not letting a stranger in my house. Plus, I eat whenever I can be arsed to remember, so they would work on a sort of erratic schedule.
User avatar #264707 to #264706 - dumerveil (05/21/2014) [-]
You could make a sitcom.
#264685 - thechosentroll (05/21/2014) [-]
Well, shit. I appear to have become so cynical that absolutely everything pisses me off now. I haven't been able to find any new games, shows, books, anime, music or anything in fucking forever, since everything just looks and sounds like shit to me. It's annoying as fuck. I want to start enjoying shit again, but I can't.
User avatar #264925 to #264685 - rebornpooper (05/22/2014) [-]
Go to the "flag moderators" section. There's usually lulzy stuff there.
User avatar #265017 to #264925 - thechosentroll (05/22/2014) [-]
Aaaaaaaaaand now I have a boner.
#264994 to #264925 - qxangelxp (05/22/2014) [-]
That is very true.   
Glad that section is made avaliable to us.   
The shit people post sometimes. I'm unable to even
That is very true.

Glad that section is made avaliable to us.

The shit people post sometimes. I'm unable to even
User avatar #264745 to #264685 - iamthepapercut (05/22/2014) [-]
Start drinking more alcohol
#264689 to #264685 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
it's funny
I frequent this board and dont feel very cynical at all
User avatar #265016 to #264689 - thechosentroll (05/22/2014) [-]
It's not the boards' fault. I slowly started getting more and more cynical years ago. Now I'm just reaching critical levels.
User avatar #264693 to #264689 - dumerveil (05/21/2014) [-]
Probably because nothing could stop you from enjoying cock.
#264724 to #264641 - anonymous (05/21/2014) [-]
I guess everyone is a kid at some point.
User avatar #264669 to #264641 - thechosentroll (05/21/2014) [-]
Those little cunts annoy me to no end.
#264655 to #264641 - jadewest (05/21/2014) [-]
goddamn faggots
goddamn faggots
User avatar #264682 to #264654 - freedomreturns (05/21/2014) [-]
I love how Funnyjunk is an option for your flair.
User avatar #264751 to #264682 - iamthepapercut (05/22/2014) [-]
you mean other sites don't like us???
User avatar #264752 to #264751 - freedomreturns (05/22/2014) [-]
I know right? I was shocked too. How could they hate us?
We're perfect
User avatar #264662 to #264654 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
its just mu but with more kids
#264649 to #264641 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
Oh he appreciates music as art hmmm?

I wonder what he thinks of this.
#264679 to #264649 - haydentheviking ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
album art is important im a huge sucker for it
User avatar #264680 to #264679 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #264681 to #264680 - haydentheviking ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
saw this on the shelf at the store brought it and now its one of my favorite bands
User avatar #264667 to #264666 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
do you even know what it is
User avatar #264671 to #264667 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
The art is shit.

I assume, the music is also shit.
User avatar #264672 to #264671 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
seeee thebestpieever

cover art is important
#264674 to #264672 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
No, it isn't.
I repeat, that's like saying "Y'know, this is a good meal, but the plate is yellow and yellow is a very obnoxious colour, so I don't enjoy this meal because of the plate".
User avatar #264675 to #264674 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
>one album art out of 15 is shit
>all the music is bad


all shibe listens to is music with pretentious art.

Also, I said "I assume it's shit" get ya facts straight, mate.
Assume meaning that I could still give it a chance and it may turn out to be good. But I won't give shibe a chance, his music is like, always crap.
He's shown me 2 things I truly enjoy, the rest was pretentious "art" noise.
User avatar #264678 to #264675 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
If everything you've listened to by me is pretentious art noise you clearly haven't listened to the stuff i post on /music/

i don't even like noise that much, it makes like 0.1% of my music taste.

And by the way, it is really shit. It's lowercase, so it's not true noise. But it's still pretty bad, even for the genre it's pretentious.
User avatar #264676 to #264675 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
Dude, I'm not saying it's bad music. I'm saying this cover is terrible, yet the music inside the album is very good -the best Maiden have come up with in over 20 years, in my opinion.
User avatar #264677 to #264676 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
I know, but I'm basing my comment off of what I previously wrote to the young shibuian.
User avatar #264673 to #264672 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
And if you look to your left, you can see a small shibe using his mating call, this is not a rare occurrence.
User avatar #264659 to #264656 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
somebody doesn't understand onkyo and weird pretentious Japanese noise shit
#264660 to #264659 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
Also, silence is not music, post-punk is shit and Animal Collective are alright.
User avatar #264661 to #264660 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
>liking punk rock past the age of 16

what is wrong with you
#264663 to #264661 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
Also Hip-Hop is not music.
Please don't respond; I'm out of stupid bullshit to say.
User avatar #264664 to #264663 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
>not listening to experimental music that actually takes knowledge to understand past the age of 18

you are doomed
#264665 to #264664 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
Uh... real music stopped being made after, uh, 2011?
User avatar #264668 to #264665 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
I told you I was out of stupid bullshit to say.
User avatar #264646 to #264641 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
Holy shit.
It doesn't matter about your age and there is still good music today.

I listen to different things, old stuff, new stuff. Some people consider it shit, it doesn't matter.
It's fucking music, your age is completely irrelevant and it doesn't mean what you listen to is the best either.

Just because you're 16 and like pink floyd doesn't mean you're cooler than anyone.
Also, this kid probably only knows dark side of the moon and The wall
He probably can't even name more than 2 albums of theirs nor the band members.

User avatar #264637 - nightmaren ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
www.funnyjunk.com/Why+won+t+my+gun+fire/funny-pictures/5149942/ Posts like this
Keep your fucking inside jokes that only other gun people will get on the guns board.
User avatar #265000 to #264637 - revengeforfreeze (05/22/2014) [-]
Any LoL content ever
User avatar #264644 to #264637 - megavoir (05/21/2014) [-]
i think even people who don't use guns know that bullets don't go like that
User avatar #264645 to #264644 - nightmaren ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
I see the problem now but it's still not even remotely funny unless you're a gun appreciator or whatever.
User avatar #264647 to #264645 - roliga (05/21/2014) [-]
Same could be said about any anime, sports, pokemon, brony, art, music, or anything that already has a board for it.
User avatar #264650 to #264647 - nightmaren ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
That was the implication.
But at least in most of those posts you mentioned the joke is usually clear. I don't even like anime and I've laughed at anime jokes before. Pokemon posts exist in such a high number because the assumption is that this site is populated mostly by 14-25 year old males, and most 14-25 year old males have played pokemon, and pokemon jokes are usually clear as well. A picture of a broken gun magazine or whatever by itself is not a joke. The only people who will find that funny are people who are into guns. If there was a post of a pokemon with a certain stat spread, like a gyrados with a shitload of special attack and that was meant to be a joke I'd say the same thing I'm saying about that gun post, because only the people who are hardcore into pokemon will understand why gyrados with lots of spec attack is funny.
User avatar #264651 to #264650 - roliga (05/21/2014) [-]
You don't need to be a hardcore gun fan to know that you dont load rounds into a magazine like that, you just need basic common sense to get the joke.
User avatar #264653 to #264651 - nightmaren ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
That's not really what I'm saying, and I've already made that clear. I can see what's wrong with the magazine. What I'm saying is that only gun people will find it funny.
User avatar #264643 to #264637 - alexanderburns (05/21/2014) [-]
That's not something I'd call an inside joke.
User avatar #264622 - bladeboy (05/21/2014) [-]
Pussies who carry weapons at school.
User avatar #264633 to #264622 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
>mfw Atlantic City High School has a metal detector
User avatar #264636 to #264633 - foreveranonymous ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
>mfw Camden Middle and High Schools have metal detectors
User avatar #264690 to #264636 - teoyuppie (05/21/2014) [-]
It's Camden. What'd you expect?
User avatar #264623 to #264622 - herblegerble (05/21/2014) [-]
that shit actually happens?
User avatar #264628 to #264623 - alexanderburns (05/21/2014) [-]
Yup. Black kids with guns, kids with knives, and my school had a full-on arms dealer. I think he only sold tazers, stun guns, and melee stuff though. No bullety guns. No one in the school ever got caught, shot, or stabbed when I was there. I'm fairly sure the weapons were mostly for protection from the gang thugs who would rob kids on their way home from school.
User avatar #264629 to #264628 - herblegerble (05/21/2014) [-]
Do you live in a rough area? This all sounds fucking terrifying.
User avatar #264630 to #264629 - alexanderburns (05/21/2014) [-]
I don't live in one of the worst areas, but it is less than a good neighborhood. I hear a siren almost every hour.
People have only tried to rob me once in my entire life, and they backed off. I think it's because I look poor.
User avatar #264624 to #264623 - bladeboy (05/21/2014) [-]
Yep, some black kid tried starting beef with me today and I couldn't do anything because I'm not a fan of getting stabbed.
User avatar #264625 to #264624 - herblegerble (05/21/2014) [-]
Sounds pretty fucking scary.
User avatar #264626 to #264625 - bladeboy (05/21/2014) [-]
He got expelled from his last school for stabbing someone, so yaaaa.
User avatar #264632 to #264626 - thebestpieever (05/21/2014) [-]
What kind of dystopian future city do you live on?
Dude, for a few years I went to school in fucking Mexico. And I've never in my entire life seen a weapon within the premises of a school.
#264760 to #264632 - aoeui (05/22/2014) [-]
Spain ethnically and culturally enriched the place you went to. Most Mexicans still retain their peasant cultures though.

Overall, subhumans.
This message brought to you buy the Susan G Komen "Subhumanity Race For a Cure Foundation." For just 20 cents a day, we'll sterilize an innercity negro and help you be less stabbed and your sisters be less raped.
User avatar #264635 to #264632 - bladeboy (05/21/2014) [-]
Welcome to new Milton bruh.
User avatar #264627 to #264626 - herblegerble (05/21/2014) [-]
Does that happen a lot? I live in a remote place so there is very little that goes on in my area, and hearing this shit makes me so glad I don't go to an average american high school.
User avatar #264634 to #264627 - bladeboy (05/21/2014) [-]
No, he's just a nigger.
User avatar #264617 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]

the comments here are cringeworthy.

i swear 90% of these people don't know shit about guns, they just repeat what they hear their redneck uncle say.
User avatar #264648 to #264617 - roliga (05/21/2014) [-]
It's the retards echoing everything they hear on /k/ to try and sound like they know anything about guns
#264594 - fishinyourface has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #264692 to #264578 - teoyuppie (05/21/2014) [-]
Anime is for fags.
User avatar #264605 to #264578 - fedegon (05/21/2014) [-]
What the fuck did he say?
User avatar #264606 to #264605 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
trying to explain to me how anime is some higher form of animation that transcends cartoons and requires a higher mind to appreciate.
#264607 to #264606 - fedegon (05/21/2014) [-]
I guess he's just a fool who will stay mad.
I guess he's just a fool who will stay mad.
User avatar #264587 to #264578 - wallbuilder (05/21/2014) [-]
Post in yer' same thread. Specially if related.
User avatar #264583 to #264578 - revengeforfreeze (05/21/2014) [-]
I think at least two links are enough my friend
#264581 to #264578 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
Clav, buddy, just give it up. You're arguing with a wall made of stupid.
Clav, buddy, just give it up. You're arguing with a wall made of stupid.
User avatar #264574 - fistfireace (05/21/2014) [-]

Another god damn fact comp just for easy thumbs. First it was Semo's fact comps, then it was the "Kickass" fact comps, then celebrities, now this one (hell, I probably even forgot some). I used to never have a problem with it, but now it's being milked for all it's worth. I know this site isn't really original, but people should at least come up with new, better comps.

This is just getting ridiculous.
User avatar #264582 to #264574 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
i've been doing Dark Souls lore speculation compilations. not fact comps, but providing platforms for discussion about possible realities involving the Dark Souls lore that isn't very well known.
User avatar #264588 to #264582 - fistfireace (05/21/2014) [-]
Well, I didn't consider your comps as a 'fact' comp for two reasons:

1) I never actually seen/notice them
2) And, well, you basically explained on why you make the Dark Souls comps.

I though you thought I was referring to one of your comps as a fact comp, so I explained myself - sorry if I thought wrong.
User avatar #264589 to #264588 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
nope i was just stating I do that because i agree with you lol
User avatar #264590 to #264589 - fistfireace (05/21/2014) [-]
Oh, lol. I was clearly over-thinking things.
#264570 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
I hate that Skyrim is crashing seemingly at random and it's CTDing so fast that I'm looking at my desktop before I've even realized it's happened.
It's my fault too. I've got so many mods installed but I don't want to go through the process of removing them one by one to see which ones I can get rid of without breaking the game.
User avatar #264572 to #264570 - wallbuilder (05/21/2014) [-]
Only on PC master race.
User avatar #264573 to #264572 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
It's worth it tho. I've got a bunch of qt followers and enormous tits.
User avatar #264575 to #264573 - wallbuilder (05/21/2014) [-]
Half the time I've ever played PC games has been troubleshooting lately... Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours of troubleshooting. Every time I encounter a issue I instantly, condemn whatever I was pursuing. I'm so fucking finished with that shit.
User avatar #264553 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]


I've seriously lost all respect for these people.
User avatar #264600 to #264553 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
It's a cartoon. Why don't people understand that cartoons are for everyone? Not just kids.
You think American Dad is for kids? No, it's still a cartoon though.

It can be for everyone, Jesus are all these people stupid.
#264566 to #264553 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
This shit is hilarious.
User avatar #264563 to #264553 - fishinyourface ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
It won't. Just like there's idiots spewing feminazi bullshit, and every other type of bullshit, these ones are spewing this bullshit. Their views won't change, not now, not ever...
User avatar #264556 to #264553 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
nah man anime is only for kids thats why i watch it sometimes because it was targeted for my age group
User avatar #264613 to #264556 - haydentheviking ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
If its aimed at your age group...what is your age group?
User avatar #264615 to #264613 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
0 - 3 years of age
User avatar #264616 to #264615 - haydentheviking ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
Ah I understand now.
User avatar #264558 to #264556 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
also the third one even said it was for everybody
User avatar #264559 to #264558 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
omg clavat YOU WERE WRONG
User avatar #264561 to #264559 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
he implied all anime is targeted to people ages 16+

it's not.
User avatar #264565 to #264561 - shibe (05/21/2014) [-]
meant to fourth one

User avatar #264569 to #264565 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]

lets pretend like i meant the reply to that one.
User avatar #264555 to #264553 - thechosentroll (05/21/2014) [-]
You had respect for them to begin with?
User avatar #264557 to #264555 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
given my affiliations I give all fandoms the benefit of the doubt to begin with.
User avatar #264560 to #264557 - thechosentroll (05/21/2014) [-]
No, no, not the fandom. Funnyjunkers.
User avatar #264564 to #264560 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]
i never had respect for funnyjunkers. im talking about fandoms right now.
User avatar #264568 to #264564 - thechosentroll (05/21/2014) [-]
Ooooooooh. No, no, don't take those fuckers seriously. The only anime fans I've seen on FJ, who aren't dipshits are mostly in the anime board. Coincidentally, they're all assholes.
User avatar #264548 - crazyolitis (05/21/2014) [-]
I hate how this site is annoying me more and more. It's like all I ever see is trolls and shitposts here.
User avatar #264601 to #264548 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
I know how you feel.
It's shitpost city.
User avatar #264547 - clavatninenine (05/21/2014) [-]

"anime isn't a cartoon because it takes a true intellectual to watch and appreciate it."

dude. it's a fucking japanese cartoon. get over it.
#264576 to #264547 - wallbuilder (05/21/2014) [-]
"Only enlightened individuals will understand."
"Only enlightened individuals will understand."
#264579 to #264576 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
How many anime do I need to watch before I reach enlightenment? I don't feel enlightened, just less bored.
User avatar #264614 to #264579 - thesoulless (05/21/2014) [-]
As many as it takes until you can express the hidden meaning of Evangelion without using words.
User avatar #264586 to #264579 - wallbuilder (05/21/2014) [-]
You need to watch 3 animays, one of the "big three"(Bleach, Naruto, One piece) and 2 "omg best anime ever"-tier anime(Sword art online, Kill la kill). Then you will be an anime pro like me.
User avatar #264551 to #264547 - lobselvith (05/21/2014) [-]
"The term, cartoon, feels like an insult on many anime that take more than 1 brain cell to watch [ at least two brain cells ]"

If it's hand-drawn, it's a cartoon weather you like it or not. It's not like anime is on some kind of pedistol that exuses it from being labeled a cartton. That's exactly what anime is, it's short for animation.
#264550 to #264547 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
Anime is Jap cartoons, frequently shitty Jap cartoons at that. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for so many people to grasp.
Anime is Jap cartoons, frequently shitty Jap cartoons at that. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept for so many people to grasp.
#264554 to #264550 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
>GI Joe
>implying GI Joe isn't the pinnacle of animated entertainment
>Implying knowing isn't half the battle

This fuck knows exactly shit about good TV.
User avatar #264562 to #264554 - revengeforfreeze (05/21/2014) [-]
compact bastard xD
User avatar #264567 to #264562 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
yeah, I liked that too.
User avatar #264545 - fishinyourface ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
Why is it that youtube has the DUMBEST most gullible idiots in the comments section? Never have I seen as many stupid people around as I have on youtube...
User avatar #264603 to #264545 - rebornpooper (05/21/2014) [-]
If you're going against the crowd, unless the video is being uncharismatic, typically that's how it's going to be.
Example in spoiler.
Take Game Theory for example.
Plenty of that guy's videos are fundamentally wrong, and all he does is repeat information we already or have access to with a quick google search know to try to draw a half-assed conclusion. Take for example the Minecraft Armor one, where he bases the costs on real-world economy rather than the inflation of Minecraft.
His fanbase though, is naturally going to follow him because you're in the territory for a circlejerk appealing to him.
That's part of Youtube's fundamental flaw with it trying to be a social network, the main attraction brings together, for me most part, people with the same viewpoints, so it quickly breeds stupidity.
User avatar #264552 to #264545 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
If you just assume that everyone on Youtube can't read, it explains everything.
User avatar #264549 to #264545 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
Yea, I've had people argue with me when they're saying the same thing I am.
It makes no sense.
I've also had so many misunderstandings on YT it's not even funny.

User avatar #264544 to #264543 - revengeforfreeze (05/21/2014) [-]
look at the very first comment dingwad
#264529 - qxangelxp (05/21/2014) [-]
Morgan Freeman is overrated.

And to make matters worse, he's become Nicolas Cage.
He plays a part in so many movies nowadays, just for the sake of being in the movie.

I can't take him seriously anymore.
User avatar #264530 to #264529 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
I know what you mean
it seems like he will take any part that is offered to him
I mean...The Incredibles? really? and I just couldnt take him seriously as a Jedi
User avatar #264534 to #264530 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]
I know, Mrs frozone pissed me off.
User avatar #264532 to #264530 - leonhardt (05/21/2014) [-]
Ren. Ren.

That's Denzel Washington you're thinking of
User avatar #264571 to #264532 - Timmietim (05/21/2014) [-]
I think its will smith actually
#264523 - lobselvith (05/21/2014) [-]
I hate looking at playthroughs of indie games and seeing pewdiepie fanboys flood the comment section just because he played the game.

I also hate seeing his face everywhere no matter what game it is I look up. His stupid expressions always irritate the shit out of me, it's like I can actually feel him forcing it.

"Guys look at me overreact to a totally expected jump scare!"
User avatar #264528 to #264523 - fargfive (05/21/2014) [-]
And if that wasn't bad enough, he's created an entire generation of abysmal over-reacting fuckwit Lets-Play-ers.
User avatar #264535 to #264528 - darksideofthebeast (05/21/2014) [-]

I know how you feel, he pisses me off too and for no reason.
I have reasons now, but at first I hated him just because of the way he looks.
User avatar #264546 to #264535 - fishinyourface ONLINE (05/21/2014) [-]
It's his fan base that I can't stand. I've only watched him once or twice because a friend thinks he's hilarious. He's all right, but not the type I would watch on my own. The only thing I can't stand is, like he said above, the stupid fans screeching "u copy1ng pewDpah!" in every comment on any playthrough video...
#264517 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
I used to love Phantom Menace as a kid   
so much so that we had 2 copies   
now I cant find one and the other wont play   
I really wanted to watch ;-;
I used to love Phantom Menace as a kid
so much so that we had 2 copies
now I cant find one and the other wont play
I really wanted to watch ;-;
User avatar #264697 to #264517 - teoyuppie (05/21/2014) [-]
#264699 to #264697 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
I know
I know
User avatar #264652 to #264517 - freedomreturns (05/21/2014) [-]
That was the first movie I ever saw in theatres.
User avatar #264593 to #264517 - megavoir (05/21/2014) [-]
did you see the "3D" version in theaters?
User avatar #264598 to #264596 - megavoir (05/21/2014) [-]
haha fucking casual
#264520 to #264518 - princessren (05/21/2014) [-]
I guess it's better then nothing
#264521 to #264520 - alexanderburns (05/21/2014) [-]
You're welcome.   
alexanderburns saves the day once again
You're welcome.

alexanderburns saves the day once again
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