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User avatar #327703 - thesoulless ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
Commercials that use Rube Goldberg machines.

I love that you can type really vague shit into google and it will tell you what you're looking for.
User avatar #327699 - gibroner ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
you know what at this point I almost want the SJWs to take FJ just to end all the retarded fucking gamergate posts
User avatar #327729 to #327699 - squalllionhart (10/18/2014) [-]
i was hoping that after the week where fj was down everyone would kinda forget about it
User avatar #327730 to #327729 - gibroner ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
same here
#327705 to #327699 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
>Being this beta
#327739 to #327705 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
>Being this baita
User avatar #327700 to #327699 - majormayor (10/18/2014) [-]
Then you'd get other kinds of retarded posts taking over the website.
User avatar #327701 to #327700 - gibroner ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
yeah that's why added the qualifier almost
#327696 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Someone ate the last lolli and put the bag back in. It fucking crushes your dreams, man.   
 But seriously, no I have to go get more and fuck that.
Someone ate the last lolli and put the bag back in. It fucking crushes your dreams, man.
But seriously, no I have to go get more and fuck that.
#327795 to #327789 - thebestpieever has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #327794 to #327789 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Pop-up pirate game? Alright, when something uses sexual terms I don't get is when you know it's fucked up.
User avatar #327798 to #327794 - aoeui (10/18/2014) [-]
yeah stupid thing is glitching out right now
User avatar #327799 to #327797 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Yeah, okay. I ran away on the third page. Fucking weird, man.
#327796 to #327794 - aoeui has deleted their comment [-]
#327752 to #327696 - EdwardNigma (10/18/2014) [-]
This reminds me of the hatred I feel for the term Australians use for candy.
We say "Lolly" and whenever I hear it, I think of animoomoo child porn. And when I say it or see it on the internet, everyone mentions the fact that it's basically the same word.

I can't fucking say "lolly" anymore because of it.
User avatar #327770 to #327752 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
You have been corrupted, you race traitor.
#327697 to #327696 - leonhardt (10/18/2014) [-]
>ate the last loli

oh no
#327704 to #327697 - fargfive (10/18/2014) [-]
It was the only way
User avatar #327714 to #327704 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
I really hope that girl is a cannibal.
User avatar #327743 to #327714 - semenslurpinglily ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
She, in fact, is.
Rumia, Touhou 6 boss 1. A nightly youkai that preys on people's flesh.
You're alright, it isn't porn!
User avatar #327744 to #327743 - semenslurpinglily ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
She also thinks she's Jesus.
User avatar #327702 to #327697 - shibe (10/18/2014) [-]
thats what i read at first and i got scared that bestie is a pedo
User avatar #327689 - nimba (10/18/2014) [-]
Fucking women; AMARITE seriously though I'm pretty cut up over someone
User avatar #327693 to #327689 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Problem wooing the wuvly wady?
User avatar #327694 to #327693 - nimba (10/18/2014) [-]
yeah but such is life; I'll be fine any way.
#327685 - leadstriker (10/18/2014) [-]
people who still play the item game
User avatar #327762 to #327685 - rokkarokkaali ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
I like to buy chests and keys and unlock shit every once in a while. It's like tf2 unboxing but I don't lose any actual value.
#327793 to #327762 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
well how the fuck do you unlock it? i got one and a key and I dont know how to do so
#327698 to #327685 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
I remember when it first started
holy shit it's 2 years old already
User avatar #327695 to #327685 - volero (10/18/2014) [-]
People who ever played it.
#327677 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
"I'm so proud of myself for taking the salad" *proceeds to drown it in dressings and pour salt over it.   
Shit like that pisses me the hell off. Hell, when you do that it's worse for you sodium-wise than some other options.
"I'm so proud of myself for taking the salad" *proceeds to drown it in dressings and pour salt over it.

Shit like that pisses me the hell off. Hell, when you do that it's worse for you sodium-wise than some other options.
User avatar #327768 to #327677 - thechosentroll (10/18/2014) [-]
What's bad about salt? Most salads need salt.
User avatar #327706 to #327677 - ferrettamer (10/18/2014) [-]
Is Balsamic vinaigrette healthy? That's usually what I get on salad
User avatar #327755 to #327706 - newposterintown (10/18/2014) [-]
Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, usually.
Maybe vegetable oil, but that is shitty and tastes worse.
Olive oil isn't bad for you but since oil is a high energy food item using too much is bad.
User avatar #327708 to #327706 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
It's turpentine, vinegar, and some kind of plant oil.

As long as you don't drown in it you're fine.
User avatar #327709 to #327708 - ferrettamer (10/18/2014) [-]
I do, sort of. Idk, I don't really eat that healthy, it's hard to on campus with no kitchen or anything
User avatar #327711 to #327709 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
If you're on a campus then even if you drown it it's miles healthier than some of the other options.
User avatar #327712 to #327711 - ferrettamer (10/18/2014) [-]
Yea, I guess. I wish I could cook my own meals though. At least for dinner anyway
User avatar #327684 to #327677 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
Salad dressing is shit tier
User avatar #327680 to #327677 - leonhardt (10/18/2014) [-]
who the fuck puts salt on salad
User avatar #327683 to #327680 - rokkarokkaali ONLINE (10/18/2014) [-]
salad is shit without salt
User avatar #327686 to #327683 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
If you're eating a salad for the salt, you're missing the point of a salad.
User avatar #327687 to #327686 - dumerveil (10/18/2014) [-]
What? Some people eat salads because they legit like the taste.
User avatar #327688 to #327687 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
Yeah, the taste of the salad, not the taste of salt.

I love me a good caesar salad with some italian dressing, but adding salt to it just feels wrong.
User avatar #327690 to #327688 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Y'know the name salad comes from the roman word "salsus", meaning "salted", right? They are made for, and named after putting salt on them.
#327691 to #327690 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
Calling it "healthy" and then adding excess salt, though
User avatar #327692 to #327691 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Well, excess salt is another thing. But just putting salt on it is normal, that's the entire thing the plate is built around.
User avatar #327682 to #327680 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
This chick, apparently.

The rest of her group was nice enough but she seemed like a penis. Tipped like shit though.
User avatar #327668 to #327665 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
I want to hate it just because I've been hearing the "we want half life 2" chorus for the last 6 years, but I mean, it's a good idea. I think it's a fucking stupid way to use your money, and I don't think Half Life of all games is worth this when it's just a pretty good shooter, but if they really want to make it heard, then it's a pretty good way to do it, right?
#327670 to #327668 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
I think vavle knows how much people want the game, people can save their money for the actual game when it comes out in however many years it will take. it won't make it come any faster. It's a dumb idea that isn't needed.
#327667 to #327665 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
Because Valve is totally unaware of how much people want HL3.
#327658 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
Maaaaaan, there's only two male only options Dragon Age: Inquisition. Girls get 4 female only, plus the 2 bi options. Lemme break off a piece of Blackwell.
User avatar #327662 to #327658 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Fucking christ! The DA Faces are fucking horrible. I think I'm going to have to settle for Cullen or Dorian. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe Leliana if the engine is kind on her. Everyone else just looks horrible.
User avatar #327673 to #327662 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
Also Cullen isn't a gay option
User avatar #327675 to #327673 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Fuck! Then it's Cullen or Dorian, depending on what gender I pick.
User avatar #327672 to #327662 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
Can't choose Leliana, since she is with the Hero of Ferelden.
User avatar #327660 to #327658 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
wait no, you can get Cullen one of the advisors.
User avatar #327659 to #327658 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
I know right, Blackwall looks hot-ish
Now I'm stuck with Pedostache McGee or Hornman
#327663 to #327659 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
Think I'm gonna go with Cassandra. I like my ladies tough, but fuckable.
User avatar #327671 to #327663 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
It's actually quite a good mix this time, in 2 you could have:
Male: Fenris and Anders (Anders > Fenris)
Female: Merril and Isabella
and if you had the DLC you could have a option of Sebastian, if you were female.

In Inquistion you can have:
Male for Male: Dorian (pedostache man) and Iron Bull (anal with this guy will kill you, refer to "Mr Hands")
Female for Male: Cassandra Pentaghast and Lady Josephine
Male for Female: Blackwall, Solas and Cullen
Female for Female: Lady Josephine and Sera (Miss Fishlips)

Why can't Cullen be a male for male option?
User avatar #327636 - majormayor (10/17/2014) [-]
People who make a serious claim and then proceed to just insult anyone who disagrees are the worst. There are several on Tumblr where it's easy to get a lot of people against the other person if you're popular enough.
User avatar #327628 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
"I don't think there's anything wrong with hypersexualised women in games. I just think there should be a bit more mild and even unattractive options for female designs and some more sexualised dudes to make everything more inclusive."
Cue in seven comments that all open with "What's wrong with sexy women in games?"
User avatar #327820 to #327628 - megavoir (10/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #327674 to #327628 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
I'm ok with sexualised men in games.
User avatar #327676 to #327674 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Me 2. I don't want the sexualised women to go away. I just want more sexualised guys and more normal women.
User avatar #327746 to #327676 - finblob (10/18/2014) [-]
I want games to be so hypersexualised
I want flying dick enemies
#327641 to #327628 - smegmatron (10/17/2014) [-]
What is wrong with sexy stuff in games?
User avatar #327649 to #327641 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
"'I don't think there's anything wrong with hypersexualised women in games'"
#327651 to #327649 - smegmatron (10/18/2014) [-]
"What's wrong with sexy women in games?"

Look Pa I can quote things too, are you proud of me Pa?
User avatar #327652 to #327651 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
But apparently you can't read. If I've already expressed I don't think there are wrong with it, why the fuck are you trying to question me on what's wrong with it?
#327655 to #327652 - smegmatron (10/18/2014) [-]
It was in '' so I thought you were quoting some in your original post.

My bad
User avatar #327639 to #327628 - volero (10/17/2014) [-]
How would you sexualize a dude? Make him shirtless the entire game? Make his have huge bulge on his crotch?
User avatar #327657 to #327639 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
And Vega. Cannot forget Vega.
User avatar #327644 to #327639 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
Nah. Just, make him a handsome dude. Have him shirtless or otherwise dressed in a fashion other than giant armour or inexplicably tight but body-shape-unrevealing clothing every now and then. Shen Woo, Garcia Hotspur, New Dante, K, just change a few camera shots and add a few motions and Dante from DMC 3 counts, Ezio through through. It's easy, it's just uncommon.
#327661 to #327644 - epicscorpion (10/18/2014) [-]
listen im not into dudes but K' makes me question myself
User avatar #327664 to #327661 - thebestpieever (10/18/2014) [-]
I know, right?
#327643 to #327639 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
muh male power fantasy
User avatar #327642 to #327639 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
Saint's Row in a nutshell
User avatar #327640 to #327639 - volero (10/17/2014) [-]
#327631 to #327628 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#327634 to #327633 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #327632 to #327631 - majormayor (10/17/2014) [-]
I've seen that post several times in the past few days on Tumblr.
User avatar #327626 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
C9 Meteos went to my friends school today.
Wildturtle is going to my friends school tomorrow.
The best I get to meet is Dlift's girlfriend if I somehow manage to find her on campus.
User avatar #327645 to #327626 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
Yoooo wtf, they're in Canada?
User avatar #327646 to #327645 - ferrettamer (10/18/2014) [-]
Yea, Meteos was at McMaster today and yesterday I think, WT is going to UofT tomorrow and apparently, Doublelift's gf goes to my school, uWaterloo
User avatar #327648 to #327646 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
They didn't even go to the best school, Guelph
User avatar #327732 to #327648 - teoberry (10/18/2014) [-]
>these niggas actin like bishops aint the best choice
that or ubc/uvic
User avatar #327780 to #327732 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
None of those schools have good wrestling teams
User avatar #327783 to #327780 - teoberry (10/18/2014) [-]
wrestlings for pussies. bishops is the shit
User avatar #327781 to #327780 - teoberry (10/18/2014) [-]
wrestlings for pussies. bishops is the shit
User avatar #327779 to #327732 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
None of those schools have good wrestling teams
User avatar #327778 to #327732 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
None of those schools have good wrestling teams
User avatar #327653 to #327650 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
Gryphons strong
User avatar #327647 to #327646 - bladeboy (10/18/2014) [-]
They should come to CK :^) and try some of Miltons skunk weed, because we all know meteos blazes it
User avatar #327629 to #327626 - dumerveil (10/17/2014) [-]
Meteos is chill but Turtle legit has some brain problems.
User avatar #327630 to #327629 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
I'd rather meet Turtle cause 1, TSM, 2, I am the botlane and jungle is spoopy.
But I think you know who I would rather meet then those two. That's right, xpecial!
User avatar #327635 to #327630 - dumerveil (10/17/2014) [-]
I think I'd kill myself if I had to be around Turtle for any amount of time. Xpecial became such a wise philosopher through putting up with his shit.
User avatar #327637 to #327635 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
truly beatiful :')
#327618 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Oh yes, let's follow Zimbabwe's example.
That could never go wrong.
#327678 to #327618 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]
Wasn't Zimbabwe once called the "Breadbasket of Africa" then it all kinda imploded and they've been fucked food-wise and economy-wise since?
Wasn't Zimbabwe once called the "Breadbasket of Africa" then it all kinda imploded and they've been fucked food-wise and economy-wise since?
User avatar #327619 to #327618 - bladeboy (10/17/2014) [-]
GMOS are good, it's companies like monsanto that are shit
#327620 to #327619 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]

GMO's could play a part in ending world hunger and idiots are just caught up on Monsanto.
User avatar #327756 to #327620 - newposterintown (10/18/2014) [-]
Not really.
There is already enough food to feed the world so that is wrong wrong wrong and people still try to use it in arguments.
#327757 to #327756 - Common Pepe (10/18/2014) [-]
Maybe, but the possibility of developing crops that can grow in harsh climates and withstand droughts is not something we should pass up, "cuz organic guise!"
User avatar #327764 to #327757 - newposterintown (10/18/2014) [-]
Yes, but if food is already sufficient for feeding the world, then why would we need even more?
On top of that, I think we should look into how people survived before the industrial age of humanity. There had to have been a way for people to get by before GMO crops and monoculture.
User avatar #327656 to #327620 - fargfive (10/18/2014) [-]
To be fair, Mosanto is a pretty good reason why they might not solve world hunger. They're not exactly a charity and don't take kindly to people using their stuff without paying them, regardless of whether or not they intended to.
Countries that can't grow enough food also tend to be ones that can't foot Mosanto's bill.
#327613 - tvfreakuk (10/17/2014) [-]
I hate that I'm an impatient bastard that can't wait for American shows (or most foreign things to my country tbh) to be broadcast in the UK; and then I can't talk about them with anyone because of it
#327607 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Fat girls who hold the camera extremely close to their face to hide their body.
You're not fooling anyone.
User avatar #327617 to #327607 - bladeboy (10/17/2014) [-]
Fat people
User avatar #327638 to #327617 - nefarian (10/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #327612 to #327607 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
Unless the camera is looking down at you, can you really extend your arm enough to take a picture of your torso? At most you would get your chest, wouldn't you?
User avatar #327603 - dalokan (10/17/2014) [-]
I fucking hate that autist that makes long ass rants about everything with his fucking holier and better than thou attitude.
#327615 to #327603 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #327611 to #327610 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
best ogre 2000
User avatar #327559 - thesoulless ONLINE (10/17/2014) [-]
Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, The Summer Set, any band that plays that kinda stuff.
#327608 to #327559 - theoobernoober (10/17/2014) [-]
I can't fucking stand when singers have that really annoying whiny American accent, like Never Shout Never. Drives me fucking insane.
User avatar #327614 to #327608 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
british whiny accents are amazing though
User avatar #327588 to #327559 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
It's something that teenage girls would listen to and right after they listen to it they'd go to twitter and say "I luv indie! #hipster"
#327587 to #327559 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Never Shout Never...

why did I look that up?
User avatar #327585 to #327559 - tvfreakuk (10/17/2014) [-]
Just listened to coffee and cigarettes (was just the first thing to come up)

Meh, it's a pleasant sounding and easy thing to listen to if anything. But I think I get what you mean
User avatar #327557 - thegrohltroll (10/17/2014) [-]
I hate that man of steel is a shitty movie yet it has a great soundtrack. Sometimes i like to rewatch movies just to see how the soundtrack goes along with the story but i can't in this case because MoS fucking sucked.
User avatar #327491 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
I hope Ron Klain dies of ebola because he's too fucking stupid to ban commercial flights coming from the affected regions.

We probably wouldn't have ebola here in the states if we would have just banned flights from West Africa.

The virus is gonna spread because we're too fucking stupid to take necessary action to stop it.

I fucking hate Obama for his poor decision on putting Ron Klain in charge. Man has no medical background what so ever, I don't think he fully understands how easily it is to infect people, nor does he understand we're not even ready to take on ebola! If Dallas says anything about the rest of the health care here in America. I must say we're doomed.
#327679 to #327491 - themanwithnoplan (10/18/2014) [-]

Not taking sides, just saw this while looking over the news and thought it was neat.
User avatar #327681 to #327679 - shibe (10/18/2014) [-]
Haven't Sierra Leone and Guinea already closed their borders? Now we just need probably the hardest hit region Liberia to do the same. Liberia is getting fucked by ebola now, and we don't know how badly because they won't tell WHO the numbers. So will it really hurt our economy? Liberia can't be that big of a trading partner and I doubt stopping flights from that country would kill much. Unless people are ignorant and don't even know Sierra Leone and Guinea closed their borders to help stop the spread of ebola.

I don't know, I am a naive 14 year old with not much experience in the world, but I don't think stopping flights from probably the poorest country in the area will hurt so many people. At worst, it will cause panic in the states because people will think "oh no ebola is making us stop all flights it must be really bad oh my god" and that's because it is. But from what I've heard and seen, most people want the flights to be stopped.
#327518 to #327491 - epicscorpion (10/17/2014) [-]
I'm more afraid of catching rabies than ebola. You people are freaking out too much.
User avatar #327524 to #327518 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
replaces rabies with AIDS and then I agree with you
User avatar #327517 to #327491 - cycloneclone (10/17/2014) [-]
ah yes, better blame obama
its always obama's fault
the only reason those two nurses got ebola was because the hospital didn't take the proper precautions and didnt have the proper equipment to keep them safe
they are at different hospitals now, ones that actually know what fuck they are doing
ebola will never spread in developed nations like it does in west africa, never.
and shutting down the borders and completely halting all flights is just plain retarded
User avatar #327512 to #327491 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
did I just say drug I mean't disease
#327511 to #327491 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
ebola is not the easiest drug to spread
and the probability of a full blown epidemic in a first world country is incredibly low
shutting down flights to and from a certain part of the world would just be an inconvenience
if anything it is the African airports faults for not checking who they let on flights
User avatar #327529 to #327511 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
It's not the easiest in the literal term, but it's fairly fucking easy to get ebola if you aren't careful, and people aren't being careful.

It's not airborne, but it has pretty high infectivity. By that I mean if you get very little blood from someone who has on yourself, you're pretty much bound to get it.

It also lives on wet surfaces for a few days and dry surfaces for a few hours. Also you can have ebola and not have symptoms until days after you got it. Which means you could have, go throughout your day, and accidentally spread it without you knowing. Also, if people are stupid Like the latest nurse who got ebola, which she knew she was in contact with someone who had ebola yet went on a plane while she had symptoms , then it will spread much quicker.

It may be low, but it's very possible the way we're treating it. Spain is gonna have it rough considering their health care is absolute shit, it will probably spread to france and reports say there is a 50% chance of it getting to the UK.

It may be an inconvenience but it's the only reason we have ebola in the states. If it isn't so easy to spread, why have 2 nurses, who were in all out gear and shit, got ebola? Probably because they did something stupid.
User avatar #327549 to #327529 - bladeboy (10/17/2014) [-]
If I don't have any open wounds, and covered up all my orifices I could literally swim in ebola infected blood and not get infected
User avatar #327558 to #327549 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
dude if it was that hard to infect someone then 2 nurses shouldn't have ebola right now

I know that's true, but it's pretty hard to like close up every single hole in your body all the time.
User avatar #327564 to #327558 - bladeboy (10/17/2014) [-]
The two nurses got it because they weren't wearing the proper equipment.

How fucking often do you get body fluids flung into your eyes, mouth from other people?
User avatar #327569 to #327564 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]


Again, if it's that hard, then why did 2 nurses get ebola?

Saying they aren't wearing proper equipment is no excuse, you make it seem like it's impossible to get ebola.
User avatar #327583 to #327572 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]

See, we're not ready for ebola.

This is fucking sad how this is being handled. We're the best god damn nation ever and we fail to have a simple safety protocol for treating ebola.
User avatar #327575 to #327572 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]

We were literally bragging how we won't get ebola in the states because our health care system is so perfect the day before the first person was diagnosed.

Only 3 people have been diagnosed so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if more are diagnosed eventually. Maybe because I don't know, africans fly over here because better health care? That's what I'm really mad about.
User avatar #327536 to #327529 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
most countries are probably gonna have 1 or 2 people get it
but all those people are in hospitals being treated
OMG 2 people out of 350 MILLION
we are all gonna die
User avatar #327546 to #327536 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
also if it spreads to a region like India or china

User avatar #327545 to #327536 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]

2 of them are nurses who were in contact with the person with ebola.

Nurse is spain got infected when she came in contact with the priest who had ebola there.

She said she touched her face with the gloves she used to treat the ebola patient. That's her stupidity, but it kinda shows that we're not all really educated enough on how it spreads. Plus like I said, the nurse KNEW she came in contact with someone with ebola, she was even running a fever, one of the first symptoms of ebola, but no she thought it was a great idea to ride a plane, putting many people on that plane at danger.

www.nytimes.com/2014/10/18/us/ebola-cruise-ship-dallas.html?smid=re-share&_r=0 This is pretty much the best news I've heard ever since the first person was diagnosed with ebola in the states. It's the first step to make sure that more people don't get infected.

Plus, some say you must go like 21 days without symptoms before they know you don't have ebola. Research shows a few of the patients have an incubation period of LONGER than 21 days.

It's spreading in west africa with ease, and because Liberia isn't even reporting the correct numbers, the number of people infected is realistically over 20,000 in west africa.

That's a lot of people, most of them probably can't afford to come to the states, but ever since that one guy came, I'm certain there will be more that will come.

#327556 to #327545 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
>Expecting any standards for anything ever.
User avatar #327595 to #327556 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
this is the end oh my god rip united states

i welcome whatever communist party rises to power next
User avatar #327593 to #327556 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]

spain is handling it better than the states

User avatar #327596 to #327593 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
*Spain is handling it better then Texas/one hospital in Texas
User avatar #327597 to #327596 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
texas is part of the states

texas is representing the US right now in the ebola fight, it's appropriate to say states considering many other states have similar healthcare problems to Texas.
#327600 to #327597 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
I guuuuuuess   
it's nice being part of the Union and being clumped in witht he other states when the US does great things   
but then you also have to be clumped in with states with shitty healthcare or whatever else europoors complain about
I guuuuuuess
it's nice being part of the Union and being clumped in witht he other states when the US does great things
but then you also have to be clumped in with states with shitty healthcare or whatever else europoors complain about
User avatar #327601 to #327600 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
Some states have better healthcare which may be true, but without these states the USA simply wouldn't be as powerful as it is.

Texas especially
User avatar #327602 to #327601 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
I am just saying there are pros and cons
you are a state in the US "heck ya world super power, biggest economy in the world man on the moon etc."
but also "poor health care, racist red necks, Christian extremists", half the country thinks the world is 6000 years old doesn;t believe in evolution etc."
User avatar #327604 to #327602 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
Not a lot of Christian Extremists honestly. Plus a lot of people at my school are atheist.

Part of living in the only wealthy part of Tennessee I suppose.
User avatar #327605 to #327604 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
that is just how the world sees you
you get all the good and all the bad that comes with the United States
even if you live in a fairly secular state with good healthcare and education
User avatar #327562 to #327556 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
poor spain is gonna get fucked

I'm certain if it does spread to great Britain, you guys could handle it with ease, same with france.

USA should be able to handle it with ease, but we're already fucking up so.
User avatar #327566 to #327562 - themanwithnoplan (10/17/2014) [-]
From what I've heard from my family people moving between Spain and France are getting screened heavily, plus french airports are restricting flight from Africa.
#327565 to #327562 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
I look forward to the south being wiped out by Ebola
User avatar #327581 to #327565 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
If the south gets wiped out so will the north. Because if it gets so bad in the south, since we're like... the same country. Many people are gonna move to the north when they have the virus and don't even know it. Then boom, virus is all over the north. Now you may say "well the north is more educated so we're ok lmao". Please, if what university our doctors went to really changes a lot, then Tennessee will be fine, oh hey so will North Carolina, and hell even Alabama.
#327584 to #327581 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
the north has better Healthcare
at the very least New England will be safe, then as the rest of America falls we can start our own country
User avatar #327586 to #327584 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
New England would instantly implode on itself if it was it's own nation.

If we were to all die from ebola, the USA would probably break down, and slowly crumble... Like the Romans, the Ottomans, the German, the German, the German, and hell even the German.
User avatar #327590 to #327586 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
if it actually got so bad as to actually have an epidemic most states would probably have a state of emergency and the National Guard would shoot anyone who comes in
but again that is not gonna happen
however, if the US, or the federal government, did dissolve like the soviets, some of states would probably be ok
usually the ones with bigger GDPs, good healthcare and who are least dependent on the federal government
User avatar #327592 to #327590 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
Texas is probably the only state that could maybe handle itself for a while, and if this odd scenario does happen, it will be the first state to die. All other states would join together to form something like "Free States of America". They won't stay independent, mainly because I think those states want to remain sorta of a superpower.

Ebola won't be that big of a problem anyways, but if this were to happen, it would be very interesting.

But it won't.
User avatar #327594 to #327592 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
if the US collapses it is not a matter of wanting to stay a super power
it is a matter of you literally can't even run the federal government anymore, or keep the Union together, being a super power would not be possible
however I am sure lots of states would join together to form there own things
User avatar #327563 to #327562 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
lmao great Britain

i fukt up forgive bestpie
User avatar #327560 to #327556 - themanwithnoplan (10/17/2014) [-]
It is the country where a baby-replacing ring was run in hospitals for 30 years and no one caught on
User avatar #327561 to #327560 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #327547 to #327545 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
it spread in Africa with ease because they are third world nations with terrible health care systems
say what you want about US health care it is still first world
I am all for taking precautions and measures
but there is no need to go DEFCON 1 and put the nation in a fll on Quarantine
User avatar #327553 to #327547 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
It's also spreading in Africa easily because they aren't educated and are fucking retarded.

What I'm saying is, there is a lot of people that can fly to the states because they know they will get better treatment.
#327522 to #327521 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
I was joking
I was joking
User avatar #327527 to #327522 - aoeui (10/17/2014) [-]
I was only le kidding!
#327530 to #327527 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
jokes on you   
I was just pretending to be retarded
jokes on you
I was just pretending to be retarded
User avatar #327552 to #327530 - aoeui (10/17/2014) [-]
ren show me your dick
User avatar #327599 to #327555 - aoeui (10/17/2014) [-]
ren please show it to me
User avatar #327571 to #327555 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
don't cross the mascots
User avatar #327574 to #327571 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
says you
#327582 to #327574 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
Get the fuck off my territory, nigga.
User avatar #327576 to #327574 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
what are you implying
User avatar #327577 to #327576 - princessren (10/17/2014) [-]
from you, ok!
I learned it from you!
User avatar #327578 to #327577 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
but I don't
User avatar #327580 to #327579 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
I said don't cross the mascots
User avatar #327535 to #327530 - aoeui (10/17/2014) [-]
damn it I fell for it
User avatar #327506 to #327491 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
Oh, Shib, never change.
User avatar #327507 to #327506 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]

User avatar #327523 to #327507 - thebestpieever (10/17/2014) [-]
Nothing. Just get off the net, Shib, enjoy your last few days before we all die of ebola.
User avatar #327532 to #327523 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
i'm not scared of dying from ebola, just mad that there could be like 3 less people here in the states with ebola right now
#327501 to #327491 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
Sounds like Atlanta is handling it pretty well. Haven't heard of any hospital staff contracting ebola there.
We should probably house any ebola patients that pop up in America there.
User avatar #327503 to #327501 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
how about las vegas because whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas

put everyone with ebola in las vegas asap
User avatar #327494 to #327491 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
if shibe got ebola he would be shibola
User avatar #327496 to #327494 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
if alexanderburns got ebola he would be dead
User avatar #327500 to #327496 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
no i would survive any apocalypse and lead a band of other survivors
#327472 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
This is hilarious.
This is hilarious.
User avatar #327621 to #327472 - finblob (10/17/2014) [-]
Really? I don't like that guy that much.
User avatar #327573 to #327568 - nefarian (10/17/2014) [-]
Acting like you've been trolling doesn't make you look better
User avatar #327509 to #327472 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
that gif isn't that funny tbh, it's just some guy laughing like whats the point
#327513 to #327509 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
God dammit, you're right!
User avatar #327589 to #327513 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
be more funny you god damn amateur
User avatar #327598 to #327591 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #327606 to #327598 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
#327591 to #327589 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (29 minutes ago) [-]
User avatar #327616 to #327606 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
Haha! He stopped responding! Internet Argument #1054 won!
User avatar #327624 to #327623 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
too late i already won haha loser
User avatar #327625 to #327624 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
ur 2 good a memer
User avatar #327627 to #327625 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
i am the meme
User avatar #327609 to #327606 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
#327598 to #327591 - shibe ONLINE (20 minutes ago)

#327482 to #327472 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
#327480 to #327472 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
donated , he's at it again
#327551 to #327480 - donated (10/17/2014) [-]
Oh. This guy again....

It was fun the first time but its just becoming boring now.
#327492 to #327487 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate trolelel!
I'm obviously one of those retards who totally fell for it huehue
#327466 - Common Pepe (10/17/2014) [-]
is furiousmarshmallow the new shibe?
User avatar #327483 to #327466 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
Nah, shibe was actually liked by the board at the end of the day, he just had some shit taste.
Furious is just disliked AND has shit taste, its the wombo combo
inb4 " I was trolling the whole time huehuehue!"
#327489 to #327483 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
Actually, it was just trolling the whole time. I used the same exact arguments I use to explain why I hate it to an extreme degree. Seemed to work.   
But if you really wanna go the, "duhhh hes covering up bein stupid by pretendin 2 trol" route, fine by me.
Actually, it was just trolling the whole time. I used the same exact arguments I use to explain why I hate it to an extreme degree. Seemed to work.

But if you really wanna go the, "duhhh hes covering up bein stupid by pretendin 2 trol" route, fine by me.
#327495 to #327489 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
Wowsers, I really did call it 20 minutes ago
Gud one m8! You totally don't have the mental capacity of a 7 year old!
#327499 to #327495 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
Good. Use the sarcasm if it makes you feel better.
#327510 to #327505 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
BTW, Rin is a shit "waifu."
BTW, Rin is a shit "waifu."
#327514 to #327510 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
I am too troled, somebody call the cyber police
User avatar #327515 to #327514 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
#327499 to #327495 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (5 minutes ago) [-]
Good. Use the sarcasm if it makes you feel better.
User avatar #327486 to #327483 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
I was just too much of a whiny faggot lmao
User avatar #327498 to #327486 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
I suppose that was part of it
The whole shit music taste thing didn't help either ;^)
User avatar #327508 to #327498 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI7tWjAct6E ;^) my shit taste is better than your shit taste

But seriously, I don't think would really care if I wasn't so pretentious about it. I meant any insult to anyone's taste as a joke, I know to most people, I have shit taste. But I didn't know so many would seriously hate me for it.
User avatar #327533 to #327508 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
I couldn't think of the name of the pretentious fuck bag who made it, and it was gonna kill me if I couldn't think of the name
User avatar #327519 to #327508 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
You are implying that I don't like that song
The only shit taste we were talking about hating was when you posted shit like that one ambient noise piece and called it genius.
User avatar #327537 to #327519 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
never said it was genius
User avatar #327538 to #327537 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
shibe, you are not gonna make me look through all your comments just to find you calling this genius, are you?
User avatar #327539 to #327538 - shibe (10/17/2014) [-]
i never said it was genius, i said it was in a way music, but didn't say it was genius. It's stupid, but just because I say it's "avant-garde" doesn't mean it's genius.

I said john cage is a genius, not for 4'33", but for his crazy ideas that ended up shaping experimental music for the next 100 years.
User avatar #327541 to #327539 - averagewhitekid (10/17/2014) [-]
I'll believe you for now shibe... for now...
User avatar #327476 to #327466 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
I haven't seen chosentroll tell him to kill himself, so no
User avatar #327484 to #327475 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
You're too newfag to even know about shibe
User avatar #327488 to #327485 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
we don't allow newfags here. leave.
last ones we let in were thebestpieever and princessren and we still haven't recovered from that
User avatar #327528 to #327488 - nefarian (10/17/2014) [-]
thebestpieever is newer than me? what
User avatar #327531 to #327528 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
who are you
User avatar #327534 to #327531 - nefarian (10/17/2014) [-]
The one secretly providing you with sanic porn
User avatar #327497 to #327493 - alexanderburns (10/17/2014) [-]
if furiousmarshmellow wanted to explore homosexuality he would be curiousmarshmellow
User avatar #327526 to #327497 - ferrettamer (10/17/2014) [-]
are we making this a thing again
#327502 to #327497 - furiousmarshmellow (10/17/2014) [-]
>implying I haven't
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