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#333152 - aoeui (11/03/2014) [-]
You People Are Very Disrespectful and Immature.

I realize that I was just fuckin around, but that doesn’t mean that you guys have to be complete assholes and jerks. Yes, I have a big forehead, because I have a big brain meaning I smart. I was born with it and you jerks weren’t, whoopdeedoo.

Despite your sad attempt at cyber-bullying, I still have love for this site. Hatred only makes things worse.
User avatar #333154 to #333152 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
User avatar #333186 to #333154 - aoeui (11/03/2014) [-]
shibe can you leave again lol
User avatar #333190 to #333186 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
alright i'm back
User avatar #333189 to #333186 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
Wait... Sure!
User avatar #333187 to #333186 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
#333145 - majormayor (11/03/2014) [-]
I hate how Five Nights at Freddy's has become yet another victim of being something horror-themed that ends up no longer being very scary thanks to the fans. Then again, the game looks really goofy outside of context anyway, but oh so much of the art is just cutesy or pornographic reimaginings of the characters, and the art that actually tries to be just horror-themed that's not one of those cutesy gifs that gets covered in blood and shit for a quick frame tend to lack the subtlety of the original source. I think the same happened to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, but it's off worse as it's now predictable that things are going to be bad and it's not even that scary either (the third video came out a few days ago and it wasn't as good as the first two aside from the visuals). I don't think the sequel is going to be that scary for these reasons but at least it looks interesting so far like the faceless Bonnie and the puppet thing in the children's drawings (there's wires all over the damn place, BTW) . Two more things I've got to say about the game are that it seems like most fans seem to treat the children haunting the machines theory definite canon and the FN@F general threads on /vg/ are like a new Katawa Shoujo general because it's mostly people just making silly comics and making smut (and lots of it).

Like I have already said, this seems to be what happens to many horror creations and sometimes it ends up making the original source less scary. The only exception I can think of is John Carpenter's The Thing because even if you try to make it "cute" you can't take away the fact it's a nasty biological abomination (e.g. this picture: www.deviantart.com/art/Thing-Dog-Valentine-s-Day-Card-198874620 ).
User avatar #333278 to #333145 - lobselvith (11/03/2014) [-]
I think anything with a huge fan following or something that becomes a trend is pretty much already doomed from the start to have any atmosphere it's trying to create ruined by the fans. I mean, take a look at what happened to Slender man and some other creepypastas. Hell, even Harry Potter was ruined by obsessive dickslaps who couldn't keep their shitty head cannons to themselves.
User avatar #333435 to #333278 - majormayor (11/03/2014) [-]
Well, I did manage to enjoy Marble Hornets to its end. There were even a few moments that scared me even though I knew they were coming when I rewatched the older entries several months ago for the first time in chronological order.
User avatar #333147 to #333145 - thebestpieever (11/03/2014) [-]
I've never had a piece of fanwork affect my opinion of whatever the original material is. Also, that Thing Valentines card is fucking adorable.
User avatar #333148 to #333147 - majormayor (11/03/2014) [-]
My point is that it's harder to see the source as being scarier anymore. As for your later statement, I know all kinds of things can be seen as being cute (I know this feel), but it'd be really hard to depict it as anything lesser.
User avatar #333149 to #333148 - thebestpieever (11/03/2014) [-]
And my point is, I've never experienced that. I am capable of doing the mental disconnection between the material and its intrinsic tone and whatever is done in its name outside of it.
User avatar #333151 to #333149 - majormayor (11/03/2014) [-]
I guess I just want to see more good creepy fan art. Oh well. I still think DHMIS is boned to be uninteresting anyway.
User avatar #333141 - asdefea (11/03/2014) [-]
DAE swag = secretly we are gay minecraft justin beiber is shit?
User avatar #333140 - cycloneclone (11/03/2014) [-]
titles for content that are something like
"classic /b/"
"oh /b/"
or even worse just

I also hate how FJ's views of 4chan are so misconstrued
User avatar #333142 to #333140 - awesomerninjathing (11/03/2014) [-]
/b/ is literally the entirety of 4chan
User avatar #333150 to #333142 - ferrettamer (11/03/2014) [-]
it may as well be
#333119 - fistfireace (11/03/2014) [-]
I remember why I started to hate my sister; not because of petty stuff like when she woke me up (I posted about it a few days ago). No, definitely not stuff like that, but a long time ago, when I was about 10 or something, I was stayed home from school and my sister came at my house later that day.

On that day I seen my sister arguing with my grandmother (who is now dead) and things escalated - my sister pushed my grandmother making her fall on a fucking glass table. Fucking seriously? Why the fuck would you push a 70 year old lady on a mother fucking glass table? Fucking cunt.

I don't know why I just remembered this, but I did and now I'm fucking pissed. It may have been a long time ago, but that's something I'll never be able to forgive.
User avatar #333138 to #333119 - thebestpieever (11/03/2014) [-]
Your sister sounds like a bundle of love and joy. Has she committed arson as of late?
User avatar #333139 to #333138 - fistfireace (11/03/2014) [-]
Surprisingly, no.
#333132 to #333119 - foreveranonymous (11/03/2014) [-]
Well that's not very polite, is it?
User avatar #333155 to #333132 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
why was this made and who made it
User avatar #333156 to #333155 - foreveranonymous (11/03/2014) [-]
They mashed the mouse character from Touhou with the other mouse for shits and giggle, probably
User avatar #333157 to #333156 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
this makes me mad
User avatar #333159 to #333158 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
alright i'm good now
User avatar #333124 to #333119 - masterboll (11/03/2014) [-]
post pics of your sister
User avatar #333125 to #333124 - fistfireace (11/03/2014) [-]
She's a landwhale, I don't think you want pictures of her. Also, I don't have pics anyways.
User avatar #333121 to #333119 - fistfireace (11/03/2014) [-]
#333106 - anonymous (11/03/2014) [-]
...are you fucking serious
User avatar #333144 to #333106 - rebornpooper (11/03/2014) [-]
You know what really sucks about that trailer?
The woman who does Grumpy Cat's voice also did that depressing water tribe chick from Korra. She's not a bad voice actress, but someone somewhere decided "hey, she can do depressing tones, but let's have her be fun and perky just because!"
User avatar #333131 to #333106 - leadstriker (11/03/2014) [-]
i didn't know you could milk a cat
#333136 to #333131 - asdefea has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #333130 to #333106 - thesoulless ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
Fantastic meme right there.
User avatar #333118 to #333106 - jadewest (11/03/2014) [-]
10/10 movie of the year
#333105 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
i hate it when i have no one to play cs:go with
#333117 to #333105 - anonymous (11/03/2014) [-]
Play with me :^)

User avatar #333120 to #333117 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
you're probably silver 7 though
User avatar #333123 to #333122 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
do i even have you added

i'm nova 2 btw was nova 3 but solo queing for so long is not helpful
User avatar #333107 to #333105 - alexanderburns (11/03/2014) [-]
god damn it furiousmarshmellow shut up already
User avatar #333108 to #333107 - shibe ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
#333104 - themanwithnoplan ONLINE (11/03/2014) [-]
I hate pizzas that have such thick crust it's layered 75% crust

If you make a comment that says "look at all that funny" with a picture of cleavage/junk/something that doesn't even look sexual then there's a good chance I hate you

It's not at the point of hate, but if you're Canadian and take part of those "if America and Canada went to war, who would win?" debates and take Canada's side, you're nuts. There's patriotism and then there's insanity. Their military spending/size is the one thing America is objectively better at/bigger than any other country. This ain't the 1850s when Prussia existed and Canada was basically Britain's arm in America. Plus, and I know this scenario is meant to take place in a bubble with no real reasoning, what reason would there be for that? Did the Americans beat Canada in olympic hockey and it all went wrong?

I hate my skills/luck in fantasy sports teams. I pick players I think would be good role players and consistent, but it almost never pans out.
User avatar #333220 to #333104 - wallbuilder (11/03/2014) [-]
There are people who seriously think Canada could beat America in a 1v1 war? Mmk, I'm gonna' need you to take drastic action and unfriend those people from facebook, delete them from skype etc, then butcher them like the retarded cows they are.
#333311 to #333220 - anonymous (11/03/2014) [-]
They'll cut-off your bacon Nancy. You'd be giving them rim-jobs in a week.
User avatar #333312 to #333311 - wallbuilder (11/03/2014) [-]
That is good information to have.
User avatar #333096 - volero (11/02/2014) [-]
I don't know why, but eating salads for me is hit and miss.
Sometimes I can eat them just fine, others it makes me sick and I can't finish it.
User avatar #333126 to #333096 - masterboll (11/03/2014) [-]
whats so sickening about salad?

it feels like im eating air more than half the time
User avatar #333098 to #333096 - squalllionhart (11/02/2014) [-]
but a nice fresh salad can be a godsend after months of eating instant noodles
User avatar #333093 - squalllionhart (11/02/2014) [-]
i hate that it's almost 2015 and FJ still can't get 4chans cock out of its mouth
#333129 to #333093 - masterboll (11/03/2014) [-]
dont you dare say anything bad about le 4chin
User avatar #333103 to #333093 - bladeboy (11/03/2014) [-]
I barely saw anyone sucking 4chan off for the first couple months of 2014. But it's started up again with the GG thing.
#333080 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
Why do 90% of people in Nu Metal bands looks like douchebags?   
 Which is a shame, because I think I like this genre now.
Why do 90% of people in Nu Metal bands looks like douchebags?

Which is a shame, because I think I like this genre now.
User avatar #333340 to #333080 - megavoir (11/03/2014) [-]
wow your taste is so fucking garbage
User avatar #333083 to #333080 - misanthrizzle (11/02/2014) [-]
Wearing masks or all black on stage isn't new, if you don't like it don't like their pictures or associate with the concerts.
#333089 to #333083 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
No, I understand masks and wearing all black.

It's THIS I don't understand.
User avatar #333195 to #333089 - rokkarokkaali (11/03/2014) [-]
is that mudvayne
User avatar #333090 to #333089 - misanthrizzle (11/02/2014) [-]
Lots and lots of alcohol.
User avatar #333082 to #333080 - shibe ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
it probably has to do with the shit music they make
User avatar #333092 to #333082 - thesoulless ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
Said Shibe.
User avatar #333095 to #333092 - shibe ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
said thesoulless.
User avatar #333094 to #333088 - shibe ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
fuck you
User avatar #333101 to #333100 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
Sued for copyright.
#333079 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
This terrifies me.
#333081 to #333079 - mrskeletonman (11/02/2014) [-]
They've got the make up all wrong. Those don't even look like they're skulls made of makeup.
User avatar #333070 - shenro (11/02/2014) [-]
fkin stupid homeless people that, instead of sleeping on the top floor of the building, sleep on any of the floors except the top. like this hobo i just encountered was sleeping on the 1st floor so i had to wait for him to get up so i can walk my dog outside she attacks everything that breathes so i couldnt just walk her past him carefully then when comming back he was sleepin on the stairs to the 4th floor which is mine and this time i didnt feel like waiting for his slow ass so i just lifted my dog up and carried her past him, and shes a fully grown german shepard. like no wonder they're homeless, they have no common sense and just buy alcohol with all the money they can get.
#333075 to #333070 - ohemgeezus (11/02/2014) [-]
If your dog attacks everything that breathes doesen't she bark at them as soon as she sees them?
User avatar #333076 to #333075 - shenro (11/02/2014) [-]
she does and it was midnight so she probably woke alot of people up, thats why i also said i couldnt walk her past peacefully
#333077 to #333076 - ohemgeezus (11/02/2014) [-]
You'd figure that when a dog is barking like right next to you, you'd move. This is why I refuse to give money to them, and there's so many of them faking out there
User avatar #333078 to #333077 - shenro (11/02/2014) [-]
well when he was on the 1st floor he woke up and moved outside (very very slowly, like i could crawl faster) but then he went to the almost 4th floor thinking that i lived at floors 1-3 and wouldnt encounter him anymore.
#333068 - ohemgeezus (11/02/2014) [-]
That I came back after like a month of not being on and I see 0 change other than even more shitposters. Idk why I even came back
User avatar #333071 to #333068 - nefarian ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
I'm glad you're contributing
#333072 to #333071 - ohemgeezus (11/02/2014) [-]
This entire board is shitpost, though
User avatar #333066 - thebestpieever (11/02/2014) [-]
I tuned in the TV to watch something that's not the BBC or cartoons for the first time in eight years or so. And holy shit, how can people watch that? I was watching this interview show on a fox channel and it was unbearable. Some balding fifty something dude with a nose the size of Yorkshire and the smile of a man who's planning to stab you was asking questions while creepily rubbing his hands together every few seconds. And then this 40 something blonde body snatcher who barely understands the concept of a smile or an emotion tried to mimic a grin and you could practically cut diamonds on how tense that fake smile is. And they're just chatting away with the guest as if I'm supposed to feel invested and not creeped out by these automatons with completely unnatural speech blabbering away at some bloke. It was jarring.
#333058 - anonymous (11/02/2014) [-]
My life has been so shit recently. I have had an awful surgery, lost a lot of friends after they have become pieces of shit, i am losing motivation for school work, and my grandma might die soon.
I am asking my crush out soon, and if she says no i might an hero...
User avatar #333065 to #333058 - Decode ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
I'm in the same boat with you, and while I know this isn't /advice/ I'll see if I can help you, even if only a little. I've had multiple surgeries to stay alive, then even more to try and fight the chronic pain I live with. In fact, my next surgery just got approved today, so I'll probably be gone sometime this week. Friends, all but 2, my 2 best friends, became completely useless shits after highschool. They are the only two who are not only doing something with their lives, but never forget to include me even if I can't do a ton of things. This last year, my motivation in college went to its all time low, and as such I failed my last semester and am failing this current one. I'm not trying to, but the pain is horribly distracting, and when I do bad on anything my mood worsens and doesn't really come back up. The girl (last semester, not this semester) who was flirting with me, later turned out she was just using me to make her ex bf in our class jealous. I didn't know what to do then so I just ditched the class the rest of that semester because life had gotten to out of hand for me, and yes, I thought of maybe going an hero.

I didn't, and the times didn't get better, they got worse. Still, I pick myself up in the morning, no matter how much pain, and keep going. It sucks, it will a lot, but like people will tell you, don't do something permanent for problems that are temporary. You will eventually find someone who makes you happy, you'll get back the motivation to go to school if you really want it, or if not go to trade school? why not? not everyone is cut out for college, its not a bad thing.

I'm not doing this as an "look, my life is shit too and I'm still going, so suck it up" I'm doing it as a "I KNOW it sucks, a lot of people do, but you can do it. It may not seem like it right now, it may be depressing for awhile, but you can fight through this and come out on top."
User avatar #333062 to #333058 - fistfireace (11/02/2014) [-]
If you're going to an hero, then at least do it at another time than when your crush rejects you. That's just going to make her think that she's the reason you killed yourself and will blame herself, which may or may not impact the rest of her life.
User avatar #333064 to #333062 - dumerveil (11/02/2014) [-]
But FJ taught me that women are heartless. Why would she even care?
User avatar #333069 to #333064 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
The people that have never touched a woman taught you women are heartless?
User avatar #333084 to #333069 - dumerveil (11/02/2014) [-]
That's the joke.
User avatar #333086 to #333085 - dumerveil (11/02/2014) [-]
I'm sorry.
User avatar #333087 to #333086 - furiousmarshmellow ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
is fine
User avatar #333067 to #333064 - thebestpieever (11/02/2014) [-]
She'll just pass you there.
#333056 - anonymous (11/02/2014) [-]
Duck Dynasty.

And I don't mean that in a "get this homophobic shit off the air" kind of way.

The show so blatantly panders to Middle Americans. All the controversies are manufactured, so working class Conservative Americans will continue to watch the show religiously, like it's a righteous act. The backlash from the homophobic remark came shortly before a new season started. And before that, they started a false rumor that A&E would cut the prayers from the show just before the new season was about to air.

Also, you can easily find pictures of the Robertsons before the show aired. They look like a bunch of Yuppies.
User avatar #333052 - thesoulless ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
I hate that I had never really listened to Louis Armstrong before now.
User avatar #333051 - thesoulless ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
I was looking at the thing about the black cosplayer getting shot, and I clicked on a link about some kind of robot fighting exhibition in Beijing, and then I saw this.


None of these weapons are exactly shocking, and there was only one picture that I could actually believe was taken of ISIS equipment.
User avatar #333057 to #333051 - noooooooooo ONLINE (11/02/2014) [-]
ISIS captured Iraqi/Syrian military equipment!? What!?
User avatar #333055 to #333051 - teoberry (11/02/2014) [-]
even if they have control of them, it's not like they have the ability to properly maintain them, or even use them for that matter.
User avatar #333046 - KINGOFTHESTARS (11/02/2014) [-]
That "walking around nyc as a woman" video.

Other than the few instances of obvious harassment, nothing was wrong with the clips shown.

Hell, if that bitch didnt get any compliments for being so fine, shed feel all sorts of fucked up.

Trixie tang complex with feminists i tellyawhat.
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