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User avatar #46320 - thatdamnllama (04/08/2015) [-]
the Flames and Jets owe the Oilers a ridiculously huge thank you.
User avatar #46321 to #46320 - teoberry (04/08/2015) [-]
>flames might actually make playoffs
body not ready
User avatar #46322 to #46321 - thatdamnllama (04/08/2015) [-]
if the Flames beat the Kings on Thursday, the Flames and Jets are in.

the Canadian team hype is real.
User avatar #46323 to #46322 - teoberry (04/08/2015) [-]
im excited for the red mile. that shit is hype
User avatar #46324 to #46323 - thatdamnllama (04/08/2015) [-]
considering my Bolts have already clinched a spot, i really want the Flames to win, because if there's one team that's gonna flick the switch in the playoffs, it's the Kings as usual.
User avatar #46319 - narddogg (04/08/2015) [-]
Shoutout to my Montreal Impact boys for reaching the Champions League final today, first Canadian team ever!
User avatar #46318 - didtheoilerswin (04/08/2015) [-]
Yes!!! As much as this season has been rough we can take solace in the fact we probably just eliminated the reigning cup champs from the playoff race.
#46316 - theonlyg ONLINE (04/08/2015) [-]
#46315 - bigshowsteveo (04/08/2015) [-]
Jets beat Blues, hears hoping the Oilers will beat the Kings
Jets beat Blues, hears hoping the Oilers will beat the Kings
#46317 to #46315 - bigshowsteveo (04/08/2015) [-]
holy shit the Oilers beat LA
holy shit the Oilers beat LA
#46313 - hockeykicksass (04/08/2015) [-]
MFW Penguins blow a 3-0 lead and lose
MFW Penguins blow a 3-0 lead and lose
#46309 - saltyfries (04/08/2015) [-]
I just noticed ESPN made a hilarious typo that read Raiders own 3rd pick in NBA draft
User avatar #46307 - storkillen (04/08/2015) [-]
Just got on a racing bike for a first time today, tried it out on a mounted thing. Tested some stuff under the guidance of my dad - but afterwards I was completely exhausted. It's difficult to describe, but my vision became almost completely white - could only see a small area right where I focused my vision at.

It ended up getting worse and I could barely stand up, at this point I was trying to get up the stairs with my vision completely blanked out. Dad helped me get to a bench and calm down for a bit, but it ended up lasting for perhaps 5 mins or so. Felt great actually pushing my body to it's limit for once, as I tend to stay in and play games/sit in front of the computer. Going to bike tomorrow aswell, but of course taking it more easy.

So, has this happened to you guys aswell? My understanding of it was that my brain simply didn't get enough oxygen, and the capillary arteries in my eyes were getting closed off by the sphincters. The nausea was probably from me changing from "lying down" position to standing straight so quickly.
#46306 - bigshowsteveo (04/07/2015) [-]
Sens VS Pens for Wildcard spot, Winnipeg fighting to stay ahead of LA, Calgary trying to stay ahead awesome night of hockey
Sens VS Pens for Wildcard spot, Winnipeg fighting to stay ahead of LA, Calgary trying to stay ahead awesome night of hockey
User avatar #46308 to #46306 - bondofsnow (04/08/2015) [-]
Senators seem to be getting btfo right now, but the Pens do tend to give up big leads. I was hoping this would be a good game to watch, i'm a bit disappointed so far.
User avatar #46310 to #46308 - bondofsnow (04/08/2015) [-]
OT, now its gettin good.
#46312 to #46311 - bigshowsteveo (04/08/2015) [-]
fuck yeah SENS!
fuck yeah SENS!
#46299 - anonymous (04/07/2015) [-]
Is it also dukes fault Wisconsin took 20 seconds to get a shot off. The refs are always bad during these games. Get over it
User avatar #46297 - sphincterface (04/07/2015) [-]
Well that was a bullshit game if I've ever seen one. I may like Duke, but damn that was shitty officiating.
#46291 - bolieve (04/07/2015) [-]
Tell me he didn't touch the ball
User avatar #46294 to #46291 - Elk (04/07/2015) [-]
He didn't touch it.
User avatar #46295 to #46294 - bolieve (04/07/2015) [-]
Are you serious?
#46303 to #46295 - Elk (04/07/2015) [-]
**Elk used "*roll picture*"**
**Elk rolled image** I'm just doing what I was told to do. :'(
#46292 to #46291 - suddenk (04/07/2015) [-]
MFW that call
#46289 - kkKhris (04/07/2015) [-]
as much as I'm pro ACC minus UNCheat that was a BS call if i have ever seen 1.
User avatar #46288 - saltyfries (04/07/2015) [-]
I didn't watch the game, but it sounds a little like Wisconsin got screwed? cuz that ain't right
User avatar #46293 to #46288 - damandan (04/07/2015) [-]
Refs were bad on both sides
User avatar #46286 - thatdamnllama (04/07/2015) [-]
all i've seen about the Duke vs. Wisconsin game is that it was shit officiating.

that's sports for ya.
User avatar #46287 to #46286 - damandan (04/07/2015) [-]
even the final 4 had shit officiating
User avatar #46285 - geneticho (04/07/2015) [-]
I almost never watch sports, but that Duke v. Wisconsin game was probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
User avatar #46281 - damandan (04/07/2015) [-]
Say hello to the 2 time, 2 time, 2 time fj bracket champion
User avatar #46278 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/07/2015) [-]
How do the refs not see the finger touched the ball? And now duke scored a 3 because of that. Thankfully frank scored 3 as well, but still. Better down 3 than 5.
User avatar #46284 to #46278 - MillionsKnives (04/07/2015) [-]
That was a fucked up officiating crew. Terrible call on the out of bounds play, and terrible 2nd half in general. They made all of those stupid calls when Jones would pretend to get hit or run right into the defender and draw a call, but when Wisconsin did it, it would be an offensive foul.

That's not to say the Badgers did well, though, as they had players completely absent (Dekker from the 3 point line, Jackson just everywhere), but to have the game decided that utterly and completely by bad officiating just makes me furious.
User avatar #46290 to #46284 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/07/2015) [-]
The Badgers did not look like the team that beat Kentucky either. I have a feeling that the Kentucky win took away their sense of urgency. Duke beat a 7 seed to get to the finals, of course they knew they had a tough fight ahead of them, while Wisc. probably thought they already won the tough battle. They should know that Duke did beat them in the regular season, and they should have been focused on the next game.
User avatar #46279 to #46278 - bolieve (04/07/2015) [-]
They are fucked, that's how
User avatar #46280 to #46279 - hawaiianhappysauce (04/07/2015) [-]
Either way, those 2 freshman on Duke overachieved that game. I think you need those young guys to step up in the big games if you want to win (like Kwai Leonard in the NBA Finals mvp last year)
User avatar #46283 to #46280 - bolieve (04/07/2015) [-]
Fuck Kawai Leonard, He lost me $20 with those bricked FT's in their first matchup.
User avatar #46298 to #46283 - kawai (04/07/2015) [-]
hey! fuck you too
User avatar #46276 - bolieve (04/07/2015) [-]
What a fucking flop
User avatar #46275 - enjoigiggity (04/07/2015) [-]
I might sound like a complete faggot but does anyone else use the Topps Kick app?
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