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#931 - gtrainng (06/18/2012) [-]
**** i love rugby, true mans sport
User avatar #930 - vwanyama (06/18/2012) [-]
Rugby is for the fat people who didn't have the skill to play football. Also it's mainly big sweaty guys groping each other.
#937 to #930 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
>Implying soccer players don't go around feeling each others asses and ball.
>Implying you need skill to kick a ball up and down a field.
User avatar #942 to #937 - vwanyama (06/18/2012) [-]
Just going by what i've seen. At school all the guys who couldn't play football were fat and decided to play rugby. Ps watch some Lionel Messi videos and say theres no skill in football.
#955 to #942 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
Watch some videos of rugby and tell me theres no skill. Rugby is far more about working as a team and supporting each other. Even then there are still some extremley skilled players. Richie MacCaw and Dan Carter to be some.
#964 to #955 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
mccaw is old **** and passed it o brien and pocock and warburton are by far better 7s now
#923 - ijizz **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#921 - trevorsta (06/18/2012) [-]
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#919 - mobilechicane (06/18/2012) [-]
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#952 to #919 - suko (06/18/2012) [-]
#928 to #919 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
Hello, ladies.
User avatar #924 to #918 - maidenmk ONLINE (06/18/2012) [-]
I've seen that happen in a couple of games. **** that would hurt!
#909 - slenderize (06/18/2012) [-]
Now THATS how you play rugby!
Now THATS how you play rugby!
User avatar #908 - arsecandle (06/18/2012) [-]
Another post comparing two sports entirely based on opinions? **** this ****

Saw it on facebook as well which is just awful
#907 - Kajekillz (06/18/2012) [-]
User avatar #902 - theannoyingFJguy (06/18/2012) [-]
AFL is manly as well. Saw a guy break his leg and keep playing until he fell over again.
User avatar #940 to #902 - ndiliciousa (06/18/2012) [-]
You can't play with a broken leg... trust me :)
#916 to #902 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
User avatar #926 to #916 - maidenmk ONLINE (06/18/2012) [-]
There have been quite a few broken legs in aussie football, but continuing to play doesnt happen.
User avatar #972 to #926 - theannoyingFJguy (06/18/2012) [-]
he tried to. he hobbled over to the ball and fell over again then got carried off.
#978 to #972 - maidenmk ONLINE (06/18/2012) [-]

More man than me!
#892 - pimpvader (06/18/2012) [-]
**pimpvader rolled a random image posted in comment #26748 at Slice of Life thread II **
#886 - Ahhstin (06/18/2012) [-]
Highest paid rugby player - Jonathan Thurston - $700k
Highest paid NFL player - Peyton Manning - 23 milion.
#933 to #886 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
not to mention that, that is league. Rugby Union gets even less. and they are tougher.
#885 - kingzter (06/18/2012) [-]
**kingzter rolled a random image posted in comment #6 at New episode of LOK tomorrow!!!!! ** if the guy in white is H2, cause the guy in green is O2, I wouldn't wanna cross their path
#867 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
OP I suggest you look up those soccer players with their legs broken after hit by a sliding, you know where one half of their legs is loosely hanging on the other half.
User avatar #925 to #867 - dontcheckthetags (06/18/2012) [-]
Yes but those soccer players aren't alright after that are they
#870 to #867 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
I suggest you look up the amouant of deaths each year from rugby...
#917 to #870 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
dying doesn't make them tough, it makes it a stupid game.
#864 - glasgowrangers (06/18/2012) [-]
Rugby is just an excuse for overgrown men to be socially accepted while group groping each other in public

I welcome the butt hurt
#887 to #864 - coolusrname (06/18/2012) [-]
A fag and a Rangers fan? Either is forgivable but never the two combined
User avatar #868 to #864 - glasgowrangers (06/18/2012) [-]
Also, Ruby players carry fake capsules of blood to make it look like they're bleeding. How woosy is that!
#944 to #868 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
I think you're mistaking rugby for wrestling.
Also:> Implying that football players don't run around groping each others asses, then rolling on the ground, holding their face, because someone accidently bumped into their shoulder.

Football is for people that are too uneducated for a normal job, and not skilled enough to be an actor (Take Vinnie Jones for example, he was the one exception that had the skill to be an actor and left football when he had the chance)
#879 to #868 - thaneofwhiterun (06/18/2012) [-]
Cant tell if trolling
Cant tell if trolling
User avatar #911 to #905 - thaneofwhiterun (06/18/2012) [-]
Oh, wow. A news article about it happening a couple of times. Big deal, that doesn't mean **** . I'm not talking about northern hemisphere teams anyway. Buck Shelford (one of the greatest all blacks players of all time) got his scrotum ripped in a ruck and played for 20 minutes with a testicle hanging out. Tell me again about how Fagball is better. You sir are stupid and obviously don't know **** .
User avatar #914 to #911 - glasgowrangers (06/18/2012) [-]
i didn't say better (although in my opinion i like it more). I was just pointing out that Rugby players aren't all as manly as they'd make out lol.

That's a British player ^^ so i'm talking about Britain. It happens a lot when players want to be subbed to get an extra man on.
User avatar #883 to #879 - glasgowrangers (06/18/2012) [-]
Do you not think that they do?
User avatar #856 - hairbrush (06/18/2012) [-]
Am I the only one who calls 'Football' Soccer, and AFL Football?!
User avatar #903 to #856 - MudkipTomislav (06/18/2012) [-]
Sadly no and this causes a lot of confusion so don't.
#862 to #856 - anonymous (06/18/2012) [-]
well i always thought you were supposed to call AFL footy
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