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#57760 to #57733 - 4chan refugee (02/15/2014) [-]
He thinks he deserves better video games?

Fuck that, this piece of shit barely even deserves to breathe.
#57735 to #57733 - pebar (02/15/2014) [-]
crime: killing 80 people
punishment: not being allowed to play modern games

Norway's FW
#57734 to #57733 - pebar has deleted their comment [-]
#57788 to #57730 - economic (02/16/2014) [-]
"Aren't you afraid with all these black people here"
"No, there's security here".
User avatar #57790 to #57788 - lulzforhiroshima (02/16/2014) [-]
the white guy is even better X'D
#57792 to #57790 - economic (02/16/2014) [-]
Don't ruin anything, I'm still watching the show.
Don't ruin anything, I'm still watching the show.
User avatar #57794 to #57792 - lulzforhiroshima (02/16/2014) [-]
i mean the other video i posted just if you didn't know...
User avatar #57795 to #57794 - economic (02/16/2014) [-]
Can't find it. Post a link, if you'd be so kind.
User avatar #57796 to #57795 - lulzforhiroshima (02/16/2014) [-]
its literally right above this post, well 2 above this one
User avatar #57797 to #57796 - economic (02/16/2014) [-]
Ah, that one. I nearly shit myself laughing the first time i saw it.
User avatar #57798 to #57797 - lulzforhiroshima (02/16/2014) [-]
i know. same, its just.. so good. i love the old white guy...

im glad im not the only one
User avatar #57741 to #57730 - schnizel ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
User avatar #57731 to #57730 - lulzforhiroshima (02/15/2014) [-]
holy shit im dying from this
#57724 to #57723 - pebar (02/15/2014) [-]
North Dakota!!!!
North Dakota!!!!
User avatar #57725 to #57724 - lulzforhiroshima (02/15/2014) [-]
thats right nigga
User avatar #57726 to #57725 - pebar (02/15/2014) [-]
He found out he is part black
User avatar #57729 to #57728 - pebar (02/15/2014) [-]
Aziz Ansari - Racial Slurs A lot of white supremacists think that's enough to be corrupted.
User avatar #57732 to #57729 - pebar (02/15/2014) [-]
Schnizel, you hate mixed race people more than full black people, correct?
What are your thoughts on someone who is 1/8 black?
User avatar #57740 to #57732 - schnizel ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
Well, nobody is pure, it's like a room that has socks on the TV and chips on the floor. Just because it's a litle dirty it does not mean that you should turn it into a pig farm.
TBH I'm not pure Illyrian myself, I have little Austrian blood in me
#57716 - 4chan refugee (02/15/2014) [-]
I'm a bit ignorant of the religious and ethnic conflicts around Israel.
But Israel seems like a pretty decent place to live.

Good standard of living, decent infrastructure, access to clean water, strong economy, stable government, low level of extreme poverty.

I'd rather live there than most of the shitholes Arabs run.
User avatar #57727 to #57716 - lulzforhiroshima (02/15/2014) [-]
of course
#57715 - byposted (02/14/2014) [-]

>Just 74 percent of respondents knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun

>Fewer than half (48 percent) knew that human beings evolved from earlier species of animals.

I can't wait until the Huffington Compost reports on this (pic related).
User avatar #57720 to #57715 - arisaka (02/15/2014) [-]
Ha. I like how you try and equate social sciences to physical sciences.

Try again
User avatar #57722 to #57720 - byposted (02/15/2014) [-]
I lost your game? The image simply criticizes modern Enlightenment intellectuals. As their predecessors, these cretins take pride in rejecting the teachings of the Old Church as they been thoroughly discredited, but have not progressed past the theological refuse which is human equality.
#57713 - byposted has deleted their comment [-]
#57712 - mexicandudeinsd (02/14/2014) [-]
NOT GIRL PROBLEM: but i figured you guys are smart
Fafsa : So I applied for gov money to study and i guess these were the results but im not sure what they mean

just messing with you, but yeah i need help figuring out what this means

Award Status Summary Award Cycle ID
Cal Grant A: Qualified - Not Awarded Entitlement (E1)
Cal Grant B: Awarded - On Hold Entitlement (E1)
Cal Grant C: Not Awarded Entitlement (E1)
It says my GPA is 3.00 but im pretty sure it is higher like 3.5
i was looking on fb and a friend didnt get anyone and he has better grades than me
#57704 - 4chan refugee (02/14/2014) [-]
tfw in some alternative universe
israel has a state in the middle of usa instead
usa have been nuked twice
usa gets their oil stolen from them
usa gets bombed like serbia
#57709 to #57704 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
Oy vey, silly goyim the first one is reality.
User avatar #57710 to #57709 - mexicandudeinsd (02/14/2014) [-]
i never seen that cross
#57711 to #57710 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
something about having it removed because muh seperation of church and state exactly when the lighthouse puts those jew candles, it was Chrismas
User avatar #57714 to #57711 - mexicandudeinsd (02/14/2014) [-]
well the white house shouldnt have put jewish candles or christmas tree
and then take this one off
idk i do believe in separation of church and state but they also have the freedom to express it :/
User avatar #57686 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]

How is your nazism different from Jews and their zionism?
User avatar #57742 to #57686 - schnizel ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
And TBH if jews didn't support communism that much in the 30s and supported natsoc they would have had Israel with no problem.
User avatar #57717 to #57686 - byposted (02/15/2014) [-]
I believe you are implying the question: How could natsocs be in bed with modern leftists on "Israel" when it is the only Western state to declare itself a homeland for a particular ethnicity? This is the near equivalent of asking in the early 20th century: How could a socialist not support the Comintern?

There is no hypocrisy involved in the opposition to "Israel." In fact, natsocs and fellow travelers see hypocrisy in the Jew. Considering all the damage this niggard has done to our own conceptions of national identity, namely in his raping of the anthropological field, what motive do we have to defend his Jewish state from the leftist hounds? The Zionist nation deserves every tear in the flesh that shall be inflicted upon it by self-described "egalitarians" concerned over its policies of segregation. I think it is nicely, humorously fitting that such a country as Sweden is pioneering boycotts against "Israel;" Frankenstein's monster turns on its creator.
#57693 to #57686 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
accorting to what i think i have learned...
nationalism = all ethnic groups is allowed to exist but
people whos culture cant fit together have to live at different places.
that is to make it safe and also to preserve peoples culture and not let it get destroyed by other culture.
and what schnizel said
zionism = only jews
i belive if there was no ww2 coming the jews would just get deported.
what do you think schnizel ?
User avatar #57698 to #57693 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
bretty good 5/5
User avatar #57690 to #57686 - teoragnar (02/14/2014) [-]
It isn't socialism.
User avatar #57692 to #57690 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
Nazism is fundamentally anti-socialist, even though it implemented procedures inspired on socialist ones.
User avatar #57694 to #57692 - teoragnar (02/14/2014) [-]
No, nazism is fundamentally anti-communist.
The idea of Nation Socialism is to overthrow the idea of the world revolution and replace it with a nationalistic and imperialistic form of socialism, also called fascism.
User avatar #57695 to #57694 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
Socialism generally implies the abolition of classes, which is one of the things they oppose the most. Nationalism (their nationalism) and imperialism are reactionary (AKA far-right) ideals.
User avatar #57697 to #57695 - teoragnar (02/14/2014) [-]
But this "Volksgemeinschaft" was essentiantly the abolition of social classes, above this
was only the Führer and his functionaries, below them the lower races.
>imperialism is reactionary
How so?
User avatar #57702 to #57697 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
"But this "Volksgemeinschaft" was essentiantly the abolition of social classes..."
It seems more like the opposite, it promoted class cooperation from what I understood about it.

">imperialism is reactionary
How so?"

It's an "old value".
User avatar #57696 to #57695 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
Fascists and national socialists, especially nowadays, seem to reject the idea that they're socialist. Most consider themselves to be third-way.
User avatar #57718 to #57696 - byposted (02/15/2014) [-]
It is rejected because of Marxism's imprint on Socialism. It has been so heavily pressed that the two have become synonymous.

Consider how the term "liberal" has been claimed by the later "progressive" faction in the US.
User avatar #57757 to #57718 - jewishcommunazi (02/15/2014) [-]
True, but the vast majority of socialist tendencies aim for the classless system, which includes many non-marxian ones. And socialism has always been about increasing the influence workers had.
User avatar #57699 to #57696 - teoragnar (02/14/2014) [-]
Everyone is denying something, people would probably also deny that stalinism is essentiantly fascism.
User avatar #57719 to #57699 - byposted (02/15/2014) [-]
Stalinism is "essentially fascism" in so far as you project "fascist qualities," as described by Communist historians in political discourse, on the Soviet Union. It is rubbish.
User avatar #57751 to #57719 - teoragnar (02/15/2014) [-]
"Socialism in One Country"
Imperialism, nationalism, socialism, leader figure and cult, totalitarianism.
Everything you need for fascism.
User avatar #57701 to #57699 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
I do deny. Both tend to be despotic, totalitarian, "evil", etc., but that doesn't necessarily mean these two get along well.
User avatar #57688 to #57686 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
zionism, only jews allowed
User avatar #57703 to #57688 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]
According to my brief research, zionists just want a Jewish homeland.
which is basically what you want
User avatar #57738 to #57703 - schnizel ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
well, jewish homeland but they also need slaves to ensure their dominance of the world
and there are also many groups within those groups that want diffrent things
User avatar #57689 to #57687 - jewishcommunazi (02/14/2014) [-]
But only the aryan race is ze master race.
#57700 to #57689 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
Race map of Yurop
User avatar #57721 to #57700 - jewishcommunazi (02/15/2014) [-]
What race / sub-race do you think you fit under?
User avatar #57739 to #57721 - schnizel ONLINE (02/15/2014) [-]
User avatar #57691 to #57689 - teoragnar (02/14/2014) [-]
But the "lower" races aren't assimilated, they are only ruled over by the fascist state.
#57685 - 4chan refugee (02/14/2014) [-]
Politicians and corporations, summed up in 6 words.

Screw the rules i have money
User avatar #57681 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #57664 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
National Anthem of USSR Can you feel the krasnyy voskhod tonight, comrade?

jk, but ITT: Kickass anthems (Especially for contreversial countries like this).
User avatar #57683 to #57677 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
I hate the communists from the bottom of my heart but they had good anthems.
Jews know how to please the ear.
#57663 - feelythefeel has deleted their comment [-]
#57639 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
anyone know something about the bad things poland did before ww2 ?
i have some things like shooting down civilian planes and murdering, discriminating and abusing german population on large scale
i really really need some good sources on this tho.
i would be greatfull if someone could help me.
#57651 to #57647 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
found this gem in the comments
User avatar #57653 to #57651 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
#57652 to #57651 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
Diese Arscholoch Tomv1750 ist wanzig. He is Czechoslovakian but lives in the U.S. probably the west coast and Hawaii. He is really out off his mind. He does not understand why a German born into the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires would want their land back. He is angry about the Sudentenland of the former Czechoslovokia and can not understand why the millions of Germans that were abused by the Treaty of Versailles and stuck in these newly created shit holes that eventually fell apart, would have loyalty to Germany and Austria. People born into The German Empire hated being stuck in these Slavic shit holes that were just created to steal from and destroy Germany.

Hitler fought in WW1 just as my grandfather did for the German Empire. It is understandable how angry they were about this creation of Poland our of their land. The Germans experienced all of this suffering and death because of Lenin, Stalin and England and the war profiteering Americans. The Balfour Declaration was made by England to bribe the Jews into turning sentiment in the U.S. against the Germans. The reward would be Palestine which was already in turmoil from the Sykes-Picot Agreement. There was no Poland from 1795-1919 and so I have to laugh at all of these ignorant people that say that the Germans invaded Poland. There was no Poland. They went back into their land. Gdansk was Danzig and East Prussia was stupidly cut off from Germany. People have no knowledge. My great grandmother was born in Koenigsberg around 1865. If her children living in the west wanted to visit her, they had to cross through Poland where the Poles acted like big shots checking their papers when crossing through this newly created Poland out of German land.

#57654 to #57652 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]

The Germans just wanted their land back and why should they care about the people that showed them no compassion during and after WW1. Millions of them died during and after WW1. Then the Communist Bolsheviks, many of them Jews, wanted all of Germany to fall into Stalin's hands. I do not advocate harm to anyone but most Jews in Germany that were clearly sympathetic and pro-Soviet-should have been thrown out of the country or try to move to the Soviet Union. The U.S., Canada and Cuba did not want them as is evidenced by the rejection of the St. Louis. The U.S. was antisemitic as was Cuba and Canada. They are guilty for the lives lost on that ship. It was a different world. People were discriminated in the south of the U.S. if they were Jewish. They even had hotels that said "Christians Only".

The MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner most notable for a single voyage in 1939, in which her captain, Gustav Schröder, tried to find homes for 937 German Jewish refugees after they were denied entry to Cuba, the United States and Canada, until finally accepted to various countries of Europe. Historians have estimated that, after their return to Europe, approximately a quarter of the ship's passengers died in concentration camps.

People are so damn ignorant and do not realize that the Germans were the real victims in WW1 and then even more so in WW2. Why should the Germans who were suffering so much after WW1 not want their Empire back and their property and economy instead of giving it to all of these backward East European newly created countries? Many people felt for the people that died in WW2 which shows how kind they really are. No one during WW1 and after showed them any kindness. It is unfortunate about the Jewish civilians that were killed and all other groups but people do not realize that they were like Al-Qaeda.

User avatar #57645 to #57639 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #57637 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
So my new school has a holocaust class. Not even a WW2 class, which wouldn't be all that bad, but a straight up holocaust class. It's even on the elective part of the class signup sheet, so it's a full blown course.

I'm not even a Nazi or anything and I know that's bullshit.
#57656 to #57637 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
WTF do you live in Israel or some shit?
User avatar #57657 to #57656 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
Close, but BC.
#57658 to #57657 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #57659 to #57658 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
Use Google.
#57660 to #57659 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
Oh well I cant help you with that, have fun.
User avatar #57661 to #57660 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
Help me with what?
#57662 to #57661 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
holohoax class, i can not imagine the terror
User avatar #57665 to #57662 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
Like hell I'm taking it, it's an elective.
#57666 to #57665 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
but its probabliy halarious and you could totaly go on /pol/ on them !
User avatar #57667 to #57666 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
>implying I'm anything of a right winger
>implying I'm just disagreeing with this on the grounds that it's a shitty subject for a state run public school course
User avatar #57669 to #57668 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
*>implying I'm not
User avatar #57670 to #57669 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
On the second one.
#57671 to #57670 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
Its like you personaly holocausted me with that post.
User avatar #57672 to #57671 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
Again, not debating.
User avatar #57674 to #57673 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
I meant I'm not arguing this with you. I disagree, but it's not worth wasting time on.
User avatar #57684 to #57674 - arisaka (02/14/2014) [-]
Look at them, trying so hard to get into a debate. He's all like, yeah baby, that's it. affirm my stupid beliefs. DON'T STOP. HNNNNNG
#57675 to #57674 - dehumanizer (02/14/2014) [-]
Yes its never worth debating something that never happened. Meanwhile in the middle east...
#57682 to #57675 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
omfg is this real ?
User avatar #57648 to #57646 - feelythefeel (02/14/2014) [-]
>implying I want to get into a debate about this
User avatar #57650 to #57648 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
And how can you twist past events with your words?
Only a bosnian wizard can do that
User avatar #57649 to #57648 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
Ok, don't.
User avatar #57644 to #57637 - schnizel ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
#57629 - 4chan refugee (02/14/2014) [-]
What is the point of having a debt ceiling if we keep reaching it and raising it while never doing anything to actually stop us from reaching it?
#57640 to #57629 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
can someone tell me what will eventually happen when this this continues ?
User avatar #57632 to #57629 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]
The Debt Limit Explained Because politics.
#57631 to #57629 - 4chan refugee (02/14/2014) [-]
We just hope to pass the buck to the next generation.
#57627 - 4chan refugee (02/14/2014) [-]
So, how do you think drug laws should be enforced?

Legalize and tax Marijuana.

Decriminalize other drugs, with mandatory rehabilitation for repeat offenders.
De-fund and eventually abolish the DEA.
User avatar #57927 to #57627 - Rei ONLINE (02/17/2014) [-]
Total Ban, Total Ban of Tobacco, Partial Ban of Alcohol and enforcement to be carried out by a new sub-branch of the Military. Also at it as an important side task, the task of "de-ganging" of America be done by Military as well with "return fire if fired upon" to be used.
#57641 to #57627 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
legalize mariuahna
i dont smoke anything or drink anything it but nobody dies from it so
too me its on the same level as normal cigarettes+alchohol.
the real problems are with the crystal and powder stuff.
it kills people.
User avatar #57679 to #57641 - nigalthornberry (02/14/2014) [-]
Doesnt Mary J have the same harmful effects as cigs?
Like they won't directly kill you but they'll cause some stuff
#57642 to #57641 - turdofdoom (02/14/2014) [-]
+ if mariuhanna is legalized cops cold focus more on the other drugs + less tax money goes to keep people who have smoked pot in jail
User avatar #57636 to #57627 - teoberry (02/14/2014) [-]
Legalize and tax weed for sure. Maybe extend it to other drugs such as lsd, molly, shrooms, etc. I normally wouldn't support legalization/decriminalization of hard drugs but something has to be done to stem the cartel's profits.
User avatar #57630 to #57627 - thehornedking ONLINE (02/14/2014) [-]
Legalize all drugs, make dealing drugs without a license a felony punishable by 20 years mandatory sentence, regulate the drug purity, sell only in areas that people can be monitored until they become sober, and sell at the same level that people were paying for it on the streets. Don't disenfranchise drug users, and accept them into society provided their use doesn't hurt others. I see no difference in somebody who uses meth or cocaine in the same way that responsible people use alcohol. If it fucks the user up, that's their problem.
User avatar #57628 to #57627 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]
Milton Friedman - Why Drugs Should Be Legalized Legalize them all: heroin, meth, everything.
If a person has a problem, that's his problem and his family's problem.
Rehab should be voluntary, maybe tax funded because society suffers when druggies are running loose.
User avatar #57624 - tredbear (02/13/2014) [-]

God dammit.

if anyone has access to the full size image, could they screen cap it and post it here?

I want to know what is going down in Syria.

User avatar #57633 to #57624 - arisaka (02/14/2014) [-]
why don't you buy it
User avatar #57625 to #57624 - pebar (02/14/2014) [-]
byposted pays a lot of attention to international news; he probably has the info you need
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